The Henry Lichty Family of Markham

Henry & Elizabeth Lichty farmed in Markham Township in the very early 1800's.  Very little is known about this family, or least very little is published.  This little website is an attempt to change that in a small way.

This is what is known so far.

Henry & Elizabeth Lichty/ Leichte/ Lighty came from Pennsylvania to Markham likely between 1800-1803.  This is based on the fact that their daughter Elizabeth was married in Markham and had her first child in 1805.  To date, we know of 3 daughters of Henry & Elizabeth:

Barbara (1781-1855), who married Jacob V. Wideman, son of Rev. Henry Wideman & Catherine Vanhoben.
Elizabeth (1783-1870), who married Jacob Stover, son of Peter & Margareth Stover.
Anna, who married Joseph Reesor, founder of the village of Markham.

On May 18, 1812, Henry wrote his will.  He names his 3 sons-in-law as executors and his wife Elizabeth as the primary beneficiary.

On Mar. 30, 1813, Henry was a witness to Peter Stover's will, the father of his son-in-law Jacob.

Then in June 1817, Henry's will was filed in the surrogate court of York County.  An appraisement of his belongings states that "Henry Lighty of Late Deceased in the Township of Markham May the 23 Day 1817". 

At the time of his death, Henry was reasonably wealthy.  He had $257 in cash, and almost $1,000 loaned out to various people.  In addition to his farm, he also mentions in his will a property in Uxbridge.  To put these dollar amounts in perspective, his land is valued at $2 per acre in 1817.

It appears Henry had no sons, or at least none living when he wrote his will in 1812.

Life in Pennsylvania

While there is no proof yet, there are a couple clues that provide potential links back to Henry & Elizabeth's lives and families in Pennsylvania.

One is a marriage record from the First Reformed Church in Lancaster.  On Mar. 28, 1780, a Henry Lichty married Elizabeth Kauffman.  Given the earliest known birth year for their daughters is 1781, this marriage record certainly appears to be a possible match to the Markham Henry & Elizabeth Lichty.  Further, Pennsylvania family trees don't have any later information on Henry Lichty & Elizabeth Kauffman, which would be expected if they in fact moved away from Pennsylvania.  

The second clue is the 1781 tax records for Manor Twp., Lancaster Co.  There is a Henry Lighty listed who is a blacksmith.  The Henry Lighty of Markham had a significant value of blacksmith tools when he died, according to his estate appraisal, so this is also a possible connection to Pennsylvania.  Richard Davis ( has proposed this Manor Twp. blacksmith Henry is a likely son of Jacob Lichty (~1724-1756) and grandson of Jacob Lichty (~1702-1751) & Veronica Kendig (1704-1736).

I descend from Henry & Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Stover.

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