Isaac B. & Nancy Snider's Story

Isaac Bingeman Snider and Nancy Sitler were born at different parts of Waterloo Township -- Isaac near the southern half at German Mills on Jan. 13, 1841, and Nancy in the north end a year earlier on Feb. 16, 1840.

Isaac was the 4th of 12 children of Rev. Elias Snider & Hannah Bingeman.  Nancy was the 4th of 12 children of John Sitler & Sarah Clemmer.

Family Life

On Mar. 17, 1861 in German Mills, Isaac and Nancy were married by a Rev. Bindemann.  There they farmed for the next 30 years.

Isaac & Nancy's first child Allen arrived on Oct. 29, 1861.  Villina came next on Aug. 24, 1863 and Susannah was born on May 3, 1865.  One month later Isaac's grandfather Jacob C. Schneider died, a pioneer who came to Canada as a teenager.  Leander was Isaac & Nancy's second son, born Sept. 20, 1867.  Nancy followed on Aug. 5, 1869 but would only survive 2 months, dying on Oct. 4.  

Four sons followed Nancy's death:  Nathaniel on Oct. 1, 1870, Isaac S. on Nov. 9, 1872, Elam on April 1st, 1874, and Silas on Apr. 5, 1875.  Silas would become the second child of Isaac & Nancy to die in infancy, succumbing to summer cholera on Aug. 28, according to Dr. D. S. Bowlby on the death registration.  The next year the cycle repeated when Hannah was born June 23 and died July 7, 1876 of cholera infantum.  They were the last of Isaac & Nancy's children to die in infancy.  However, it continued to be a hard year -- Nancy lost both of her parents the following winter within 3 weeks of each other.

Alvin was born Apr. 9, 1878 and Melissa came the following year on Aug. 15.  Elias was the 13th and youngest child, born Sept. 26, 1882.

Over the years, the census records simply show Isaac and Nancy continuing to raise children and crops on their farm.

The Kids Grown Up

Allen married Annie Schroeder on Jan. 2, 1887 in Elmira.  Annie's parents were Levi & Mary (Reichert) Schroeder.  Allen's brother Leander and Annie's sister Maggie were the witnesses.  Allen was a miller by trade, and in 1895 Ezra Eby records that Allen was working at the Union Mills in Waterloo.  Allen & Annie had 5 children, the eldest being Nelson.  When Nelson Snyder enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on Sept. 24, 1914, he records his father's residence as Killarney, MB.  Private Nelson Snyder fought with the Fort Garry Horse Regiment and died near Moreuil, France on Mar. 30, 1918.  He is buried in the Moreuil Communal Cemetery and is commemorated on page 504 of the First World War Book of Remembrance in the Peace Tower in Ottawa.  A Kitchener newspaper article in 1958 stated that "Allan worked in mills in New Dundee, St. Jacobs, Waterloo, Detroit, Montreal and Manitoba before he returned to this district in 1923."  Allen died in 1959 at about age 98.

Villina was the first of the Snider children to marry.  She married her second cousin Jacob Cressman, son of Isaac & Barbara (Snyder) Cressman, on Oct. 21, 1884 at the home of the bride's parents.  Jacob & Villina farmed in Bloomingdale and had 11 children.  Jacob died Jan. 24, 1926, and Villina on May 10, 1952 at age 88.  They are buried at the Bloomingdale Mennonite Cemetery.  Jacob's and Villina's obituaries can be viewed online. 

Not much is known yet about Susannah's life.  She never married, and died of colitis at the Hamilton Hospital for the Insane on Sept. 18, 1914 at age 49.  She is buried at First Mennonite Cemetery in Kitchener.

Leander waited until almost age 30 before he married Mary Grischow on June 8, 1897 in Berlin.  Mary was a daughter of Fred & Lydia (Clemens) Grischow.  Leander & Mary had 3 sons.  After Mary died of diabetes in 1917, Leander married Alvina Shantz on June 23, 1919.  She was a daughter of Henry B. & Lydia D. (Snyder) Shantz.  Leander farmed in German Mills all his life.  [More on Leander's story coming soon.]

Nathaniel was also a farmer like his father.  He married Melinda Jane Wismer on Jan. 25, 1893 in Berlin.  Her parents were Moses & Magdalena (Snider) Wismer.  Nathaniel & Melinda had 8 children.  Nathaniel died Jan. 23, 1944 in Waterloo County.

Isaac S. married Mabel Jackson on May 25, 1898 and they had one son, Myrle Lee Roy Snider.  Isaac was a miller, a career which took him to many locations.  In 1895, Isaac was living in Sanborn, Iowa.  In 1944 he was living in Melville, Saskatchewan.  A Kitchener newspaper article from 1958 states, 

"Isaac left home 67 years ago.  He was employed in mills in Baden, Valleyfield, Que., Minneapolis, Duluth, Sanborn, Ohio, and in various parts of Manitoba.  He was a federal grain research expert in Winnipeg for 15 years, was retired by the government and returned to private industry again in Strome and Kemrose, Alta., before he retired permanently and went to Winnipeg to live."  

He died on Oct. 15, 1963, presumably in Winnipeg, a few weeks shy of his 91st birthday.

Elam was also a miller.  In 1895, Ezra Eby notes he is working at the Union Mills in Waterloo.  On Boxing Day 1900, he married Florence Russell Mowbray.  They had 2 sons, Douglas and Russell.  The newspaper article from 1958 states, "Elam ... learned milling from his brother, Allan, in Waterloo.  He was employed in mills in Manitoba, Saskatoon and Montreal before he retired."  Elam died on May 31, 1966 at age 92.

Alvin never married.  Not much is currently known about his life.  He died on Aug. 27, 1950 and is buried at First Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Melissa married Edwin Schaefer on Jan. 27, 1903.  Ed was the son of Adam & Elizabeth (Snyder) Schaefer.  Ed & Melissa lived in Breslau and raised 7 children.  Melissa died Nov. 20, 1977 at age 98.

Elias was a widower twice in his life.  He first married in 1906 Isabella Pfohl, who had become his step-sister 2 years earlier when his father Isaac B. Snider remarried.  However, Bella died of tuberculosis on Apr. 1, 1909.  Elias & Bella had no children.  Elias then married Elmina Randall and they had 3 daughters.  However, the birth of the third child (also named Elmina) must have been difficult and the mother died on Apr. 28, 1915, 6 days after giving birth.  The infant Elmina died 4 days later.  On Mar. 1, 1916, Elias married again, this time to Sarah Bechtel, daughter of Noah C. Bechtel and Mary Ann Snyder.  Elias & Sarah would have 5 more children, the youngest being a son.  When that son was only 3 years old, Elias died at age 47 (June 16, 1930).  He is buried at First Mennonite Church Cemetery.  A decade later, Sarah was remarried to William Knarr.

Later in Life

  Nancy (Sitler) Snider, 1840-1891             Isaac B. Snider(?), 1841-1921   
Photos courtesy of Lois Mae Espey, Jackson, MN.

The above photos were likely taken not much before June, 1890, less than one year before Nancy's death which occurred Mar. 28, 1891.  The children in the photos are not currently known, but likely were some of their grandchildren.

No death record has been found for Nancy, so it is not currently known why she died at age 51.  Her youngest son was 7 years old at the time.

Isaac remarried, but not until Mar. 23, 1904.  Magdalena Pfohl was the widow of Adam Pfohl and a daughter of Henry Stadelberger and Mary Miller.  Magdalena's daughter Bella married Isaac's son Elias in 1906.

Isaac lived the rest of his life in German Mills, except for the final 6 months.  He died of a stroke in Petersburg on Mar. 13, 1921 at age 80.  Magdalena lived until June 1943.

Isaac B. Snider, later in life.
From the Isaac B. Snider Family History, by Lloyd & Vera Snider, 1985.

Isaac & Nancy are buried at First Mennonite Church Cemetery in Kitchener.

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