Garden City Lions Club Information

This page contains the history of The Garden City Lions, as well as membership information including new member information and what it means to be a Lion.
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  History of The Garden City Lions

The Garden City Lions Club was chartered in November of 1993 with 35 members dedicated to serving our community, through volunteerism in fund raising projects.

Our Motto: WE SERVE

Lions Mission Statement

To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.

Due to the recent Government cut backs of community social programs more and more requests for financial assistance are being directed to service clubs.

Garden City Lions are rising to meet that challenge.

Service is the essence of the proud legacy of Lions, but there are other aspects of the legacy as well, tireless drive, uncommon spirit and ambitious goals. Since 1917, Lions have grown from a handful of Midwestern businessmen to 1.4 million men and women members today in nearly 180 countries. From that tentative beginning, Lions clubs have grown to include individuals who demonstrate compassion and generosity through their participation in local community projects that help those less fortunate.


What makes you feel good,
gives you the "warm & fuzzies"
makes you feel taller and stand straighter
extends your comfort zones
puts a smile in your heart as well as on your lips???
Reaching out as a group to help people in need.

  1. What would make you interested in servicing your community?
  2. What would make you share your valuable time for the betterment of you community?
  3. What would give you a feeling of generosity and self-satisfaction?
  4. What would help build your self-esteem?
  5. What would help you to move out of your comfort zone, thereby learning new and unknown things?
  6. What would give you the self-confidence of knowing that you can still get up in front of a group of people and actually talk?
  7. What would give you that wonderful feeling inside that you personally helped to raise funds to help someone in need?
  8. What would give you the opportunity to meet new and motivated people that care?


Why I enjoy being a Lion

We were chartered in November, 1993 as The Garden City Lions Club. Many of our founding members had served a number of years in other Lions Clubs so that we already knew the value of active membership, and carried with us the spirit of Lionism.

Being a Lion, gives me a vehicle to offer service and contribute in a meaningful way to the community in which my family and I live.

There are many highly beneficial personal "spill overs" that have brought friendship into my life, allowed and sometimes, forced me to grow in ways that I might not otherwise have done. I have discovered talents that I did not know I possessed and have received recognition from others of skills and abilities that were a part of me that I really just took for granted. In a nutshell, it has increased my confidence as well as, added immeasurably to my self esteem. Honest realistic pride has grown within myself as a result of being part of something that is greater than each one of us individually.

Smiles and laughs are more frequent than the occasional sigh when we meet, share and work toward building our communities by helping to take care of those who truly need assistance.

Strong business connections are often made when individuals, who might not otherwise cross our paths, do so, as the result of coming together as Lions club members.

In the past, lions clubs have been the sole preserve of males. Today, Lions clubs are welcoming both men and women, people who are ready to commit to community service and enrichment. By empowering others within their communities, Lions also, gift themselves in ways that are immeasurable.

David Lawrason

New Members are the lifeblood of a club. By your involvement in a Lions Club you will bring in new talent, new ideas and new enthusiasm.

Garden City Lions Club are actively searching out new members who are enthusiastic, energetic people who want to make a difference in their community.

Among the many benefits of membership include meeting new people, developing personal friendships, networking, building new skills and of course feeling the sense of satisfaction that comes from helping others.


Membership in a Lions Club is by invitation. The Garden City Club meets at least twice a month on the first & fourth Wednesday's of the month, at The Imperial Vets Club corner George & Louisa. If you would like to become better acquainted with Lionism please contact one of the Lions listed, Email;

Or, use our Interactive Feedback Form


The Garden City of Lions

We have sown the seeds,
In the garden of lionism,
Waiting for the lions to sprout,
As we water them with humanitarian tears,
Feed them with spiritual fertilizer,
And warm them with the heart's sun.
They will sprout into a garden city
Ready to serve their community.

-- Lion Scott D. Young
Smithville and District Lions Club

This poem was presented on January 14th, 1994 at the Garden City Lions
Club of St. Catharines Charter Night.


copyright Garden City Lions Club