A No-Shopping Day

Be a Consumer Hero!

Stand up against the pressure to BUY! BUY! BUY!

Did you know that each North American produces on the average about 3 and a half pounds or 1.7 kg of garbage each day? Did you know a lot of this garbage comes from our "careless" purchases (ex. chocolate bars, candy, etc.) and our addiction to buy goods even if we don't really need them.

Do you think you could go through a day without shopping? Come on, take the challenge! The last Friday in November is "International Buy Nothing Day". People come on, show Mother Earth some respect! Don't buy anything on that day, instead sit down in a chair and think to yourself, "Do I actually need this stuff I am buying?" You'll be helping yourself as you help the planet.

Buy Nothing Day is the brainchild of Vancouver, BC artist Ted Dave. His idea of getting people to say no to shopping for one day has spread around the world. This year as every year since 1991, The Media Foundation and Adbusters (from British Columbia) are inviting consumers to give their desire to buy and buy and buy a rest, at least for 24 hours.

We think one store in Ottawa did something really cool to celebrate the day. One time on the day the Arbour Enviromental Store stayed closed, a poster of the International Buy Nothing Day was placed in the window and the employees had a paid holiday. The year after that, they opened the shop and served cookies and coffee to the customers, but refused to make a sale. Now that's cool!

So, just remember, in your country and everywhere else it's gonna' be:
Are you ready to participate by not participating?

Written by: Jonathan R. (age 11), St. Elizabeth's School, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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