We have had many requests for information on building aviaries and have found some useful information from several sources that should help anyone who is planning on building an aviary for their birds or want to make improvements to the one they have. Some of the documents have the same or similar information, but you should read them all as some were too large to edit out duplicate info. We have not found a step by step construction plan yet, but with all the pictures, our birdroom description, and the other articles, there should be no other outstanding questions for building your own with all the tips and pointers.
    This site has info on building your own aviary with samples of construction and also sells kit form aviaries.

    Aviary Main Points General Remarks Our Aviary Construction & Pictures. General Construction Watch for Pests (Mice etc.)
    Safe Plants for the Aviary The Flight Cage/Aviary Design Tips I have an outside flight, How do I get them to go back inside at night. How Many Birds Can I Put In My Aviary
    The Indoor Section The Outdoor Section Mixed Housing Roosting & Feeding Places Avoiding Mistakes When
    I am moving, what
    should I be concerned
    with for moving my birds & or aviary.
    Aviary Pictures Future Future Future

    Aviary Supplies:

  • NEW Build An Aviary
  • Build your own aviary with samples and kits.
  • Finch Aviary.com Plans and pictures for building an aviary for small birds like Finches.
  • Building The Garden Aviary Plans
  • Kit Form Aviary
  • How to Build Everything You Need For Your Birds (Paperback) by Dominic Larosa (Author)
  • Animal Environments Cages, supplies, toys. (Carlsbad, California)
  • Wire mesh suppliers/manufacturers
    The site above describes types and sizes of wire.

    Most supplies to build an aviary can be bought at any lumber store, building supply depots and/or farm supply depots.
    Places that stock wire mesh near Hamilton.
    Farm and garden supply CO-OP, Hamilton, Ontario, 10 Dartnell Road, 905-383-3353
    Flikkema Aviaries, Fenwick, Ontario, Canada, 905-386-6384 (wire, cage fronts & supplies)

    This site covers many Avian Books and Publications

    On this site I found a book on building large or small aviaries for $23.95. Go to Sundown Aviary and scroll down the left column index to BOOKS and choose "Aviaries".





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