The Behavior of Parakeets

Shaking the Feathers:
A parakeet shakes its feathers several times in the course of a day. The bird first puffs itself up briefly and then shakes its whole body with a faint rustling sound. The purpose of this gesture may be hygienic, perhaps to shake out dust or dirt or to get all the feathers into place after a bath. But shaking the feathers also seems to provide relief from inner tension, because birds usually go through this motion after out-of-the-ordinary experiences, such as being startled. feeling nervous, having their heads scratched. or rubbing beaks with a partner. Shaking the feathers also serves as a transition from one action to another or from rest to activity.

A parakeet yawns by opening its bill slowly, then suddenly opening it wide and shutting it rapidly. People yawn when they are tired or when there is a lack of oxygen in a room. Presumably parakeets yawn for the same reasons. Whether or not this is the case, yawning is just as contagious for parakeets as to humans. If one bird begins to yawn, soon its partner or the whole little flock will follow suit.

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