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Toll Free: 1-888-737-0049
Web site: http://www.ralphmooreandsons.on.ca
E-mail: birdseed@execulink.com

HENDRIKS FEED & SUPPLIES Feed for birds, cats, dogs, pigeons, rabbits etc. Bulletin board & links. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

KAYTEE 1-800-529-8331

Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Seed - Wild Bird Shop: Street End Feeds Bird shop for bird food, bird feed and bird suppliers. An expert bird food supplier selling quality wild bird seed, seed mixes, bird gift service, black sunflower seeds, straights seeds, suet and fat foods, Niger seed and many more bird related services. Hshire, England

TRILL (0925) 241329

KELLOGS INC. PO BOX 44220 MADISON, WISCONSIN, 53744-4220 Attn: Ruth Moraitis

Harvey Armstrong Ltd. 2400 Hwy. 56, Binbrook, Ontario, L0R 1C0, 905-692-4415 or 1-800-465-3828
Seed mixes for all types of cage & wild birds, 16kg & 22.6kg sizes, medication & health products, gravel & spray millet.


NEW: Kennedy wild bird food. We provide the best Wild Bird Food, Seed, Feeders and much more! U.K.
HQ Bird Cages Description: All kinds of HQ Bird Cages , HQ bird stands - by My Bird Cage .com
Playtime Avian Products Play Gyms, swings, perches etc. (Florida U.S.A.)
The Best Selection Of Bird Cages All kinds of bird cages , bird carriers , bird stands, bird toys, bird perches and birds food - by BirdsComfort .com (U.S.)
Riversway Online Drinkers, Dishes, Perch Supports, Cuttle Clasps etc. (UK)
Kpets.com Auctionworks Cages, Swings, Toys, Play Gyms etc. (U.S.)
Getbirdstufff.com Cages, Toys, Supplies etc.(U.S.)
Robirda Online Cages, Toys, Bird Cd's, Books, Care Sheets etc. (Canada)
Cheappetstore.com Bird cages & supplies as well as dog, cat supplies & toys. (US site)
Bird Cages Now Cages & stands, carriers, toys, food dishes etc. (USA)
Martin Cages.com Cages, Toys, Accessories, etc.(USA)
Avian Attic.com Cages (USA)
Parrot House.com Cages, Toys, Books, Magazines, Food Products, CD's, Videos, Accessories, Medicine etc.(Canada)
Windy City Parrot Toys, Food, Cages, Gifts, Classified Ads & other Supplies for Parrots.
The Ultimate Bird Outdoor bird cages, feeders, houses & other outdoor accessories.
BirdsnWays Cages, Accessories, Food, Toys, Chat Forums, Complete Guide to Pet Birds, Pet Parrots & Exotic Birds & Supplies, Books, Magazines, Classified Ads, more links etc. (USA)
Caribbean Bird Cage Company Maker of finely crafted wood and wire luxury bird cages with choices for type of wood you prefer. (USA)
UK Parrot Cages Large Parrot Cages & stands. (UK site)
Avi-Culture.com Cage fronts & breeding cage building tips & design.
Birdy Boredom Busters Parrot supplies, ladders swings, toys etc. (Canada)
Acrylic Bird Cages Custom Built Cages from Acrylic (Santa Clara, California, USA site)
Deb's Love 4 Birds Handcrafted Manzanita perches. (USA)
North Fork Pets And Antiques Fine art, Pet supplies, Antiques, Historical artifacts, Bonsai and Fossils for every interest. (New York, USA)
Vetafarm Pet foods, nutraceuticals, cleaners and disinfectants and specializes in Avian products. (Australia)
HAGEN bird CAGES & other products for all types of birds. (Canadian)
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Visionary Cages Large cages for Parrots, Macaws, Amazons etc. (USA)
Feather Fantasy Bird supplies, cages, toys, food, seed etc. (USA)
PetExpo.net Large & small cages, supplies, toys, books etc. (USA)
P & T Poultry - Incubators One stop poultry shop for the sale and purchase of chicken equipment and poultry housing equipment. (U.K. Site)
Rob Harvey - The Bird Man Food, seed & supplies. (UK)
Animal Environments Cages, supplies, toys. (Carlsbad, California)
Fitfill Funnels Funnels for filling plastic milk bottles for bird seed in feeders or many other uses.
Avian Publications Books & magazzines for avian veterinarians, aviculturists, biologists, conservationists, naturalists, ornithologists, and teachers.
Fotosearch Bird Pictures Pictures of Budgies and any other type of bird you would be interested in such as Finches, Parrots, Cockatiels etc. Photos will cost you per CD, and viewable photos have embedded logos. (USA)
HotSpot for Birds Birds/Accessories, CAGES for sale and bird information. California, USA -- Phone:818-886-9282
THAT PET PLACE Seed, supplies, cages, toys, rearing foods etc.) PA, USA. 1-800-786-3829 or 1-888-842-8738
NOAHS KINGDOM USA 1-800-662-4711 (Seed, Bird Food, Dog Food, Cat Food etc.)
The Aviary Toys, books, videos, articles, CAGES.
Wings N' Things Exotic Bird Supply Cages, seed, videos & tapes, toys, food/water accessories etc.
NOAHS pets.com Cages, Foods, Toys, Medicines, Accessories etc.(USA)
PET BIRD XPRESS Seed, Toys, Books, Audio, Gifts etc. (USA)
Feathered Kids 'N Stuff Seed, Diet Supplements, Cage Supplies, Toys, Treats, Gifts etc. (USA)
Personalized Pet Gifts Compare prices on over 50,000+ unique and customized pet gifts, giftware for cats, dogs and favorite pets, pet lover gifts and much more. Visit Cheappetstore.com today.
Squirrel Ban - Stop Squirrels - Squirrel Proof Bird Food - Anti Squirrel Bird Feed
Providing squirrel proof bird food and anti squirrels bird feed. Squirrel Ban is a new pest proof bird food that has been treated with chillimega. Chillimega is a food quality blend of nutritional oils and chill extracts packed with vitamins and omega goodness with hot chilli to deter the squirrels away or to stop squirrel resident.

Budgerigar World Magazine (North Wales-England)
Cage & Aviary Magazine (England)
Birdtalk Online Magazine, News, Calendar of events, Library, Breeders
Petworld Magazine Published monthly by PetTalk Publications
Australian Birdkeeper Publishers of Avicultural Literature (Books)


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