The Grischow Family in Canada

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From my limited research, it seems most (all?) Grischow families in Canada descend from one family who immigrated to Waterloo County, Ontario from Mecklenburg- Schwerin, Germany in the late 1860's -- the family of Christoph & Elizabeth (Holtz) Grischow.

For information on what little is known about this family back in Germany, and why they may have left, see Christoph & Elizabeth's story.

I descend from Christoph & Elizabeth's son Frederick & his first wife Lydia Clemens.

A 3-masted barque, the type of ship immigrants 
sailed out of Hamburg on in the 1860's.

Family Trees

Descendants of Christoph Grischow & Elizabeth Holtz


Story of Christoph & Elizabeth Grischow

Story of Frederick Grischow

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