Survey - Are You a Consumer Hero?

You really need to buy this!
On the last Friday in November, the International Buy Nothing Day is celebrated around the world. On that day we are asked to be
a Consumer Hero, not a Consumer Zero and stand up against the pressure to BUY! BUY! BUY!"

We would love you to take a few minutes and fill in our survey.  The survey is anonymous- we don't want you name or your address. Your privacy will be respected.

We want to find out what kids as consumers think on a number of issues: 


  • the influence of advertising on their spending habits

  • impact of  TV and the Internet on what kids want

  • allowances

  • leisure activities

  • concern for the environment

  Age:               Gender:     

City/ Town:    

Country where you live:

  1. Do you get an allowance?
  2. Do you usually save your allowance or do you tend to to spend it?
  3. I f you save your money what do you usually spend it on?

  4. How many TV's does your family have?
  5. I have a TV in my room.
  6. Do your parents limit your TV watching?
  7. On an average, how many hours of TV do you usually watch in a day?
    in the summer     during school time
  8. I usually surf the net everyday.
  9. I have bought or signed up for things that I saw on the Internet.
  10. Have you ever "had to have" items that have been advertised on TV, radio or the Internet?
  11. Do you think commercials make us feel that we need to want things?
  12. If you are socializing with your friends which activity would be your first choice?

  13. I care about the health of the earth and its environment.
  14. I usually buy only what I need instead of getting the newest thing or fad on the market.  

  15. I practice the 3R's-reduce,reuse and recycle.



Thank you for participating in our survey!


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