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16' Convaire -Hardtop (circa 1960)- with "Flying Bridge. *Note the Gale-Soveriegn 50HP-4cylinder motor!!

16' Convaire -Hardtop (circa 1960)- with "Flying Bridge"

16' Convaire-Hardtop/Convertible(Circa 1965).Twin 50HP Mercs

16' Convaire-Hardtop(circa 1964).-Note "Grab Railings" on decks.

An Experimental Proto-type-18' Tri-Hull "Deep-V"-Hardtop/convertible(Inboard/Outboard-Merccruiser) -Circa 1965

16' Convaire-Runabout(1965)-Mercury 50HP, Red-rub-rail option

14' Carryaire-(Circa 1959)- Scott/Atwater Engine

18' Tri-Hull Deep-V-Prototype-115HpEvinrude-Circa 1968

16' Debonaire With "Swirls" and Red bumpers-1966

16' Cabinaire Hardtop/Convertible-with "Swirls"-Opening Windhield -1968

16' Debonaire with "swirls"-1968

16' Convaire with "Swirls", Red Bumpers, "Sleeper Seats"-1966

16' Cabinaire with "swirls" (1969)

16' Cabinaire (1969)

18' Tri-Hull Hardtop/Convertible Prototye(1965)

17' Convaire Hardtop/Convertible w/ Twin 50HP Mercs(1967)

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