Daniel & Fanny Hoover's Story


Daniel Hoover was born Sept. 7, 1808 in Markham Township to Daniel Hoover Sr. & Anna Stauffer.  He was their 6th child out of 8.  His parents immigrated from Pennsylvania to York County, Ontario in 1804.

Fanny Reesor was born June 16, 1813 in Markham Township.  The 1871 census records her name as Franses but her marriage record says Feronia.  She probably only ever went by the name Fanny.  Her parents, John Reesor & Anna Grove, were both born in Pennsylvania and each came to Canada with their parents.  Fanny was the 2nd-eldest of John & Anna's 15 children and likely spent a lot of her teenage years helping care for her younger siblings.

Married Life

Daniel and Fanny were married on Mar. 13, 1832 by Fanny's grandfather, Rev. Abraham Grove.  Their fathers were the witnesses.  They established their new home in Pickering Township where they farmed on the north half of Lot 35,  Concession 3.

Their oldest child was Anna, born Mar. 18, 1833.  Their first son Henry followed on Nov. 12, 1834.  It was at this time that Daniel's mother Anna (Stauffer) Hoover passed away on Aug. 10, 1836 at age 66.

The following year, in 1837, Daniel & Fanny had their 3rd child Peter.  Next came daughter Elizabeth, born Apr. 11, 1840.  A few months after Elizabeth's birth, Daniel's father Daniel Hoover Sr. died at age 75 on Sept. 20, 1840.

Another daughter Esther was born June 9, 1842, but she only lived a year, dying Oct. 23, 1843.  She is buried at the Cedar Grove cemetery.

Four more sons rounded out the Hoover family: John, born July 28, 1844, Abraham, born Nov. 26, 1846, Daniel (the third), born Feb. 15, 1850, and Benjamin, born Apr. 18, 1852.

The Kids Grown Up

In 1866, Anna married Samuel Stover, son of John Stover & Hannah Leibeck.  They would have one child, Ethleen, before tragedy would strike.  Click here for their story.

Henry married Susanna Cook on Oct. 7, 1856.  They had 4 daughters before Henry died at age 29 on March 14, 1864, cause of death not currently known.  Henry was a farmer.

Peter became an entrepreneur, businessman, and civic leader.  According to The Reesor Family in Canada book, Peter operated grist and flour mills at Dickson's Hill, Clark's Hallow, and Green River.  The 1871 census shows his occupation as "cheese manufacturer," as he operated a cheese factory at Whitevale.  He was also a member of the Pickering Twp. council for 8 years, a justice of the peace for 12 years, a license commissioner for southern Ontario, and a member of the Toronto Board of Trade.  Peter married Sarah Nighswander in 1862 and they had 4 children.  Sarah's parents were Samuel Nighswander & Elizabeth Kreider.  Peter died on Oct. 10, 1901 and Sarah died in 1919.

Elizabeth lived a challenging life.  She married young and was widowed young.  Elizabeth married Abram Nighswander and gave birth to daughter Delilah when she was only 18 years old.  Abraham was a cabinet maker south of Markham, and then moved his shop to Main St., Mount Joy.  He died in 1860 at age 26, cause currently unknown.  Elizabeth then moved back home with her parents and raised Delilah.  Eight years later, Elizabeth seems to have adopted her orphaned niece Ethleen Stover and raised her along with Delilah.  In the 1871 census, Elizabeth is living with her younger brother Abraham Hoover and his newlywed wife, along with Delilah and Ethleen.  Abraham may have been living on his father's farm at that point as well, although it is not clear.  On Nov. 8, 1877 Elizabeth remarried, this time to widower Abraham Raymer, son of Peter Raymer & Elizabeth Byer.  Ethleen is still living with Elizabeth, although Delilah is now grown and married to Enos Hoover.  Abraham Raymer died Feb. 6, 1896 of heart disease.  Elizabeth died on Feb. 26, 1904 two weeks after being paralyzed by a stroke.  She died at her home in Mount Joy, York County.  Her obituary is online.

John married Nancy Burton on Sep. 26, 1869.  She was the daughter of Thomas Burton & Susan Milliken.  John and Nancy had two children, Frances Amelia and John Edgar.  John ran a grist mill for a while, and then worked in Toronto as an inspector for the Queen City Fire Insurance Co.  He died Jan. 22, 1917 and his wife in 1923.

Abraham married Fanny Stover, daughter of Samuel Stover & Susannah Shank, at Dufferin Creek, Pickering, on Feb. 22, 1870.  They had 2 children who died in infancy.  Abraham and Fanny are buried at Reesor Church cemetery in Markham.

Daniel married Julia Ann Burkholder in June of 1872.  She was a daughter of William Burkholder & Elizabeth Storm.  It appears that Daniel farmed on a portion of his father's property.  They had 7 children together.  Daniel died Feb. 23, 1904 in Cherrywood where he was born.

Lastly, Benjamin married Emaline Ramer (or Raymer), his first cousin once removed.  They were married Nov. 10, 1874 at the home of the bride's parents, John Hoover Ramer & Mary Hoover.  They had 7 children, 3 of whom lived to adulthood.  Benjamin operated the Glen Rouge Mills in Markham, then went to Saskatchewan in 1900, returning in 1923 to operate a mill in Richmond Hill, ON.  He died Aug. 4, 1928 in Long Branch, ON.

Later in Life

Daniel & Fanny had youngsters around for much of their married life.  Their widowed daughter Elizabeth moved back in with them about 1860, so Delilah Nighswander and Ethleen Stover were both raised on their grandparents' farm.

Fanny died on Nov. 19, 1878, cause currently unknown.  Daniel died of dropsy on Feb. 12, 1881 in Pickering Twp.  His obituary is online.

Daniel and Fanny are buried at the Reesor Mennonite church cemetery on the Markham-Pickering townline.

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