FUZ Gets Frazzled

(or Don't Let those Ads Suck You In)

A cooperative Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story
 written by a team of 10-11 year old boys
Eddy C., Dimitri O., Daniel N., Marcus S., Corey C.

FUZ is frazzled and is in a fix! Should he give in to the pressure to buy?Once there was a boy named Freddy U. Zachary, but people called him FUZ for short. FUZ loved toys. He also had an extremely large allowance which he got every week. He was one of those people who couldn't stand to see things he didn't have. FUZ had this enormous craving to have every new game or toy that came out on the market.

One day, the day he got his allowance to be exact, he was overjoyed to receive the money, but he was faced with a problem of what to do with his money. Should he save it or should he give in to his desire to spend?

What do you think he did?

Page design by Daniel., age 11.

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