1930 Shantz Reunion

A large Shantz family reunion was held on July 2, 1930 in Waterloo Park, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  An amazing panoramic "pano photo" was taken of the entire crowd by the Denton photography studio of Kitchener.  The local newspaper estimated nearly 4,000 people were at this reunion, but that was likely an exaggeration.  Still, it was a very large crowd to fit into a single picture.

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Reunion Newspaper Article

Read the short article about this reunion that appeared in the local paper.

The Story of This Photograph

Find out how this copy of the photograph made its way from Waterloo to Illinois to the internet.

Can you identify any faces in this photo?  Please email me.

  Darren Arndt

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Canadian copyright law protects photographs for 50 years after the year the photo was taken, so this photograph is now in the public domain.  You may copy or print it without permission or payment.

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