Daniel Desbiens

Through a crossed look, two souls lay bare.

To understand, to study and to exploit the human weaknesses one could become rich and many have unfortunately understood that.

Life does not belong to you, however the control of your existence does.

The man who has nobody to love is like a bird without branches to land on.

We must live with and in spite of our gaps.

The best always remains to come.

One gets back to essential things where one had left them.

One does not look for a camel in the North Pole or for an iceberg in the Sahara.

One must climb the stormy and freezing northern side of the mountain to get a glimpse of the warm and sunny valley on its southern side.

We need flashes of truth to recharge the battery of our courage.

The best way of destroying a man will be always to muddle his ideas.

On the path of happiness: avoid avoiding the truth.

To be oneself makes sense, to make it one's law.

One has to learn how to develop and use one's skills; it enables oneself to feel what real freedom is.

Sinks into mediocrity the one who follows the majority.

Simplicity is too easy for the man of Today.

Whoever hardens one's heart get no sweetness out of life.

Whoever never gives, whoever asks too much or not the proper way, gets but a little in return.

Whoever pretends at friendship is being stupid.

Under calm or agitated waters is hiding the same tranquillity.

Our autonomy is measured by the quality of our friends.

Whoever accepts only perfection gets too rarely satisfaction.

Happiness accepts for partner nothing but reality.

Whoever expects nothing avoids many deceptions.

Whoever never steps back ends driven back against the wall.

One of the greatest challenges of humanity lies in avoiding to associate the harshness of life to the presence of others.

The only real use of the past: embellish the present.

Why does one shout lies and whisper truths?

Alas tolls the knell of freedom for the one who never gets passionate or lets go.

To defeat an unhealthy feeling, one would win a noble one.

The man who suggests ideas meets success; the one who imposes them meets rebellion.

Dispose and collect the fruits of life, however know to recognize the share of others.

It cannot be helped, through each day one looses and wins something.

If you want to live be careful and hurry up; if you want to die, be unwise and do nothing.

When the magic of harmony disappears, the show becomes lifeless and of no importance.

The human mind needs freedom. It must not live locked and without prospect. It must feel that it can and must change every aspect of its environment; if it is needed.

Trust is to any human relationship what foundations are to any human construction.

Hurry and get rid off the thought that your neighbour is happier than you are.

The sorrows of life are the prisms that enable us to see all its colours.

The chance of sanely and freely bloom is indeed the richest gift life can offer to mankind.

If the wind blows in your sails, take advantage of it to discover the world; if the wind does not blow, take advantage of it to clean your ship.

To accept that everything has an end requires much wisdom.

Whoever knows how to ask knows the path of happiness and wealth.

One becomes really "wise" at the very last second of one's life, not before.

For breakfast, eat up confidence and faith in your day.

Whoever learns to grow without destroying oneself becomes a giant.

A raise of the consciousness's level is rarely done without great sorrows but always gives great peace.

One does not bring human thought to a standstill; one must nourish it and well-nourish it; otherwise, it feeds on gall.

Do not base your opinion on a block of concrete.

When some decode signs properly, they earn their living. When most ill decode signs they loose it.

The gene of Freedom is passed to all races.

The tall grass often hides the most beautiful flowers.

Many stars are shining yet few astronoms look at them.

Whoever crosses the desert learns to know the value of water. Whoever sails at sea learns to know the dangers of water. Whoever knows neither desert nor sea looks indifferently at water.

Whoever lingers too much on ceremony forgets to waltz with life.

You have to find where you stand here below in the station of your actions.

The ignorance of humanity is matched only by its phenomenal imagination.

The real pride leads directly to the main entrance of the noble house of princess Freedom.

Never gets anywhere whom has no support.

One only unfilled crack can destroy the greatest of dams.

There are the livings, the deads and the billiards of other men complaining about their fate.

Action is the digestion of emotions; laziness is their constipation.

One cannot always win but one cannot always loose either.

The pessimist is a great lazy person who tries to justify one's laziness.

To live well in society one must learn two essential things: how to speak and how to remain quiet.

Life is like crossing a mines' field: it can explode any time and one gets out of it rarely intact.

To deepen a domain of knowledge one would learn to earn one's life, yet one would agree to loose the development of one's awareness of the rest of existence.

Even if it is said, that frankness is not always acceptable; lies destroy many dreams.

It is difficult to change the world however it is easier to look at it with a different eye.

People who know become less brave.

The gardener gets sad when the seeds in his garden do not sprout. The man who sows good seeds of emotions gets sad not to see them grow.

On who destroys your dreams, declare war without hesitation.

Sometimes a certain form of justice comes up, the more often, a few traces show up.

Better think fast and remain calm than suddenly get all excited without thinking.

Whoever believes and smiles to Life bears one's cross and survives.

As it pleases, Life makes us understand all things to learn.

To be able to laugh, one must know how to cry.

Apathy destroys Life, movements erase the sorrows and make all its fruits spring from it.

Success and failure are two pitfalls of the human language, just like loyalty and forgiveness.

Save your skin, preserve your health, look after your beloved ones and if you have some spare time: go have fun.

Do not try in vain to get water from a dried-up well; go and dig a well farther instead.

One has all a madness to defeat...

In the Casino of Life; it is better to bet on the good combination and wait for the right time to show one's cards.

Happiness comes and goes and does not always linger with the most deserving but with those who learn to catch it as they go past.

Our psychic is the analyst-programmer that must endlessly improve the performance and the running quality of its own human machinery.

Trust that is lost closes the file called "harmony".

The country of one is the one where one succeeds to be happy; the country of another is the one where one makes a living.

One can only suggest clues to others but cannot show them the way.

Do not put more weight on your shoulders than they can bear, then you will remain healthy.

If you trust the forces of nature and give yourself up to them ; they will be abe to guide, comfort and tell you the best way to solve all your conflicts.

We all expect too much from others and so we all suffer with bitter and useless disappointments.

One always has allies blindly chosen to regret.

If you build your own prison, make sure you do not loose the key.

If you need, leave for a far away land, then come back with more self-confidence.

You'll always miss things and clouds will often veil your horizon but life will always offer you some delicious candies.

To survive the tests is the best way to prove oneself.

To climb higher, you must make concessions and sometimes live incognito.

Whoever does not loose one's self-esteem can reach the highest peaks that are.

Whoever searches finds, and whoever finds searches.

There are not many sorrows that words would not heal.

Life is nothing but a loan: beware of not sinking under interests.

Whoever learns to have a good time becomes younger anyway.

I believe that every man who remains good and fair is a great hero in his own way.

The seed put down in the middle of dry sand sleeps despite itself and can only dream of finding itself in a humid and invigorating ground one day.

If you manage to tame time, light-hearted you will solve your problems.

Wherever you go, a friend with an open heart might be waiting for you, ready to back you up in your battles.

Do not try to lie to yourself, you will never succeed.

One must always lay one's cards on the table to well-define one's limits to the unacceptable.

Do not let grains of sand pile up in the gears ; they might destroy all the wheels.

Whoever travels with courage in one's luggage brings the wisest passeport with oneself.

Take time to celebrate your victory, but do not invite your enemy to share your glory.

If you do not try to overcome your fears, they will become as many sorrows.

Whoever refuses the sweat and pain rarely reaches Life in colour.

To join with the duet "courage and will", the disposable profit is assured.

In life everything should be measured out, it is vital.

Whoever speaks with hidden meanings disappoints opened hearts.

In everything, work leads to experience and experience leads to excellency.

For every problem exists a solution. For every solution a new problem may come.

Time, without receipes and often frivolous, crumbles or tumbles.

Whoever risks nothing lives without connetions and never becomes that smart.

The choice in one's friends might guide or misguide one's whole life.

Leave your screenplay and charactere if you do not like them. You have the right to do so, indeed you must.

One must give the exact time to whomever wishes to know and one must know to ask for the exact time.

The ignorant of yesterday realizes today that he will know more tomorrow.

There is a time to remain quiet and a time to speak. Unfortunately time has no directions for use.

Whoever does not wander of may accomplish everything of one's life on Earth.

We are "sponges" who, no matter the age, absorbe emotions and mimic the behaviour and attitudes of our immediate circle.

Friendship and Love are truces, more or less long, that Life grants us in the war of our inner torments.

May you recognize your true friends and masters for only them will help you to be or remain true to yourself.

If you are not your own friend, you have a serious problem in your life.

If you do not solve your problem, you put yourself in ball and chain.

The wise one agrees to suffer since he knows he cannot excape it.

And if you were completely right?

Ways without issue do not exist, only engine's failures along the way do.

The waking of consciousness involves all senses, takes birth at birth and makes better sens with time that passes.

Our past like a springboard, must help us to better enjoy the present and push us towards the future, and not act like a millstone around our necks. This must be true for all aspects of human existence.

A great difference often exists between the appearances and the inner-reality of each man.

Fleeting is Life, as long as one cares about it.

To live down here, one must respect the laws and especially have faith in oneself.

We sometimes get from others the distorted echo of sounds we are sending to them and we vibrate under the tune that we chose with the individuals with whom we decided to break the wall of silent, of one accord, give up the project or rebuilding it.

The most beautiful journeys are done inside oneself. As such, distances are of very little importance.

In the hubbub of existence, you can only believe half of what you hear and see, learn to file everything and do not let yourself carried away.

"To realize" may cause great sorrows or great joys.

The anchor that keeps us tied to life is made of many illusions, more or less conscious, that sometimes go drifting off, dragging along with them the liner of our lives.

To stop learning is to stop living.

Know to use the immunity of Truth to defeat and erase all your difficulties.

The body and the mind need rest, so we are better off granting them what they demand.

If the word "property" did not exist, surely would a better world have to be reinvented.

We should not take everything too seriously, yet our life depends greatly on our choice of matters that we take or took seriously.

One must always pack before taking a train.

The ignorant is a much sought-after and praised prey in the eye of the vile.

Whoever wants an easy life will alas not become very skilful.

Whoever is not at ease with oneself wastes away.

Whoever lives, wounds.

Nothing is impossible to whom aims well at the target.

Let us run the river of Love and may the locks of Joy give away ; floading the needy human kind.

Laughter shows a side of man's freedom ; enableling him to forget his troubles just for a little while.

To play, to enjoy and to Love are to be put on the menu ; since the identity has to lay bare.

The real odours of Love make all the vultures fly away.

Secret of Happiness: honesty in everything and truth without addition.

To break one's routine helps finding and taking off the thorns.

A straw fire does not warm much ; whereas the everlasting embers of a true Love brings a life-giving warmth to man's heart and so soften all the coldness.

Do not ask others what they see and hear ; look and listen.

Stubbornness can make someone stupid or brilliant.

Do not eavesdrop or talk too much if you want to be loved, to remain yourself and to keep a good sleep.

Whoever accepts changes may live up to a hundred years.

Happy is the one who cares only for the essential ; serenity is wrapping one's life.

Look at your path far off but keep your focus only on the obstacles at the reach of your hand.

The heart has its reasons, the heart has its seasons.

The asset of knowledge does not allow to treat others as one pleases.

The breath of Life sleeps, fidgets a little or becomes a hurricane.

One must build one's life and happiness with one's own tools and not the neighbour's.

To betray others hurts sometimes. To betray oneself always does.

How good and dangerous it is to have a true friend.

Life does not belong to us ; we belong to It.

When consciousness and unconsciousness echo one another ; our Universe becomes so beautiful.

Man should never consider himself or others as "winners" or "losers" but rather as trainees evolving and learning in the school of Life.

Man should not loose sight of the fact that interest is the motive of human acts. This would help him understand the real intents of other men and so himself.

If you discover only one pearl, do not change it for a box of marbles.

Life: what a marvellous absurdity.

To waste time inevitably creates many torments.

All men are registered in the school of Life.

Man conceals his fears in society which has apparently been made for this sole purpose.

Do not imitate the snake that lives crawling but work light-hearted.

A spirit that, day after day, takes up the right challenges and chooses the right fights remains confident and grows up sanely.

Whoever tells the right things improves the right causes.

Exemple, exemple and exemple. This is how to educate.

For our psychic's sake, time passing by should be an everlasting Fountain of Youth and not a perpetual well of pains and sufferings.

To join with someone is to take on his ideas.

In nature, only one vibration of the cikada's song could trigger an infernal cataclysm.

Careful, to throw a line might actually catch the fish.

Man must break all his chains even if it hurts.

Does not cost much the one denying one's flesh and blood.

In human relationships, spontaneity is not always good. One must also give patience a shot to work things out.

The valley of tears surrounds the mountain of happiness.

Man's look has a big place in society. It is what triggers such strange and devious behaviours.

Man must search, commit himself and sometimes screw up.

To content oneself with living or surviving out of crumbs is quite conceivable as long as the crumbs are not poisoned.

Any wrong cause leads to a wrong clause?

Whoever thinks one can do what one likes, knows nothing of the real cost of Life and becomes one's own enemy.

Heavy is the verdict for whom plays deaf and does not think.

One can choose to live any way one likes but one must accept and suffer the drawbacks and the consequences that are related to it.

To heal the "malaise" of the soul often implies a great dose of humility, of pity towards human nature and of sympathy for others and especially for oneself.

You have everything in you, you just need to believe it.

To admit one's many dependencies can help man to improve in many ways. To hide one's many dependencies only makes him more and more unhappy.

When the set load is too big ; the structure collapses. (Civil engineering)

Well oriented aggressiveness is the best ally that is.

Simulation, desertion and prison are not good solutions.

Let us be generous and sow many seeds of good emotions ; one day or another some of them will sprout and give fruits.

From any man or man's opinion, one must take any of it with a pinch of salt.

Fences that give away too easily do not hide valuable treasures to disover. Only strong ramparts can protect great treasures.

To try too hard to be fair, one can become unfair.

All men must quench their thirst with the divine nectar of Life.

At each hour of your life, an inner-resource has to make itself heard.

It is always easier to become unconcerned or bad, than good and amiable.

To conquer, first one must carefully look at the enemy.

Like a strong tree, sow your roots as deep as possible ; you will then resist the hurricanes and the great winds of Life.

To live on true values does not cause any harm.

In any given darkness, follow one's inner-light and beware the impostors and the merchants of happiness.

So many incitements to passiveness surround us!

Perserverance and dignity lead very far.

Play and act before playing your last act.

Vigilance on everything as, about us, most of the world does not care.

Our senses often cause our ruin, one must beware them.

We all deserve punishments, let us face it!

Training without clouds is not that wise.

People, who lack big thrills, seek idoles ready to play the game of stars.

To conquer one's happiness supposes to give it one's all.

Happiness is closely related to frankness and honesty towards oneself and others.

When the barren and dry words of our relatives make our heart bleed, it is better to seek a new source elsewhere.

We are living in a society without guilty or responsible ones for most of the misdeeds done.

One must sometimes replant one's roots in a more fertile soil if one wishes to see one's inner-plant grow.

The ceaseless bombing of all kind and contradictory opinions have a worse impact on humanity than nuclear ones.

Life is effort: please do not give in. Humanity needs you.

On Earth, horror and splendour live side by side.

So many great chloroformed speeches one thinks one must listen to!

Senses to satisfy without taking pleasure for the being of flesh and blood.

Sooner or later, actors are unmasked and truth is revealed.

To work with oneself is a neverending task.

We are the pasers-by of an era. We act, enjoy, provoque and feel a multitude of emotions. Then one day, we disappear. For goddness' sake, let us break our illusions, go back to reason, stop bragging and accomplish our too brief mission with passion.

Violence and indifference are a heavy sanction that must not be kept silent.

The points of friction suppose consideration to be solved.

Fruits of each season, you feed us and keep us in this life.

From our cries, our mistakes and our sweat come great happiness and the consciousness of true values. This only if we really want it.

Past to forget, falseness to defy and expose to move forward. Do not mimic the majority if you want to keep your freedom.

Temporary retirements are sometimes useful on Earth.

Insatiable greed is unlaudable and makes people hateful.

Approve nothing but truth and you will know true freedom.

A great change often happens in the one who dares take a break for a good cause.

The mysterious power of human thought and psyche is still at the stage of evolution thus remain to be discovered.

In life, prevent the overdose of stimulus and learn to cut its power.

The evasion of oneself and ones responsabilities, under certain conditions, could be called: work, hobbies or religion.

The collective mumbleling emprisons the will of several men as it paralyzes their confidences and perceptiveness.

Whoever believes it has a good compass and must learn to trust it and avoid the interferences that could alter it.

The sun is shining at different hours for anyone, but it is shining for everyone.

Earth dangerously abounds with real work while the official lucrative one of society becomes more and more rare.

Whoever wishes to speak, always finds an ear to listen. Whoever wishes to be silent, finds a friend in the deaf one.

Why always refuse to cast the moorings off the ports that the sailboat of our life, drifted away by the great winds of the open sea, has already visited and left.

A friendship expectancy is of no importance as only what remains in the end matters, and the most beautiful proofs of friendship often come from very short relationships.

The well-calculated boldness may benefit the entire race. The excessive caution may rule out all its chances.

If you change country, do not forget to say goodbye to your old life.

The relationship that ceases may often give way to the flame of a new passion.

Despite the cruelty around you, look for beauty in the turn of each corner.

Whoever wants to ridicule can only diminish.

Whatever one can say, our limits prevent us all to accept and tolerate everything, thus to fully love all and everyone.

If you cannot help someone, at least make sure you do not harm him/her in any way.

Hell is the life of the one running away from oneself.

Hope preserves health and balance, and gives strength and energy.

Joy is cooking up in us and only asks for the opportunity to express itself.

One cannot expect great changes in one's life if one does not change one's way to see things.

We cannot really get anything well-worth it without effort down here, and we are all leaving from the same starting point.

Love's magic charmes even the most unfaithful.

You are the gardener of your inner-plant and its growth and beauty are your entire responsibility.

To grow up means to slowly fill all the cracks where travels falseness in order to give free access to salutary truths of the universal flow of Life to one's inner-world.

To be fullfield: manage to see and put order in a huge chaos.

The defective valve causes the explosion.

Do not needlessly go back on your mistakes and let sometimes yourself go to explore your inner-self.

Scattered with crossroads and detours, the road of ages is running its course.

Let us stop denying Life and taking ourselves too seriously. Indeed let us learn to laugh at ourselves and our numerous mistakes, for our life will not be the same.

Cast anchor of your past and let yourself drift on the courses of Life. Confidence and hope will guide you towards the right port.

Do not fight needlessly against the forces of Life, you are not up to it and you will burn your fingers.

To live: let go of the vain illusions, get out of one's cage, get along with one's relatives, flout all fake wisemen, get off one's cloud, accept one's age, turn the page, and if needed, pack up one's suitcase and begin a great journey.

Man passes, surpasses himself and passes away.

My definition of Life: Man crosses time, stops here and there, chats with a few people, acts in more or less significant ways and quickly disappears to go where no one knows.

The five traps of Man: The five senses of Man.

We are and become mostly everything we eat and drink.

The garden of emotions is one that must be taken care of and regularly weeded.

The person with whom you are talking has an interest you would look for to find the aliby of his/her behaviour as well as a bitter disappointement.

We all choose different paths but the unexpected forces us to, more or less, part with our initial course.

We all are a piece in the great puzzle of Humanity and we have but one place reserved. To usurp any other is impossible.

The war of ones causes the peace of others.

To reach the Zenith of one's life, one must not fear to flout all opinions.

To break without hesitation any expansion that goes in the wrong direction.

It is difficult to sail on the sea of FREEDOM when the swell of the sprawling crowd mistreats it as such.

If you feel like you need approval, some troubles might happen to you.

Whoever accepts ones blame improves ones fate.

While we are trying to prove ourselves, let us keep some room for manoeuvre.

Even if someone hurts you, keep enough noblety not to give in to meanness.

The few wild imaginings of youth must lead to a beautiful wisdom and not to vile feats.

If one unjustly sets about you, come and drink with me.

If friendship betrayed you, join the club of humanity.

Let us grow up and leave childhood. Let us emerge from our ignorance and break the wall of silence.

To each, one after the other, the times of glory ; to each the weeping and desperation days.

To look for false troubles one gets real misery.

Do not become a slave of men's judgement or else you will die like the gladiators of Rome.

The man of today, cuddled in society, does not taste the true constructive coldness of Life.

To live beautiful emotions, one must want it.

With too much sensitivity or indifference, I ignore the worse situation.

When time catches up with us, sometimes surprises are waiting for us.

We all have things to learn and to teach. This is true all our life.

Truth is hiding deep inside ourselves, not on the other side of the planet.

Existence, society and man's futility are hypnotizing him.

Any man deserves happiness.

Man has to avoid any kind of captivity and break all the chains that prevent him to follow the paths of freedom.

Whoever smashes a barrier violates one's own Freedom and opens a door to reprisals.

You should quickly make adjustments when your paths seem to lead nowhere or when all seems to slip from your hands.

A great sensitivity gives free access to extreme horror and happiness.

Harmony is a proud rebel that always escapes and that one must always bring back home.

Awoken people move less than the sleeping ones.

The one you crushes today will hardly be able to help you up tomorrow.

Whoever considers oneself as perfect never manages to build a palace.

If you are lucky, you will know a few real friends; otherwise, many people will surround you.

If you get the Nobel price, a few people will be happy for you. If you fail a lot of people will rejoice it.

Some days I see society as a big casino where the "progress and stakes" are only a bluff and where the aces are nothing but jokers.

If you open your doors, all the wolves can come in.

Our mysterious unconscious life manages all our actions and conscious life in order to guide them and to bring, slowly but surely, them towards their goals.

Unfortunately, not all the guests invited at the table of the livings can always reach the dessert.

It is up to each to find one's own path and careful not to get lost in the mazes of existence.

To make peace with oneself often requires an entire life.

We have to be the beacons of each other in the night of Life. We must learn to trust it and from there, go through and discover the sea of existence with its continents, islands, storms and lulls, mysteries, beauties and beyond.

Let us not make any mistake here! Adaptation and evolution are the only exercise we should expect to find and conquer to keep our balance.

We should not create false expectations from other men, our universe or ourselves for we would collect only useless and vain sufferings.

Human nature tends to look for guilties, targets or causes to its own inner-suffering.

Man is a warrior engaged in a perpetual conflict with Life. He must learn to enjoy his victories and bounce from his defeats.

We should not be so masochistic as to avoid or run away from whom does not care about our existence and happiness or slow them down.

To live well, one must be up to date and remain in the present. One must be self-confident, trust one's possibilities, one's integrity, one's own right to live and one's own identity.

Man must control, understand, tame, restrain, and develop the vital energy he possesses inside him; which is sometimes very difficult and often doomed to failure.

Should man admit his many dependencies that he would understand many things and improve himself on many point of vues. Should he hide his many dependencies that he would be increasingly unhappy as time passes by and keeps him prisoner.

Whoever tries one's luck and persists gets one's reward. Whoever is weighed down by bad luck and does not roll up one's sleeves gets by in silence.

Man's worse sufferings are most of the times coming from within. They often result from the difficulty of accepting reality.

Life true meaning is beyond us. The most important is to learn about it again or even make sure we do not forget.

Some support and good will make anything possible down below.

Out of natural Dignity, human beings must refuse, expose and fight any kind of death or destruction, slow or fast, that would happen within and around him.

Passive and destructive hatred is an unhealthy feeling that anybody must tame and transform, with human intelligence, into vital and constructive energy.

After nightfall, only stars shine on.

The majestic eagles living up above owe their survival to the tiny field mice that litter the ground.

Greatly lucky or liar is the one who never had one's moments of weakness.

Our fears paralyse and handicap us greatly. They must be cleansed in order to give us back our own identity.

The smart man knows that he knows almost nothing.

One does not keep time and its effects; it is absolutely out of reach.

Persist in living; nobody on Earth can do it in your stead.

To life without worries belongs the tree without fruits; to absence of passions belongs the silence of drives.

In brief, to discover oneself as well as Life is the destiny of human life.

Man was condemned to action the day he was born.

Arrogance is a bad seed in the eye that hides the sight of reality.

If you are living in a state of war, you will find fighters. If you are living in a state of peace, you will find open arms.

Within us: flow of energy to funnel, transform and express; also use it to extract beauties and truths of a controversial world.

The key to happiness lies in the search of solutions for each of one's problems.

In the battlefield of life, the gear's variety that one uses tends towards infinity.

Unconsciously we put a price on our life; more or less consciously, the others treat us according to this price.

The grip of any human will survives the passage of time only if it is directed towards an honest and sane direction.

To defend oneself and survive, sometimes rush like a drunk.

Can bear the name of Wise Man, whom can surpass oneself without harming anyone around.

The disease of the "Non-self-confidence" is a social plague that is often maintained volontaraly.

One is not what one would like to be since, basically, one is what one is.

To work is one of the ways to show one's freedom.

Man's balance depends on his faculty of adaptation to changes that time imposes.

The joy to live is the easiest thing to pass on and communicate.

To understand life takes an entire life.

There are many qualities to teach and many defaults to hide to children for they will learn them soon enough.

Why bother? In a hundred and twenty years, we will all be at the same stage.

To survive our past is one of our biggest challenges on this Earth.

One climbs the ladder of Life, bar after bar, without ever reaching the last one.

Happy people respect certain limits: theirs and the one of others.

In most of the peoples, one rarely respects the others' rythme of growth, which is a big mistake.

One cannot survive if one cannot say no.

We must never neglect our state of mind for it is essential to us.

Life is a long therapy during which we are healing our past life.

Each person's life is a drama, more or less interrupted with moments of escape and joy.

Our innate need to compare ourselves to others brings us further from our true identity.

The emotions are feeding us and are maintaining the dreams.

Awarness of all dangers must be tought in priority to children.

Whoever slows down the evolution, sins against Humanity.

Emotions are fuelling our spirit.

Any opinion is arguable no opinion is unshakeable.

Whoever does not take the control of one's life gives it to the other.

Whoever does never question oneself, deny any evolution.

Whoever has known the full display of emotions can play the symphony of self-knowledge.

Anyone has the choice to use one's creative or destructive potential.

The unexpected has to be expected in our life.

If you are not a liar, you surely are evasive sometimes.

To try one's luck is a request one cannot avoid if one wishes to live well.

It is an impossible mission to live without breaking a few eggs.

As living-beings, our integrity is always threatened.

To educate a child requires, first and foremost, giving him/her the will to live his/her own life.

Whoever ignores others, passes by alone in one's universe of ignorance.

The impossible is widespread for the one using all one's intelligence.

Whoever shows one's freedom rarely uses passivness.

Man is not adapted to his own society.

There are, on Earth, too many people impossible to love.

To rise, man must acknowledge himself completely.

Lie is a great truth of Life.

One must not fear to walk the path that leads to happiness, even if sometimes it seems too easy to be true.

The blinds are not those one believes since one cannot see the light with the eyes.

The unbreakable rock crumbles little by little under the light rain.

Any blind submission is dangerous and not human.

A general is nothing without his soldiers.

Approve nothing but the truth to taste true freedom.

Sometimes occur awarnesses that overcome our entire life, thus we run aground on new shores never seen to this day.

The roosters sing high and loud, wildcats lie in wait for their preys while the vultures rush up to the cadavers. Strange, I could put a face on each one of them!

To each path its pitfalls, each human one day stumbles.

While we are trying to prove ourselves, let us keep some room for manoeuvre.

To survive the tests is the best way to prove oneself.

In any human relationship, chain oneself not, but help one another.

Comes a time when one must leave to seek oneself.

To admit not leads to one's ruin.

It is in shit that the most beautiful flowers grow.

Society's strings are controlling the puppets that are its members.

A family without harmony is a lifeless jail.

One cannot get rid off temptations; one must learn to choose and to say no.

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