I want to Breed Budgies, where do I start.

This is a step by step guide for the beginner on how to start breeding Budgies.
Read and/or print all the articles in order and hopefully it will give you a good idea on steps to accomplish the breeding of Budgies.
  1. How to feed and care for your 1st Budgies.
  2. Buy or make a breeding cage and nest box.
  3. Where do I get birds from and 1st purchase & the importance of good stock.
  4. How do you tell the sex of the birds.
  5. How do you tell when the birds are ready to mate and Courtship & Mating and The egg laying process.
  6. How do you choose which birds to breed together.
  7. Provide breeding formula or soft food for the parents as soon as the 1st egg hatches.
  8. How do I tell if and when the eggs are going to hatch and The egg calendar.
  9. General Info & Timing.
  10. The first baby has hatched, what can or should I do.
  11. No eggs were laid or the babies did not hatch, what went wrong.
  12. How and when do I band the birds if I want to and where do you get them.
  13. How do you tell when the babies can leave the parents.


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