Usually when the bird is young you can stop it from biting your hand by not pulling your hand away when it does. The bird knows it is hurting you when you pull away and will continue to do so until it realises it is not hurting you. Sometimes this is a form of testing dominance which most birds go through. Most birds just do not like being handled but can be trained to stand on your hand or finger. If it hurts when it bites, you could put on a thin plastic glove such as for washing dishes or any plastic or vinyl glove. If you do not have a suitable glove you can place some non-toxic tape over the spots the bird is usually biting for protection. This process should be done for a week or two. When the bird realises it is not hurting you it will usually stop. This has worked with some older and younger birds that people have tried and said it worked OK in about a week. We have had several people with the same problem that said this worked for them. Once the bird stops biting, you should offer it a treat such as spray millet or carrot stick so it knows your hand means food and not to panic.

P.S. Never grab and hold the bird as this will always prolong it to becoming tame.

The following should only be used under severe conditions where all other options have been tried and failed. If you give your bird a bath from a spray bottle, you should not try the procedure below as it may scare the bird in time and will never like the spray bath again. If you use a dish or tray for a bath or it likes to bath under tap water, than the following procedure should be OK.

If the bird bites you in an area other than your hand such as your face or ears you can use a water spray bottle and spray the bird with a light spray of clean water whenever the bird bites you. This can sometimes work for extreme cases. The bird will soon realise that biting means a shot of water. Hopefully the bird would not like this and stop biting to stop the water spray. This may take a week or two also. You can buy a spray bottle from Canadian Tire stores or any plant nursery. The water spray should be a fine mist which will not harm the bird. Even if your bird likes baths this will not deter it from taking them in the future as it will not make the connection that it dislikes water, only the bottle. The shot of mist each time the bird bites will scare the bird but not hurt it. You can keep the bottle by you for a week or two until the bird stops biting.

Please let us know how you make out or if you know of another procedure that has worked. If you are interested in a Taming procedure, you can view this document.


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