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There are at least four distinct Stover families living in Ontario, Canada in the 1800's.  This website focuses on the descendants of Peter Stover (~1752-1813) and his wife Margareth who arrived in Markham from Pennsylvania around Sept. 1801.

Thanks to the research of Richard Davis of Utah (, we now have a likely link back to Peter's family in Pennsylvania.  Peter was probably a son of Jacob (b. 1717) and Elizabeth Stover of Bucks County.  Elizabeth's maiden name may have been Longenecker.  He had at least 4 brothers, 3 of whom are known to have stayed in Bucks County until their deaths.  It seems Peter was the adventurous one of the family.

There is no known tombstone for Peter or Margareth.  The only documentary evidence we have about them in Canada is Peter's will, which included his wife's and children's names.  A few of his children now have well-researched family trees showing their descendants spanning two centuries.  For two of his children, Mathias and Molly, all we know is their names.

While there is not complete agreement among researchers on their birth order, Peter and Margareth's children were:

Jacob Stover, married Elizabeth Lichty.
John Stover, married Barbara [unknown].
Matthias Stover.
Molly Stover.
Anna Stover, married Joseph Mapes.
Elizabeth Stover, married John Hamilton.
Susanna Stover, married William Clendenen.

Family Trees

Ancestors of Peter Stover

Descendants of Jacob Stover & Elizabeth Lichty

Descendants of John & Barbara Stover

Biographies and Histories

Will of Peter Stover (~1756-1813)

Story of Samuel Stover (1836-1868) & Annie Hoover

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