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Most (but not all) Sitler / Sittler families in Canada descend from two brothers who immigrated to Waterloo County from Ohio in the early 1830's -- John Sitler & Jacob Sitler.

The story of how this family eventually arrived in Canada is a fascinating one.  It began with a wealthy Baron in Germany who, being angry at his sons for leaving the Catholic faith and becoming Lutherans, arranged that his inheritance would be locked away for 100 years after his death, which occurred in 1745.  See the link below for the story about Baron von Sidler's inheritance.

Three of the Baron's sons came to America: one (Abraham) had only daughters and his line has since been lost; one (Matthias) became a wealthy property owner in the Baltimore area; and the other (Dietrich), having had his money stolen during the ship's crossing, became a farmer of modest means in Pennsylvania.

One of Dietrich's grandsons, Martin Sitler, took his young family west from Pennsylvania to Ohio around 1803 where farmland was in greater supply.  The homestead Martin built is shown below.  The original barn still stands to this day.

Martin Sitler Homestead, circa 1924-25
New Waterford, Columbiana Co., Ohio. 
John and Jacob Sitler were born and raised in this house,
which was still occupied 200 years later when it burned down in March 2002.

Photos courtesy of James Rudi of Beaver Falls, PA.

Within a couple years after Martin's death in 1830 his two youngest sons, John and Jacob, decided to come to Canada.  They settled in Waterloo County and married two sisters, Sarah and Rachel Clemmer respectively.

My connection to these pioneers is through the elder brother John Sitler, via his daughter Nancy (Sitler) Snider.

Nancy (Sitler) Snider, 1840-1891.
(children in photo unknown)
Photo courtesy of Lois Mae Espey of Jackson, MN.


Other Sitler Families in Canada

Victor and Josephine Sittler arrived in Canada in 1910 from Alsace-Lorraine (now France) and settled in Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

Victor & Josephine Sittler, 1950
From the book Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988, Vol. 2,  p. 1333.


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