The Behavior of Parakeets

Feeding a Partner:
Normally the only birds that beg for food are young birds still under parental care. But occasionally females will beg food from males. These females repeatedly open their bills and emit sharp but not very loud chirps that resemble the begging calls of young birds. It is rare to see a male begging from a female. Begging and feeding seem to strengthen the bond between two partners the way mutual head scratching does. Both types of behavior are practiced outside the mating and breeding cycle. While the birds are raising young the male always brings food to the female. During the courtship period however, or when the male is feeding the female to strengthen pair bonding, there is often no real passing of food; the birds are only rubbing bills. In these situations the male does not bring up food from his crop but only acts as if he wants to feed his mate.

Comfort Movements:
Comfort behavior includes all grooming activity, such as preening, scratching, and bathing; all movements that stimulate the metabolic functioning, such as yawning and stretching wings or legs; and behavior patterns that serve to equalize temperature fluctuations and provide a balance of activity and rest. When a Budgie raises his feathers on the top of his head on what would be called a forehead in a person, it is a greeting of affection and means the bird feels relaxed and safe with you.

Other behaviour & social apsects.

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