Food and Water Dishes:
Food and water dishes come with the cage as part of its basic equipment. But if you keep two birds in one cage you may want to get a second set to prevent competition. For offering supplemental foods, pet dealers have available practical semi-oval dishes that can be hung on the horizontal bars. You can mount these dishes near the top perches so that the food in them is less likely to be contaminated by droppings. The food and water dishes on the bottom should have plastic shields to protect them from droppings from above. If these dishes lack shields, you can mount the perches in such a way that the birdseed and water stay clean or you can hang more semi-oval dishes near the uppermost perches. Automatic water and food dispensers, usually in the form of small plastic containers mounted on the outside of the cage but with small trays for the water or seeds reaching inside the cage, have the great advantage of keeping food and water clean These gadgets are especially useful if you have to leave your bird for a day or two without anyone to feed it. It is obviously essential that the bird be familiar with these food and water dispensers. Many parakeets learn to use them the first time they are introduced to them, but others cannot deal with them or are too scared of them to use them. Parakeets have died of hunger or thirst when their owners were away even though there was plenty of food and water in the dispensers. That is why it is important to leave the familiar dishes with food and water in the cage when the automatic dispensers are first introduced and until the birds have become accustomed to them.

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