Introduction To HTML Forms
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Lesson Five

  • Week One - Getting Started: How to Create A Simple Form
  • Week One Assignments -
    1.) "Download free text editor." I already have been using EditPad Light for a few years. The one thing I like most about it is that you can open several pages on the same screen using tabs.... very convenient for alternating between pages for copying info from one page to another.
    2.) "Create your first simple HTML form and save it to your hard drive." I have loaded a "form1" to my hard drive for future use.

    And I did not bring an 'apple' for the teacher because those 'Macs' are terribly expensive.

  • Week Two - Text Input, Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
  • I played around with the INPUT fields, having used them before....but a long time ago....a good review. The homework assignment follows. You cannot send this survey yet, since we do not have the proper "SUBMIT" tags yet.....

    ....but maybe in week 4. smiling shifty

    Have you ever visited "Canada"? YES NO
    From what you have heard or experienced of "Canada", what items listed below would entice you to visit "Canada"? (You may check more than one box if you wish.)..........
    Rate of Monetary Exchange
    The population of Canada is: Between 10 to 20 Million Between 20 to 30 Million
    Between 30 to 40 Million Between 40 to 50 Million

  • Week Three - Images, Pulldown Menus and Text Boxes
  • Here is my Dog Breed Quiz Form with four Images, three Radio buttons each, and a Scroll List for each, and a Textarea box at the end.

  • Week Four - Hidden Input and Submit Buttons
  • Here is a form containg hidden fields and a Submit image button.

  • Week Five - Quick Review and Additional Resources

  • Here is my Extra Credit Project.

    Any additions &/or corrections to the material on these pages will be gratefully considered, and should be sent to...... Donald Parkes .

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