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Take Action

We are the future.
Working together we can make a difference.
We can help create a healthy world by practicing

the 6 R's of environmental and global citizenship.

We are all consumers and we all spend money to buy things. We can't get away from that! Consumer heroes and heroines THINK before they spend and challenge others to examine three things:

  • their need to "buy, buy, buy"
  • the belief that one needs more and more "things" to be happy
  • the impact of advertising on buying and spending habits

Here are some ideas to get you started in making a difference.

  • Learn what Buy Nothing Day is all about. Know the facts. Armed with knowledge you can influence others and even change the way they think.

  • Participate by NOT participating. Don't buy anything whatsoever on Buy Nothing Day. BND is celebrated on the last Friday in November in North America and the last Saturday in November in Europe.

  • Organize a Buy Nothing Day poster contest in your school as part of an environment awareness week in November when the official celebration of the day takes place.

  • Run awareness campaigns in your school on the impact of over consumption and "shop-till-you-drop" life style on our planet. Use Didi's Dilemma and FUZ Gets Frazzled as starting points for thinking on the consequences of our desire to have more "things".

  • Have your class or friends take our survey. Then compare your results to see how advertising affects the way you spend.

  • by Melissa (11)
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  • Organize a Buy Nothing Day Think Day- invite speakers to address the environmental impact of over consumption. Remember LANDFILLS start with YOU!

  • Organize "litterless" lunches at your school not only on Earth Day, but every day.

  • Be media smart! Don't get sucked in by all the ads that bombard you every day. Advertisers are targeting kids on TV and the Internet at a very early age to become  brand-loyal. So ask yourself  "Do I really need this or do I want this because I want to be "cool", fit in with the group, follow a fad or you saw it on TV and you just MUST HAVE?"

    picture by Melody (11)
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  • Be a consumer hero by practicing the 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at home, at school and in the market place. Start a campaign to make sure that malls in their Food Courts and fast food outlets have recycling bins and not just garbage bins.

  • Fight the "I want generation" syndrome. Ads have encouraged kids to think that they can fulfill their needs of happiness by getting more and more things. Remember the BEST things in life are FREE!

    by Bethany (11)
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  • Stop to smell the flowers, read a good book, listen to music, spend time with your friends instead of running to the mall or store to spend more money.                               

Think globally but act locally. Every little action is like a ripple in a body of water. It spreads wider and wider.

What kind of things can you come up with that will help you help the earth? Send us your ideas or activities ( with pictures would be really cool!) that have worked for you. We will post them on our website.



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