~The 1950's~

Aroline was a going concern in the 1950's. With disposable income at historical levels following WW 2, it seemed everyone wanted an Aroliner. George expanded his shop and aquired a second larger property with future expansion in mind, but in the meantine stayed where he was and renovated the existing plant at 822 Archibald Street (later became 26 Archibald when the city reversed the street order). Some of his largest orders came from the Canadian Military for duty on the "Dew-Line", and fly-in fishing camps in remote Northern regions of Canada.


George in 1956 showing a nice sale


The shop with his "stretchpress"


1/2 of a jig for building canoes


The old shop facade(circa 1950)

A nice sale to the Canadian armed forces

George testing a new Aroline canoe (Circa 1950)


A 1950's prototype Aroline "Shark"

The Late 1950's shop front at 822 Archibald

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