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Links to other Bird related sites

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Friends of the Aviary Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
National Aviary Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Yahoo Canadian Birds Buy/Sell/Trade
Yahoo Canadian Parrot Buy/Sell/Trade
Bird Mart Birds Fore Sale/Trade/Lost etc. (U.S. Site)
UsFreeAds Pet birds for sale/trade etc.

Ideal Aviary Jim Marshall - Budgie Breeder producing show winning birds. (B.C. Canada)
H.C.B.S. Cage Bird Society Of Hamilton
B.F.B.S. The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society--Canada.
COL's Budgerigars Breeder of several varieties of Budgerigars. (Ripley, Ipswitch,Queensland,Australia.)
COR BOOSTER Budgie Breeder and International Judge (Netherlands)
Best Bird Sites
Gerald Binks Champion Budgie Breeder and International Judge, Founder of 'Budgerigar World' magazine (1982) (Budgie advice, books, aviary info.) England
D.A.S. The Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario--Canada
E.K.C.B.S. Essex - Kent Cage Bird Society (Windsor, Ontario)
Crested Budgerigar Club Of Australia Articles and Pictures
Crested Budgerigar Club England
W.C.B.A. Western Canada Budgerigar Association
PERIQUITOS CRESTADOS Crested Budgerigars (Spain)
A.A.C.C. Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.(BC)
Parakeet Place The Budgie, Parakeet Place
Up At Six Aviary Budgerigar info, supplies, chat groups, pictures.
W.B.O. World Budgerigar Association
A.N.B.C. Australian National Budgerigar Council
U.B.S.Inc. United Budgerigar Society Inc., Victoria, Australia.
Linda Haswell's Site Budgie Breeder
M.C.B.A. Minnesota Companion Bird Association (Minnesota USA)
BAA The Budgerigar Association of America
V.B.C. Variegated Budgerigar Club (England)
L.C. and N.W.B.S. Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales Budgerigar Society
The Genetic Calculator Free Service Calculates all the possible genetic outcomes for combinations of breeding pairs.
Shows the probabilities for each outcome for many types of parakeets and parrots.
Brian Sweeting's Exhibition Budgerigars, Info, Pictures, Links. (U.K. Site)
B.S.P. Budgerigar Society of Pakistan
Bob Watson Budgerigar Breeder/Exhibitor - Scotland
GWBS Great Western Budgerigar Society (California)
CBS Clwyd Budgerigar Society (North Wales, UK)
SBBA The Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association UK.
ABS The American Budgerigar Society
AFO French Budgerigar Association.
Dave Cottrell Budgerigar Society, LC,NWBS, World B.O.Panel Judge
Budgerigar World Magazine (North Wales-England) Many articles by top notch breeders.
SWVBS South West Victoria Budgerigar Society (Australia)
Budgerigars.co.uk The Breeding Of Budgies Including Rare Varieties
Me and My Budgie Budgie info, pictures, stories, arts and crafts.
Tom Svensson Top Budgie Breeder in Scandinavia
B.C.V. The Budgerigar Council Of Victoria Inc.
Budgerigars from Slovenia
Hand Fed Budgerigars Pictures, Videos, Info, and Care.(Oshawa Ontario)

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Tim and Denise Antler Finch Breeders (Canada)
Lady GouldianFinch Breeding, care and housing for Gouldian Finches. (Canada)
Ricardo Gaskin Breeder of Zebra and other Finches.(Canada)
Golden Guide To Finches Finches and their care, keeping and breeding advice.
Bill Doherty Finch and Canary Breeder (UK)
Java Finch Feeding and Caring for, Breeding, Pictures/Videos (Devon UK site)
Finches and Exoric Doves English, Spanish.
S.N. Aviaries UK Site (Australian, Bengalese and Java Sparrows.)
Society Finch Breeding and pictures
Finch The Queensland Finch Society Inc. (Australia)
Finchworld Many types of Finch and Button Quail
Garry P. Landry Zebra and Society Finch breeder and Author of The Care, Breeding and Genetics of Button Quail.
Zebra Finch Zebra Finches on the Internet
Zebra Finch The Zebra Finch Society
NFSS The National Finch and Softbill Society

N.R.C.S. The National Roller Canary Society. (UK)
V.C.C. Vancouver Canary Club
The House Of Crests Gloster Canary Breeding, Info, Pictures etc. (Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA)
Mules and Hybirds by Bernard Williams
The White Canary Site From Holland
Rollers Oakland International Roller Canary Club (breeding, sexing,feeding)
Canaries Hartz Roller Canary Page
BirdCraft Color feeding, Care, Breeding, Gallery of Canary pictures.
Canary Classics Feeding, care, origins, history and links.
Canaries Dutch and Belgian Links
A Place for Canaries Care, Breeding, Camera shots (Canary Cam).

National Cockatiel Society
American Cockatiel Society
North American Cockatiel Society

Lovebirds Breeders of Lovebirds as Pets
The Lovebird Petstation Bird Barn
African Lovebird Society
Tiny Rascals Aviary Joanne Cormier, Grand Barachois, New Brunswick.(just outside Moncton, N.B.)
Lovebirds Breeding tips and Mutation info.

Longos's Aviary Parrot Breeder and Conservation of these birds.
The Ontario Parrot Owners Association Forums, Chat, Pictures.
Ottawa Parrot Club
Canadian World Parrot Trust This site has important information on exotic parrots and many interesting links.
Those Majestic Macaws Many useful documents in Gillian's Help Desk and many other interesting articles on these birds.
Blackstone Aviaries Macaws, Amazons, Greys, Senegals, Breeding info, diseases, care, feeding pictures etc.
Parrots are Perfect Pets Pictures, links and Articles covering Lories, Conures, Amazons, Senegals, Cockatoos, Greys etc.
Parrot Chronicles Clubs, vets, Rescue Groups and lots of Parrot Info.
Birdy Boredom Busters Parrot supplies, ladders swings, toys etc.

The Kingdom of the Little Friends Lineolated Parakeets, Cockatiel and Blue-headed Pionus Breeder and Info.(Welland, Ontario)
Parrots Paradise Info and Breeders for Quakers and Ring Necks
Mergas Mates The Bourkes parakeet with pictures and info.
Greeson's Baby Parrots Cockatiels, Quakers, Ringnecks
NetPets -- The Bird Center Senegals, Ringnecks, Amazons (click on library)

Avicultural General Including Wild Bird Sites
Tropical Birds Tropical and wild bird info.
Central Pets.com Parrots, Wild Birds, Song Birds and other Pets
The Animal Network Pet and wild birds, and all other types of pets.
Many articles on avian flight and how birds fly.
Birds n Ways Bird associations, societies, organizations, bird clubs for pet birds, pet parrots and exotic birds.
A.A.C.C. Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.
A.S.A. The Avicultural Society of America.
N.C.A. National Council for Aviculture (UK)
Natural Wild Birds Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Peditags Links to all types of pets, supplies, pet tagging etc.
A.B.C. African Bird Club.
See NET VET below for hundreds of links.

Quail Links
Check out the Finchworld site for more Quail pictures and info.
Button Quail Home Page Breeding, Care and Pictures
Cedar Grove Farms Nationwide shipping of Gamebird Hatching Eggs.
Garrie P. Landry Exerts from his book, and pictures.

Avian Art
Parrot Talk Connection Several links to avian art.
Budgie Art Links To Avian Art Sites

Other Pet Sites
See also our link for Supplies/seed/cages for other links.
LuvPetz Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Guinea Pigs and Reptiles

Bird Rescue Organizations (Abused, Neglected, Lost Birds, Placement, Adoption, Rehab Etc.)
Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario Education, Adoption and Care
Western Ontario Parrot Rescue Paisly, Ontario
Second Flight Bird Sanctuary for unwanted, neglected, traumatized, and abused parrots. (Orillia, Ontario, Canada - 705-689-4208)
World Parrot Refuge Coombs, B.C. Canada
Wild Bird Clinic Guelph, Ontario
Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary BC, Canada
Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society BC Canada
Parrot Island BC Canada
For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society BC Canada
Wild Bird Care Center (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Zoo et Refuge d'Oiseaux Exotiques ICARE QC Canada
Le Site Leuleu QC Canada
Bird Placement Program (Canada,USA)
Avian Rescue On-line Resources, Abuse, Vets, Illnesses, (US Site)
MAARS Midwest Avian Adoption, Rescue Services Inc. (MN USA)
Jasper Rescue Care, rehabilitation and sanctuary for all exotic birds.

Bird Boarding and Sitting Note: Most Bird Rescue Organizations Provide Boarding and Sitting as well.
Kawartha Parrot Resort Parrot Boarding and Sitting(City of Kawartha Lakes, ON.)
Parrot 'n' Pet Sitting Services Parrot and pet Sitting Services (Whitby, Ontario)
Beths Bird Sitting (Bowmanville, ON)
The Bird Resort Boarding and Grooming (Toronto, ON)

Bird Song, Speech Training on CD's, Tapes
Tapes and CD's Pet Discounters.com
CD's and Tapes Bird Training.com
CD's and Tapes Parrotmountain.com
Whisling Records Bird Songs and Training Records

Net Vet, The Electronic Zoo Links of ALL birds including wild birds, bird watching, farms, resources. (over 100 links)


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