How Do You Know When The Chicks Are Ready To Leave The Nest.

Normally you leave the babies with their parents until you see them eating on their own unless one parent is chasing or harming them because they want to start another batch. Normal time for Babies able to leave the nest is between 5 to 6 weeks. Once you see one eating on its own you can usually move all the babies to a separate cage as the older baby should feed the younger one or at least show them how to eat seed. You can also place the father with the babies for a week or two and then place him back with the hen after you are sure they can eat on their own.

The young parakeets sometimes leave their nest box at about four weeks but are still fed by the parents for a few days up to six weeks. Birds that have already left the nest are sometimes drawn back to the nest by the begging calls of their younger siblings and let themselves be fed along with them. Such birds should not be driven away. It is best to just leave them in the box with the others until they are all ready to go off on their own. As soon as the first nestling leaves the box it is important to place food and water where they are readily found. It is useful to have spray millet and food cups in several spots in the cage or aviary.
One more tip: The keeper should carefully peer into the nest box every day and examine the feet and legs of the baby birds. Sometimes feet get sticky with droppings that then harden and hamper the movement of the toes, possibly leading to crippling of the feet. It is important to wipe dirty feet gently with a soft damp cloth or paper towel if the hen is not cleaning them. Make sure you don't harm feather shafts with blood vessels in them because that would lead to mutilated feathers.

For more detailed info on baby growth and leaving the nest, see the article called Development of Chicks.


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