We would hope that information on this web site would help you in some way with your pet birds(s) or breeding your birds.

My wife Bernie has been breeding Budgies since 1972 and Rosy Bourkes since 1996. She also has bred the Chinese Button Quail for a while with many eggs hatching. She has also tried the Red Rump Parakeets without success. She breeds the English Budgies for show and occasionally sells some as pets and to pet shops or other breeders. We are not veterinarians nor biologists and do not pretend to know avian medical related problems. We always try and answer people's questions the best we can. We do not have all the spare time in the world either. If the question is disease or disorder related we usually refer to a few avian medical books we have for as close an answer as we can find. It is very difficult to diagnose a bird-related illness with some minor descriptions without seeing the bird or knowing its background, its living conditions and food it has eaten, dropping color etc., as there can be several possible answers so we usually will just say it is too hard to determine what is wrong without seeing the bird unless it is a simple obvious problem.
If your bird seems to be very ill it is best to see an avian veterinarian as soon as you can.
Avian Vets

I created this web site just for the experience of learning how to create one for my own interest. It started out as a hobby for me to learn and I hope to keep it going. Almost all of the articles except a few with names at the top or bottom have been scanned in from many books, magazines & journals related to the care, feeding & breeding of several types of birds. None of these articles have been written by us except a few as noted. We are not experienced enough nor have the time to write the avian articles on this web site. Some have been donated to us and we appreciate it very much as it is beneficial to all that have birds as pets or breed them.

Dave & Bernie

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