1560 Schneider Family Bible

In 1564, Hannes Schneider purchased a Bible in Canton Berne, Switzerland.  It had been printed in 1560, about a century after Gutenberg invented his printing press.

In the empty pages in the front of the Bible, Hannes and his descendants began writing down family names, dates, and places.  The brief German hand-written entries tell the story of how the Bible travelled with Hannes' descendants when they moved to Germany in 1653, then to Holland in about 1696, then across the Atlantic to Pennsylvania in 1736, and finally north by Conestogo wagon to Canada in 1807.  The Bible has resided in Waterloo County ever since, being passed down from generation to generation until 1968, when it was donated to the Mennonite Archives at Conrad Grebel College in Waterloo, Ontario.

More About the Schneider Family Bible

Register of the Schneider Family
The English text of the genealogy information in the Bible.
The Story of this Bible
More about this Bible and it's travels over four-and-a-half centuries.

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This information is published online with the permission of
Sam Steiner, Mennonite Archives of Ontario,
Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, ON.

Last updated May 14, 2004
by Darren Arndt,
an 11th-great-grandson of Hannes Schneider.