The BUDGIE (Budgerigar)

  • Several PICTURES of Budgies of various Colors & Varieties.
  • Our BIRDROOM/AVIARY Pictures, size, location & description.
  • The Budgie Skeleton & Parts of the Budgie.
  • To breed a specific color or variety of Budgie, see the Color Expectation Tables.

    PET BUDGIES: (How to keep and look after them, feeding & care.)

    Budgie Behaviour:
    11 Articles Of
    Sounds & Movements
    Budgie Fit Your Life Transporting Your Bird
    Vacation Time for your Pet
    Male or Female Pet Tips on Buying
    Cage Perches Budgies Rest The 1st Weeks Taming/Talking How many Birds
    One pet or Two
    Food/Water Dishes Bird Trust 1st Flying Hours Life with Budgie Should I Get My Bird A Partner or Buddy
    Moulting (when & what it is) Health Care Wing Clipping Budgie History & Origin What if your pet bird ESCAPES and how to prevent it
    One of my birds has attacked the other.?? My Budgie bites me. What can I do.? Aggressive Behaviour Sexing Budgies General Feeding
    & Care
    Bathing your bird About the Budgie Anatomy/Physiology
    7 Pictures of growth from egg/embryo to chick.
    The Baby & Adult & Their Characterisitics Life Cycle & How Long Does the Budgie Live
    What temperature is best for my Budgie
    The Norm, The Min & The Max.
    Diseases/Disorders Children & Pets Toys & Your Birds Entertainment The Aging Process
    The Grieving Process
    or Do Birds Grieve
    Future Future Future Future


    I want to Breed Budgies, where do I start. Check nest Boxes Mating new Birds Inbreeding Budgie Diet
    Color Production When Bird's Don't Nest Choice of Mate Outcrossing Health Food/Nutrition
    HAND Feeding Breeding Cages/Nest boxes Choosing & Pairing Genetics/Sex Linkage
    & Feather Color
    Soft Food for Breeding Pairs
    Organic Bedding Candling eggs to check if fertile. Courtship & Mating Breeding Age Budgie Feeding
    Raising the Young Egg Laying Process Rejection of Mate Brooding/Hatching Outdoor care
    Development of Chicks Organic Bedding Growing Birds Importance Of Cleanliness Budgie care
    Incubators Egg Calendar/When Will The Eggs Hatch Cod Liver Oil Breeding & Rearing Problems Sprouted Seed
    Banding your birds. Crossbreeding & The
    Mechanics Of Color
    The Birds & The Bees For Birds How Do You Know When The Babies Can Leave The Nest My Hen Plucks Herself & The Babies
    1st Purchase & The Importance Of Good Stock Breeding Winners & The Importance of STRAIN Breeding Condition Soft, Clear, Broken, Dead In Shell, Soiled Eggs Egg Food made Easy
    Official W.B.O.
    Show Cage & Sizes
    Future Future Future Future


    Cinnamon Fallow Greens (Light/Dark) Grey/Grey Green Grey Wing
    Lutino & Albino Opalines Violets Whites & Whitewing Yellow Face/Wing
    Yellows (light/dark/olive) Mauves Blues & Cobalts Pieds Crested/Feather duster
    Spangles Lacewings Clearwings Recessive Pieds Color Expectation Tables
    Understanding Recessive Inheritance Understanding Dominant Inheritance The Blackface
    A new Mutation
    The Dark Factor Future

    The tables above contain the care & feeding of Budgerigars as pets and also has recommendations to improving the breeding of specific colors and varieties of budgerigars. The writings from the tables were scanned in from the books mentioned below and remain copyright of the authors. Several documents of unknown sources have also been placed on the web site given to us by members and friends.
    (The Cult of The Budgerigar--- By W. Watmough)
    (The Complete Budgerigar--- By Dr. Mathew M. Vriends.)
    (The New Parakeet Handbook--- By Immanuel Birmelin & Annette Wolter)



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