1. Moving the aviary to new home (location):
If you did not build the aviary yourself, you should have someone look at it to see if it is put together with screws for easy disassembly. If its removal would cause it to break and be destroyed it is best to leave it and build a new one or salvage what you can such as the wire (mesh) and whatever else comes off easy and build new.

2. Moving the birds to new home (location):
Depending on how many birds you have you can get 24 Budgies in a cage about 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 2 feet high. You do not have to put seed in the cage but you could put spray millet in as it is not as messy. Every hour you could just stop for 15 minutes and give them fresh water. Make sure you do not leave the birds in the car or van more than 5 minutes if it is excessively hot or cold.

3. Building the new aviary:
We have no plans for building an aviary only guidelines in the aviary section. You just have to build what you can in the space you have and the cost you can afford. You may want to see if you can contact breeders in your new location to see if someone will help you build one, or build it for you for a small fee, or give you ideas if you are handy. If you think you can tackle it yourself try and make some sketches of other aviaries to help you plan it out and what material to use.

4. What to do with the birds when you get to your new home until the aviary is built:
Unless you can work on the new house before you actually move in you will have to either keep the birds in the 3 foot square cage until the aviary is built or find a breeder or pet shop near you that may board the birds (for a small fee) for you until you get the aviary built.

5. Travelling (away) on vacation:
The best thing to do here is to find a friend or relative to come and give the birds fresh seed and water every other (2nd) day while you are away on vacation. If you can not do this there are some pet shops that will board your birds for a small fee or try and find a breeder who can board them for you.

For moving your pet bird from a pet shop to your home see this article.


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