What's New?

Year 2007

Oct 22  New Link: "US Physicians bare ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) lies about Cuba"

Oct 22 New Link: "20/20 or Cold War Blinders, We Deserve better than ABC on Cuban Health Care"

Oct 4  New Link: Peru: How Cuba's solidarity makes a difference

Sep 10  Revised: The REAL purpose of the US embargo

Aug 22  Revised: The BTTR Shootdown Revisited

June 20  New: The BTR Shootdown Revisited

May 13  New Link: Cuba's contribution to global health diplomacy

May 13  New Link: Cuba doctors popular in quake-stricken Java

Mar 26  Revised: Is the US embargo a form of genocide?

Feb 26  New Link: European Trade Union Solidarity Conference with Cuba and Latin America

Jan 26  Revised: How much public support do Cuban dissidents have?

Jan 25  New Link: Gangsters for Capitalism

Year 2006

Dec 29  Revised: Is the US embargo a form of genocide?

Sept 20  New Link: PAHO takes Operation Miracle as Model

Sept 20  New Link: Bankrupt Cuba Policy

Sept 20  Revised: Amnesty International Slams US Embargo

June 19  New Link: UNESCO Literacy Prize Goes to Cuba

June 4  New Link: Librarians answer smear campaign

May 16  New Link: Fidel refutes Forbes

Mar 26 New Link: Cuba and Human Rights, Official Statement

Jan 19  New: Is the US embargo a form of genocide?