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X-10 Windows Control (X10WC) is a 16 bit Windows application that is fully compatible with Windows 95 . X10WC offers many enhancements over the X10.EXE OEM DOS program that is supplied with the CP290 Computer Interface. Event Scheduling and Direct Commands are easily accomplished using X10WC. X10WC can also incrementally brighten lamp modules, see "How to brighten incrementally". A DOS version, X10EC (X-10 Event Control) is also available. X10WC now works cooperatively with the 32-bit X-10 System Tray program X10ST

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[Download X10WC v1.31 (Shareware Version]

Ordering Information

There are several ways to order X10WC (X-10 Windows Control):

  1. Digibuy - Charge the Registration Fee to your Visa, Master Card, or American Express by ordering from Digibuy. Digibuy orders can be processed directly online (a registration key will be forwarded to you via email within 24 hours), or via FAX or PHONE (Click on the Digibuy link for ordering instructions).
  2. Directly from the Author - Download the shareware version of the program, complete and mail the form in the REGISTER.FRM file along with your cheque/money order.
  3. Baran-Harper Group - This Canadian-based Home Automation dealer sells the commercial version of X10WC. International orders are welcomed.

Brighten Command

X-10 Light Switches and Lamp Modules can be incrementally brightened by sending X-10 BRIGHT commands to them. However, the CP290 controller has a built-in macro that forces these modules to 100% brightness and then sends X-10 DIM commands to them to dim them down to the desired brightness level. This prevents you from gradually brightening a module over a period of time by sending several DIM commands with increasing brightness levels (the end result will be the desired brightness level, but after each command the module will be ramped up to 100% only to be dimmed back down to the desired brightness level).

The undocumented X-LIGHT command can be used to gradually brighten an X-10 Lamp Module but not an X-10 Wall Switch due to an inherent anomaly with the X-10 Lamp Modules. The CP290 acts on an X-LIGHT command by sending several ALL LIGHTS OFF commands followed by a number of BRIGHT commands corresponding to the DIM level set. If an X-10 Lamp Module or Wall Switch is currently off and a BRIGHT or DIM command is sent, that module will turn ON at 100% and then dim/brighten accordingly. However, most X-10 Lamp Modules do not respond to the ALL LIGHTS OFF command. So, when an X-LIGHT command is sent to the CP290 and it generates an ALL LIGHTS OFF command it will have no impact on the Lamp Module, however, the Lamp Module will respond to the subsequent BRIGHT commands by brightening from the current brightness level (without going to 100% brightness) providing it was NOT OFF to begin with. This means you can incrementally brighten one or more Lamp Modules by following these steps:

  1. Dedicate a House Code for those Lamp Modules that you wish to incrementally brighten. (Otherwise, any Wall Switch Modules on the same house code will end up at 100% brightness).
  2. Send a DIM Command (0% Brightness) to the targetted Lamp Modules.
  3. Send a variable number of X-LIGHT Commands to the targetted Lamp Modules. NOTE, THE BRIGHTNESS LEVELS ASSOCIATED WITH X-LIGHT COMMANDS ARE BOTH INVERTED AND CUMULATIVE. For example, if you send an X-LIGHT Command with a brightness level of 80%, the targetted Lamp Module will incrementally brighten to 20% (assuming it was on at a brightness level of 0% to begin with). If you send the same command a second time, the Lamp Module will brighten to 40%. NOTE: The DIRECT COMMAND pop-up menu uses absolute steps rather than a brightness setting; hence no inversion is required.

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X10WC v1.20 ReadMe Contents

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