The Henry B.K. Bauman Family

Henry B. K. Bauman was born Nov. 27, 1790 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He was the first child of Peter Bauman and his 3rd wife Elizabeth.  Henry's father Peter died in 1806, and the following year Henry's older step brother Christian Bauman moved to Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.  Step brother David Bauman made the same move in 1812.  It is not clear when Henry's widowed mother brought the younger children to Canada but it was probably around 1810-1812.  We know that in 1813 Henry got married in Waterloo County, so he must have arrived in 1812 at the latest.

The woman Henry married was Catherine F. Wismer, who was born Apr. 11, 1794 in Chester County, PA.  She came to Waterloo County in 1800 with her parents Joseph Wismer & Hannah Friedt.  The Wismers settled in Preston (now Cambridge), as did Henry & Catherine after their marriage.  

Henry was a tanner in addition to being a farmer.  Henry & Catherine raised 10 children, 6 sons and 4 daughters.  

I am a 4th-g-grandson of Henry & Catherine via their daughter Hannah (Bauman) Shantz.

What do the Initials Mean?

I still have not found what Henry's middle initials B. K. stand for.  I suspect one initial refers to his mother's maiden name (also unknown), but the second initial clearly has some other significance.

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