Register of the Schneider Family

The 1560 Schneider Bible contains an original German hand-written family register that is badly worn after hundreds of years of deterioration.  However, in the 1890's, Ezra Eby translated what was still decipherable of the original registry and neatly wrote it down in English, along with his own insights.  It is that English version which is presented below.  Later generations who possessed the Bible added their stories to the English register that Ezra had begun.

The text includes superscript numbers by most names showing which generation they belong to, Hannes being generation 1.

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Register of the Schneider Family

Hannes Schneider the old progenitor of this numerous family was born, as tradition has it, in Canton Berne, Switzerland AD 1534.  In 1557 he was married to Catharine Haus and had a family of several children but the names of only two could be read as the old record was too much spoiled to decipher all the original writing appearing on its pages.  The names of these two sons were Peter2 and Jacob2Peter was born 1559 and died in Berne 1578, met with an accident.  Jacob was born in 1561.  In 1586 he was married to Anna Maria Brech with whom he had a family of nine children, six sons and three daughters, their names as could be deciphered from the old record are as follows:

Jacob3 was born in the year 1587 died in 1647, was married and left heirs.
Peter3 was born in the year 1590 died in 1663, was married to Susanna Reisz.
Susanna3 was born in 1592, was married to one Conrad Mensch.
Daniel3 was born in 1594 died in 1598 aged 4 years.
Mary3 was born in 1596 died in 1598 aged 2 years.
Samuel3 was born in 1598 died in 1598 aged 6 months.
These three children must have died in the plague that ravaged central Europe in 1597-8.
John3 was born in 1600.  In 1624 he moved to Holland.
Christian3 was born in 1603.  He also moved to Holland with his brother.
Elisabeth3 was born in 1606.  She was married to one John Herschi.

Peter Schneider3 son of Jacob Schneider2 resided in the city Lucerne, Canton Berne, where he had a family of three children, two of whom died in infancy, namely Anna4 and Hannes4.  The third child namely Jacob Schneider4 was born in Lucerne, Switzerland June 13th AD 1624.  On 10th February 1646 he was married to Anna Maria daughter of Christian Müller.  She was born in 1626 September 13th and died in Zweibrücken Germany July 4th 1679.

In 1653 we moved to Spiers about 12 miles from Heidelberg Germany where we resided 18 years.  In January 1672 we moved to Zweibrücken Germany about 48 miles from Straussburg.  Our family consisted of 9 children, names as follows:

Daniel Schneider5 was born April 16th 1651.
Catharine Schneider5 was born January 20th 1654.
Michael Schneider5 was born February 11th 1656.
Anna Maria Schneider5 was born October 27th 1658.
Samuel Schneider5 was born January 20th 1661. (twin)
David Schneider5 was born January 20th 1661. (twin)
Jacob Schneider5 was born June 18th 1663.
Susanna Schneider5 was born January 28th 1665.
Elizabeth Schneider5 was born November 29th 1667.

Catharine and Samuel died in infancy.  The others of the above family were all married.

Jacob Schneider4 father of the above family died in Zweibrücken Dec. 12 1695.  After the decease of the father, Jacob5 and his two elder brothers Daniel5 and Michael5 emigrated to Holland and settled at Kennerland about 12 miles west of Amsterdam.  On New Years day 1691, I, Jacob Schneider5, was married to Veronica Schmitt.  She was born in Heidelberg Germany February 3rd 1662.  Our family consisted of six children.  Their names are as follows:

Veronica Schneider6 was born October 12th 1693.
Anna Schneider6 was born February 22nd 1695.
John Schneider6 was born June 15th 1697.
Michael Schneider6 was born January 21st 1699.
Christian Schneider6 was born December 24th 1702.
Jacob Schneider6 was born January 20th 1705.

After the decease of my father Jacob Schneider5 February 17th 1727, I received this old bible purchased by Hannes Schneider1, my grandfather's grandfather in 1564.

I John Schneider6 the eldest son of the last named family was born June 13th 1697.  On the 12th October 1721 I was married to Susanna Baumann, a native of Holland.  She was born December 13th 1700 and died in Pennsylvania December 13th 1745.  In April 1736 we, my wife and family with others moved or emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where John Schneider6 died October 13th 1763.  His family consisted of five children.  Their names are as follows:

Christian Schneider7 was born May 25th 1725.
Susanna Schneider7 was born August 10th 1723, died December 14th 1748.
Jacob B. Schneider7 was born April 2nd 1727, died April 9th 1803.
David Schneider7 was born February 17th 1729, died in 1744.
Andrew Schneider7 was born February 12th 1732, died in 1740.

Jacob B. Schneider7 the second son of the above family, was born in Holland and came to America with his parents when nine years of age.  He was raised in Lancaster County Pa. where he was married to Maria Herschi on April 1st 1755.  She was born August 31st 1730 and died in April 1798.

Jacob B. Schneider7 and his wife Maria (Herschi) Schneider were blessed with a family of fifteen children as follows:

Barbara Schneider8 was born February 16th 1756.  She died March 15th 1821.  She was married to Christian Ehrhart and resided at Sporting Hill, Lancaster Co. Penna. USA.  Had a family of six children.
Anna Schneider8 was born March 21st 1757, died March 30th 1757.
Christian Schneider8 was born August 28th 1758, died August 6th 1850.  He was married in 1789 to Elizabeth Erb who was born January 23rd 1770 and died in Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada September 29th 1818.  In 1806 Christian Schneider8, wife and family moved to Canada and settled near Doon, Township Waterloo and County Waterloo, Ontario.  To them was born the following family:
Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Jacob C.9    Feb. 19, 1791 June 19, 1865 July 21, 1812 Elizabeth Cressman
John C.9   Feb. 1, 1792 July 31, 1834 Sept. 10, 1814 Catharine Shantz
Mary C.9   June 9, 1794 May 19, 1864 June 21, 1814 Abraham Cressman
Joseph C.9    Jan. 12, 1796 Feb. 21, 1874 Feb. 27, 1820
Mar. 31, 1839
Mary Bauman
Anna Catharine Weicker
Daniel C.9   Dec. 21, 1797 Mar. 14, 1884 June 27, 1818 Nancy Erb
David C.9   Mar. 29, 1799 Dec. 2, 1875 Mar. 18, 1823 Leah Baumann
Samuel C.9   Apr. 29, 1801 May 15, 1887 1825 Mary Detweiler
Christian C.9  May 28, 1804 July 26, 1897 Dec. 5, 1825 Anna Cressman
Elizabeth C.9   Mar. 6, 1806 Dec. 25, 1891 Apr. 3, 1827 Isaac C. Shantz
Benjamin C.9  July 4, 1808 May 25, 1892 Feb. 22, 1831
Sept. 26, 1843
Eliza Detweiler
Esther Miller
Mary Schneider8 was born November 15th 1759, died July 4th 1760.
Elizabeth Schneider8 was born March 15th 1761, died November 1st 1824.  She was married to Christian Ehrisman.  Resided in Lancaster Co. Pa.  Left heirs.
Mary Schneider8 was born September 2nd 1762, died March 2nd 1843.  Was married to Jacob Risser.  Resided in Lancaster Co. Pa.  Had a family of three children.
Jacob Schneider8 * was born January 24th 1764, died February 6th 1853.  In 1790 he was married to Mary Erb who was born March 2nd 1766 and died August 27th 1835.  In 1806 he with his wife and family moved to Canada and settled near Bloomingdale, Co. Waterloo, Ontario.  Their family was as follows:
Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Christian9   Mar. 14, 1791 Sept. 12, 1870 Mar. 20, 1814 Magdalena Shantz
Nancy9   June 4, 1792 May 11, 1837 July 7, 1814 Benjamin U. Bowman
Jacob Jr.9   Jan. 15, 1794 Oct. 23, 1862 Feb. 15, 1818
July 1829
Mary Bowman
Magdalena Bowman
Polly9   Jan. 8, 1796 Feb. 28, 1883 July 20, 1817 Jonathan B. Bowman
Benjamin9   Jan. 15, 1798 Apr. 18, 1861 Oct. 21, 1823 Catharine Saltzberger
John9   Mar. 1, 1800 Feb. 19, 1893 May 14, 1826 Judith Bingeman
Elizabeth9  June 5, 1802 July 28, 1848 -- She was never married.
Susannah9  June 4, 1804 Apr. 2, 1837 Mar. 2, 1824 Jacob P. Shantz
Magdalena9  Dec. 6, 1806 May 30, 1895 Dec. 9, 1831 Levi L. Bechtel
Henry9  Feb. 2, 1811 Jan. 22, 1877 Mar. 27, 1836
Elizabeth Snider
Margaret Brehm

[Footnote in original] 
*Jacob Schneider received this bible from his father when coming to Canada and after his decease it was handed to his daughter, Magdalena Schneider in 1853, and after her decease it was given to her daughter Mary, Mrs. Joseph Ernst, who sold it to Ezra E. Eby in 1896.

Peter Schneider8 was born December 28th 1765 and died September 1st 1823. He was married to Mary Langenecker.  Resided in Lancaster Co. Pa.  Had a family of six children.
Veronica Schneider8 was born July 24th 1767 and died May 15th 1856.  She was married to Benjamin Hirschi.  Resided near Manheim, Pa.  Had a family of ten children.
John Schneider8 was born June 16th 1770, died January 23rd 1841.  He was married to Anna Hostetler.  Resided near Sporting Hill, Pa.  Had a family of six children.
Joseph Schneider8 was born May 24th 1772 and died October 27th 1843. On February 21st 1798 he was married to Barbara Eby who was born April 29th 1774 and died March 13th 1843. In May 1807 Joseph Schneider with family and others moved to Canada and settled at Berlin, Co. Waterloo, Ontario where they died leaving the following family viz:
Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Catharine9 Feb. 12, 1799 Sept. 15 1881 July 8, 1817 Joseph Shantz
Jacob E.9 Sept. 2, 1800 Oct. 2, 1884 Nov. 18, 1827 Elizabeth Clemens
Elizabeth9 Jan. 2, 1802 Nov. 26, 1876 July 2, 1822 Jacob S. Shoemaker
Veronica9 July 25, 1803 July 13, 1872 April 8, 1823 Daniel Martin
Mary9 April 1, 1808 Mar. 22, 1887 April 8, 1833 Christopher Nahrgang
Joseph E.9 Nov. 23, 1810 Feb. 16, 1880 Jan. 28, 1834 Sarah Shantz
Moses E.9 Nov. 24, 1810 Nov. 23, 1896 April 12, 1836 Magdalena Clemens

(Joseph and Moses were twins.)

Henry Schneider8 was born December 7th 1773.  Died August 7th 1774.
Anna Schneider8 was born September 3 1775, died January 24th 1855.  She was married to Peter Ruth and had a family of eight children.  Home was near Elizabethtown, Pa.
Catharine Schneider8 was born June 17th 1777, died December 8th 1855.  She was married to Christian Hernly.  Resided at Richland, Ohio, U.S.A.  Had a family of eight children. 
Henry Schneider8 was born December 25th 1778.  Died June 4th 1864.  He was married to Mary Witmer and had a family of ten children, all of whom resided near their parents in Lancaster Co. Pa. U.S.A.

Jacob C. Schneider9 son of Christian and Elizabeth (Erb) Schneider was born in Franklin County Pennsylvania U.S.A. on the 19th February 1791.  On the 21st July A.D. 1812 he was married to Elizabeth daughter of John and Anna (Schowalter) Cressman.  She was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. June 10th 1791 and died in Waterloo Ontario January 12th 1879.  Soon after their marriage they moved on a farm a little to the west of the Waterloo market house where he died June 19th A.D. 1865.  To them was born a family of nine children as follows:

Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Mary10 May 19, 1813 Nov. 9, 1831 ---- ----
Elias10 Sept. 3, 1815 Apr. 24, 1890 Nov. 10, 1835 Hannah Bingeman
Elizabeth10 Apr. 19, 1817 Jan. 13, 1855 Mar. 27, 1836 Henry Snider
Menno10 Aug. 15, 1819 Feb. 2, 1889 Dec. 15, 1839 Catharine Kalbfleisch
Jacob10 Jan. 12, 1822 Mar. 12, 1857   Nancy Bricker
Anna10 July 23, 1824 Apr. 23, 1890 Mar. 5, 1844 Samuel S. Snider
Daniel10 Apr. 4, 1827 Oct. 28, 1889 Oct. 14, 1849 Elizabeth Barlett
Susannah10 Apr. 4, 1830   Mar. 18, 1849 Moses Shantz
Christian10 May 16, 1833 Aug. 9, 1836 ---- ----

Elias Snider10 * the eldest son of Jacob C. Schneider9 was born in the town of Waterloo, County of Waterloo and province of Ontario on the 3rd of September 1815.  On the 10th November 1835 he was married to Hannah Bingeman, who was born August 1st 1815 and died on the 23rd December 1893.  They resided on the old "Fred Musselman Farm" a little to the north of Waterloo where they resided until his death, which took place on the 24th day of April 1890.  In 1874 he was ordained as a minister of the Mennonites which position he held until his death.  His family consisted of twelve children, their names, dates of birth etc. are given on following page. 

[Footnote in original]
* This family spells the name "Snider" and not "Schneider" as their forefathers.

Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Elizabeth11 Nov. 29 1836 Jan. 28, 1893 Nov. 9, 1858 Menno S. Shantz
Mary11 Apr. 7, 1838 Feb. 9, 1858 Aaron B. Kraft
Israel11 Aug. 17, 1839 Oct. 16, 1860
Jan. 14, 1879
Veronica Martin
Mary Baetz
Isaac B.11 Jan. 13, 1841 Mar. 17, 1861 Nancy Sitler
Elias W. B.11 June 19, 1842 Apr. 19, 1864 Nancy Weber
William11 Oct. 26, 1845 June 11, 1867 Lydi Ann Bowman
John11 Dec. 24, 1848 June 5, 1870 Magdalena Snyder
Tilman B.11 Dec. 9, 1850 Oct. 24, 1871 Magdalena Groff
Jacob B.11 Jan. 10, 1853 Sept. 20, 1874 Susannah Shantz
Hannah11 Apr. 23, 1857 Jan. 4, 1874 Ephraim Shantz
Jonas11 Oct. 2, 1858 Apr. 1, 1879
July 5, 1887
Lucy Snyder
Susannah Horst

Elias Weber Bingeman Snider11 the son of the Rev. Elias Snider and Hannah Bingeman was born on June 19, 1842.  From the age of 12 he worked on his father's farm near Waterloo.  At 17 he apprenticed in his father's flour mill at German Mills and in 1864 when the mill was not prospering he became its manager on a share basis.  This was the first example of the business acumen which later brought him wide success in varied fields of industry.  In 1871 he bought a flour mill in St. Jacobs and moved his family to that village.  Later he bought mills in New Dundee and in Iowa.  In the St. Jacobs mill he installed the first roller process milling machine in Canada.  In 1884 he purchased Jacob Bricker's foundry in Waterloo which later along with the Merner foundry became the Waterloo Manufacturing Company.  Mr. Snider held the position of president of this Company for the rest of his life.  The demand for the farm machinery produced by this Company was so great that another plant had to be built in Winnipeg.  Mr. Snider was president of the Anthes Foundry Company and of the Snider Lumber Company of Gravenhurst and a director of the Peninsula Power and Gas Company of St. Catherines.  He was instrumental in obtaining a railway through St. Jacobs and was made its provisional president.  From 1881-94 he was the provincial liberal member for Waterloo North.  In 1864 he married Nancy Weber of Preston.  They had 11 children.  Three years after the death of his first wife he married Ellen Shoemaker of Kitchener and lived in that city until his death in 1921.  Mr. Snider is known as the father of Hydro.  He was the first chairman of the first committee of 19 municipalities in Ontario seeking to bring in Hydro power.  On May 14, 1956, Hydro's 50th anniversary, a monument to him was unveiled in St. Jacobs.

E. W. B. Snider11

Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Clara12 Mar. 10, 1865 Jan. 11, 1942 Jan. 17, 1895 Alfred Snyder
Aldred12 Oct. 28, 1866 May 11, 1945 May 1, 1888 Victoria Reichert
Cranson12 Apr. 22, 1868 Jan. 14, 1952 Apr. 26, 1893 Caroline Henrich
Fernando12 Apr. 30, 1870 Unknown About 1892 Emma Stellar
William12 Feb. 25, 1872 Jan. 15, 1968 Nov. 24, 1898 Alice Snyder
Edwin12 Apr. 5, 1874 Aug. 8, 1951 Aug. 26, 1896 Elizabeth Chapman
Elias12 May 8, 1876 May 29, 1950 Unmarried
Ada12 Sept. 10, 1878 Oct. 24, 1966 Unmarried
Franklin12 May 5, 1880 May 8, 1880
Lola12 Apr. 19, 1881 Apr. 11, 1933 Unmarried
Amy12 Jan. 18, 1883 Unmarried

William Weber Snider12 the son of E. W. B. Snider and Nancy Weber was born in St. Jacobs on Feb. 25, 1872.  After attending the St. Jacobs public school he spent a year at Naperville College, Illinois.  In his youth he worked in his father's mill at St. Jacobs and later bought it from him.  He continued to operate it until 1919 when he sold it to Walter Snider of Conestoga.  After his retirement from milling Mr. Snider showed sound judgment in financial matters.  He became president of the Canada Felling Company in St. Jacobs, and of the Anthes Foundry Company in Toronto.  He was a charter member of the Waterloo Historical Society.  On the death of his sister Lola he suggested that her bequest to the village take the form of a library.  Mr. Snider was the first chairman of the Library Board and continued in that position for almost 30 years.  During his life-time residence in St. Jacobs he showed great interest in village affairs and generously supported the Evangelical church.  Mr. Snider married Alice Snyder of St. Jacobs in 1898.  Although their formal education was limited they travelled and read widely and sent their five daughters to college.  Mr. Snider's creative imagination found expression in his home and in his garden, four and a half acres which at the time of his marriage he bought from his father and made beautiful with trees and flowers.

William Snider12

Names of Children When Born When Died When Married To Whom Married
Frances13 Sept. 2, 1899 Nov. 15, 1923 Leonard McQuat
Winifred13 Mar. 27, 1901 Unmarried
Lillian13 Jan. 6, 1903 Unmarried
Jean13 Feb. 14, 1906 Aug. 12, 1931 Herbert Reilly
Marjorie13 Feb. 21, 1907 June 19, 1928 Wilson Bowen


[The register then shows tables for each of William's married children and two married grandchildren as of Feb. 1968.  Those tables are not shown here to protect the privacy of living individuals.]


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Transcribed by Darren Arndt 
and published online with the permission of
Sam Steiner, Mennonite Archives of Ontario,
Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, ON.

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