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Help Us Out: We would really appreciate feedback from visitors to this web site. We would just like to know what you are looking for and whether or not you found it here so we know what to add to the site. We try and keep it simple and fast without frames that slow you down. You can read a brief about us before you send us e-mail. Please do not expect us to diagnose your birds problems with brief descriptions as it is to hard to tell without seeing the bird, its environment and what you are feeding it as there can be many possible things wrong.

For BREEDERS of Budgies (only) in Ontario, Canada.
We are no longer able to give out breeders lists do to the Ontario Privacy Act
which came into effect a while ago. If someone wants to buy a bird from a breeder they have to give us their name and phone number and we will ask at the next meeting if they have birds for sale, and breeders with birds for sale will contact you. Please e-mail us with your name and phone number if you are interested in a bird. For breeders outside of Ontario such as the U.S., try a google search for "US bird breeder" as there are too many sites listing breeders. There are also several clubs with web sites in other provinces. Info on Importing or Exporting Birds.

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The Budgerigar Breeding Program to keep track of your birds can be downloaded from Budgie Mania.

Most of the information in the Budgerigar section on feeding and care pertains to all birds. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us with your question. If you have the time you can view some of the questions and answers from visitors in the last while. A quick way to get direct answers to questions besides the ones we have can be found by accessing the Newsgroup 'REC.PETS.BIRDS' with your news reader. Here you can read other peoples messages which might be the same thing you are looking for or you can post your own message if you do not find one related to your problem or concern. Newsgroups are a great way to get help or just chat with other people on the same subject.


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