Does a Parakeet Fit Your Way of Life?:
The parakeet is one of the most commonly kept cage birds. I am just as glad not to know how many hundreds of thousands of these creatures are forced to lead sad and unhealthy lives because their owners were unaware at the time of purchase what the needs of these highly developed birds are. The question of whether the buyers would meet these needs probably did not arise. Before you decide to by a parakeet you should be aware of how much one of these lively and sociable creatures could interfere with your way of life. Ask yourself realistically if you are prepared to take on this task.

I have summarised the most important points you should consider before buying a parakeet: If you want a parakeet as a friendly and tame pet you cannot leave the bird alone for hours on end every day. Days spent without company are incredibly long and dreary for such an active and sociable bird. If you work outside your home, is anyone else there during the day? Do you have children or a housemate who could at least spend some hours in the same room with the bird? Will this person pay attention to him or simply be an anonymous presence.? If you decide to buy a pair of birds, they will probably try to raise a family. You should, therefore. have some idea of what to do with the young birds since you will probably not be able to keep them all yourself. A healthy parakeet can live from ten to eighteen years, and that is how long you will be responsible for the bird. It needs not just proper care and affection from anybody who is willing to provide it. Having formed a personal bond with you, your pet would go through deep mourning if it should be permanently separated from you. Meticulous care and a varied diet are essential to keep a parakeet healthy both require an investment in time and money on the part of the keeper. Parakeets need things to keep them busy and plenty of opportunity to fly free. This means that the owner has to "bird-proof" the parakeet's room to prevent accidents What will happen to your bird if you have to go on a trip or are forced to go to, the hospital.?

Do you have other pets? Are you sure a parakeet will fit in with them.? One other important point: A parakeet is not a suitable present, especially if it in a surprise gift. If you insist on giving a pet as a present because you think the recipient would truly enjoy having an animal, please express your generosity in the form of a "gift certificate." This way the recipient has a chance to decide at leisure whether and when to collect the gift. Anybody who acquires a pet should do so by choice and should freely assume the responsibilities that go along with the decision. If you buy a parakeet for your children, be aware that without parents active support, children rarely are responsible enough to look after a bird on their own.

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