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How to Join

There are many ways to participate in our project - through building awareness of issues, research, art, story telling, taking a survey, speaking your mind and best of all by taking action to make a difference.

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Explore Buy Nothing Day, Links and Interactive to become aware of the issues involved.

  • What is Buy Nothing Day all about?
  • How is the "shop-till-you-drop" life style affecting the world, the environment and people?
  • What is the impact of advertising on our spending habits?
  • What is the difference between want and need?
  • What influence do TV and the Internet have on our desire to have more and more things?


First of all,  participate by NOT participating. Don't buy anything on BUY NOTHING DAY and encourage others in your family, school and community to do the same. BND is celebrated in Canada and the USA on the last Friday in November while in Europe it's on the last Saturday in November.

You can also participate by writing for our website and having your voice be heard on the Internet. Before you start make sure you have parental permission for students to participate in a web-based project. Feel free to use our letter of permission.

  • Research a topic or issue concerning Buy Nothing Day such as over consumption and the environment, TV and our imperative to buy, buy, buy; what's a consumer hero; advertising on the internet. Make sure you cite your sources. We will post your work in Buy Nothing Day.
  • Finish our "chose-your-own-adventure" stories Didi's Dilemma and Fuz Gets Frazzled.
  • Write a poem, song or rap on our consumer hero theme. Hear our Buy Less Rap for inspiration.



Participate in our "Be a Consumer Hero" Survey where we are collecting data on the influence of advertising on kid's spending habits and attitudes. It's anonymous- you won't have to put your name on it and your privacy will be protected.



You can make a difference by buying what you REALLY need and resisting the pressure to buy and buy and buy. Check out our ideas for taking action and add your own to the growing list.



Contribute to our growing art gallery- scanned images, photos or original student computer generated images are welcome. A picture is worth a thousand words!



  • All submissions should be sent by e-mail to:  or
    In the subject box
  • Include the following information
    Teacher :
    Age of  students:               
    City:                  Province/State/District:     
  • Student work will be identified only by first name, age and country of origin.



  • Submit scanned images, photos or original student computer generated images as attachments. Individual student photos will not be used. Only group/class pictures may be used where explicit permission has been granted by parents. Students will not be identified by name.
  • All graphic files should be saved in either gif or jpg format.
    Maximum size for graphics : 200X200, 250X150, 150X200, 320X240 pixels. We will also accept graphics in bmp format (KidPix) and will convert them for you.


  • You may copy your students work directly into the text box of your e-mail.
  • Attachments are accepted in these formats: Word 2000 (or lower), RTF (rich text format), txt, wpd and HTML


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