Pictures Of The Outdoor Aviary

Sample of an aviary that is well landscaped. Compliments of Barry Skinner.

Sample of a long aviary with plenty of flight room. Compliments of Ted Huntley.

Long aviary with gazebo type flight at on end.

Closeup of gazebo type flight at end of above picture.

Sample picture of our outdoor aviary/flight attached to the side of our garage.
Our construction of the indoor and outdoor aviary can be found here.

Outdoor Flight

Inside/side view of our outdoor flight showing Budgies, Rosy Bourkes and Female Red Rump. (center bottom).
Outdoor Flight

Below is a close-up of the door the birds use to move from the inside to the outside flight (looking from outside to inside.)
Experienced birds fly right through, while others land on the 2 perches and jump or step inside.
There are 2 perches about 6 inches long outside & inside the box attached to the shelf they are standing on.
(Female Red Rump (front) admiring the outdoors with 2 Rosy Bourkes in behind.)

Outside flight door

Outdoor flight and bird room attached.

Outside flight & birdroom.

Outdoor flight and bird room attached.

Outside flight & birdroom.


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