Didi's Dilemma

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Story 

Written by Sarah D. ((11) and Indira F. (11)
Cynthia M. (11) and Juliya S. (11)
St. Elizabeth School, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Didi Dennis was a girl who lived in a very wealthy neighborhood, and had very wealthy parents. To spend or save that is the dilemma! They gave her fifty dollars a week for her allowance. But, yesterday, it had been Didi's birthday. She had had a big party, with all her friends and relatives. She had gotten clothes, toys, dolls, and money! $150 to be exact. So, right now, she had $200. Ordinarily, she would have gone out and spent it.

But, she had been hearing on the news and the radio that people bought so much every year that landfills were overflowing and precious resources were being used up in the manufacturing of all this stuff. If people didn't stop overbuying soon, the earth and its environment would be a big messy place.

Didi didn't want to hurt the environment, but there was this toy she wanted so bad!!! And now, she was faced with a dilemma: Save or Spend?

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