AMC Engine Data
What I learned the hard way, by buying 1969 AMX with a 1970 390....

Misty moons ago, I bought a '69 AMX for a pretty good price.
The price was good, partially because the engine wasn't...
No problem, thought I, just pull and rebuild right?
I never intended to learn so much about AMC V-8 Head Design,
but as it turns out, my motor has a unique, and rare combination
of high flow, and high compression heads.  Only made for
a year and a half, my cracked head turned into a bit of
a problem to replace.  But I'm glad I did!

Along the way I put together this file of head casting numbers, and vital stats.
Hope it helps you with your project!
AMC Head Casting Numbers

A few years ago, I wrote a brief history of the AMC V-8 for Jim Stones: AMX Files
I've included a local  copy  in case you're interested

For Cam selection, Speed-Pro offers some good advice for
choosing the right duration for your engine and usage