Genealogy and Biographical Notes
of the Rintouls of California
A photograph of San Francisco from the period, taken from Telegraph Hill.
The following information and biographical notes have been provided by Gwen Morgan of Greenbrae California, granddaughter of Agnes McPherson. Mary my wife and I met and enjoyed the company of Gwen and her husband Ken on our visits to San Francisco. The information on dates is correct as at July 1993.

David Rintoul. Born in 1844 on a farm in Beverly County, Ontario, Canada. He spent 16 months in Scotland and England in 1869–1870. He had gone to Scotland to try to get help for his failing eyesight—he had suffered an accident on the farm. In Scotland he probably stayed with a Rintoul relative—one, James, farmed High Hapton near Gateside and another had a Grocers shop in Newmilns. While there he met and married Agnes McPherson on April 19, 1870 at Gateside Farm. In the marriage certificate he is entered as a Coach Builder and his father, David, as a Landed Proprietor, married to Margaret Elliot. He died June 8, 1872. By January 28, 1871 Elizabeth was born in Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada. They stayed there until 1890 when they moved to Alameda, California, USA and later to San Francisco. Blind for the last 35 years of his life, David died in San Francisco in 1905 at the age of 61.

Agnes McPherson. Born at Gateside Farm in 1849. She died March 9, 1941 at the age of 92 in San Francisco following a fall, resulting in a fractured hip and subsequent pneumonia. She had lived in California for 49 years. While in Canada she gave birth to 13 children, 2 dying in infancy, the remaining 11 were raised in California.

Within the family David and Agnes were affectionately addressed as Pa and Ma. She was a fine strong woman who raised the family well. The family survived much adversity, including the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 with only minor damage.

Family of Agnes McPherson and David Rintoul.

i–Agnes Favre Rintoul.
b. Jan. 28, 1871—Ontario, Canada.
d, 1957—Vallejo, CA.
m. Andy Henderson. b. 1864, d. 1925.
Gordon, deceased
Eva, b. June 12, 1898 living in S. Cruz, CA. m. Paul Reed, d. 1977.

ii–Aidyl St. Landre Elliot Rintoul.
b. Feb. 19, 1872 - Ontario, Canada.
d. 1944—Alameda, CA.m. George Miller, b. 1860, d. 1926.
Harriet, b. May 7, 1897, d. June 21, 1980,
m. Louis Greene, deceased.
Ruth, b. Jan. 9, 1903, d. Sept. 28, 1986.
George, b. 1907, d. 1964, m. Melba.

iii–Gwendolyn Rintoul. (Twin of Aidyl.)
b. 1872—Ontario, Canada.
d. 1872—Ontario, Canada.

iv–Annot Lyle Rintoul.
b. Jan. 2, 1874—Ontario, Canada.
d. 1975—Cupertino, CA.
m. William Logie, b. August 25, 1870, in Ontario, Canada d. in Alameda, CA on October 3, 1899.
James Lloyd, b. October 15, 1897 d. August 1898.
Grace, b. Dec. 15, 1896, living in Balboa Island, CA, m. March 31, 1928 in Los Angeles John H Mathews, b. Aug. 12, 1893, in Maysville, Kentucky and d. October 4, 1976 in Newport Beach CA.
Jon b. February 10, 1932 m. 1 June 10, 1952 in Claremont, California Charlotte Dallett, b. January 1, 1931 in Hopewell, VA. (Divorced in 1977; Jon died at sea in 1979 while sailing around the world in a 34 foot boat with his second wife Jean Vontobel}
 Valerie Mathews b. December 20, 1953 in Los Angeles m. August 27, 1983 Edward Theodore Ancona  in Altadena, CA b. January 11, 1952
   Samantha Grace b. May 25, 1988
   Jon Edward b.September 3, 1990

  Jancis Mathews b. July 11, 1955 in Los Angeles m. October 14, 1978 Michael David Martin in Altadena, b. September 13, 1946 in Portland Oregon.
   Dusty Ann Martin b.January 7, 1981
   Kelly Diana Martin b.May 21, 1982

 Richard Hays Mathews b.December 4, 1957 in Los Angeles m. in Altadena,CA October 1990 Patricia Whitney b. January 20, 1962
   Laurel Whitney Mathews b. July 19, 1992
   Jack Logie Mathews b.June 15, 1995

 William Salisbury Mathews b. October 13, 1959 in Pasadena,CA

Annot, b. December 21, 1933 in Los Angeles, CA, m. Daniel Barclay Leeds, on August 30, 1957 , divorced in 1968. He died in 1982.
 Michael Wagner b. January 29, 1959 in Florida m.Linda Corrales in August 1996 in Cupertino, CA (Linda has a son Marcus Corrales , b. 1991 from a previous marriage and lives with Michael and Linda in San Jose.)

James Scott b. June 2, 1960 in Honolulu,Hawaii ,lives  with his mother Annot in Cupertino.

John Mathews b. October 15, 1961 in Honolulu m. Monica Lahey in Santa Barbara on January 16,1986. Monica was b. June 19, 1961 in Barstow. John died of a brain tumour October 23, 1990.
  John Mathews II b.October 27, 1990 in Apple Valley, CA
  (Monica and John, Jr. live in Victorville,CA)

v–Vida Chandys Rintoul.
b. Aug. 23, 1875—Ontario, Canada. d. July 1, 1967—Vallejo, CA.
m. Anton Smith, May 16, 1885—Alameda, CA.
b. Dec. 20, 1865, d. Nov. 12, 1947.
  Anita, d. 1899.
 Lloyd, deceased.
 Hugh McPherson, deceased.
 George, deceased, m. Helen Philips, two daughters, Sally and  Sue living in S.F. Bay Area.
 Nina, b. April 23, 1900, d. Jan. 28, 1989, m. Col. Ralph  Johnson. b. 1896, d. 1972.
  Alma b. Dec. 12, 1906, living in Vallejo, CA, m. Jennings    Everson; he is deceased, she is still living in 1999.
 Norman b. June 24, 1910, living in Vallejo, CA, m.  Midge Moore.
  Jefferey, living in Pacifica, CA, one son, one daughter.  Judy, living in Vallejo, CA, m. one daughter.

vi–Rollin Livingston Rintoul.
b. Mar. 6, 1877—Ontario, Canada. d. Nov. 1, 1967—Berkley, CA.
m. Oct. 25, 1933—Dutton, Ontario, to Mary McCallum, deceased.

vii–Benjamin Disraeli Rintoul.
b. Nov. 13, 1878—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.
d. April 25, 1963—Berkeley, CA
viii–Evangeline St. Clair Rintoul.
b. Jan. 27, 1881—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.
d. Nov. 6, 1882—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.

ix-De Witt Talmage Rintoul.b. Oct. 28, 1883—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.d. April 23, 1971—Apple Valley CA m. Belle, deceased.

 Children: Donna Belle, deceased, m. Eudy, deceased, 2 children.

x-Nina Gordon Rintoul.
b. Dec. 5, 1885—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.
d. June 7 1976—Sausalito, CA
m. Norman Arter, deceased.
 Norman Corday, b. 1909, d. 1954, m. Lucille, living.
 David Gordon, b. July 8 1912, d. Oct. 11 1986—Sausalito,  CA. m. Marie Grady, deceased.
Mary and I had the great pleasure of meeting Nina in May 1975 and found her of strong, charming, and intelligent personality. She told us about the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. She stayed with Gordon, her son in a lovely house in Sausalito on a hill over looking the bay.

xi–Henry Ward Beecher Rintoul.
b. Aug. 12,—1887 Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.
d. May 11, 1964—Taft, CA.
m. Deanne O'Connor, d. March 27, 1962.
 Beecher, b. Nov. 3, 1917, d. Dec. 18, 1987—Berkeley,  CA, m. Margaret Huff, living.
  Beecher, living in Alaska,one daughter.
  Laurie, m. Leonard DeJong living in Utah, 3 children.
 David b. Dec. 24, 1919, living - Bakersfield, CA,
  m. Mary Ermacoff, living
  Richard, m. Ingrid Runde in 1987, divorced in 1996, no children. Richard remarried in 1997, lives with wife Pamela Schultz Rintoul in Southern CA.
  Tom, married Laura Osborne, one son, living in Sacramento, CA.
  Janet, m. Greg Gollaher, living in Sacramento, one son.
 William, b. April 30 1922, living in Bakersfield CA. m.  Frankie–Jo Miller
  Susan, m. Alan Katz, 2 children (Franklin and Peter Katz), living in Fresno, CA
  James, m. Sandy, 2 children (Joel and Lila Rintoul), separated from wife in 1996, living near Santa Cruz, CA.

ii-Evangeline St. Clair Rintoul.
b. July 23, 1889—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.
Died Nov. 5, 1974—Greenbrae, CA.
m. 1916—Nevada City, CA to Albert White Christoe, b. Nov. 29,
1885. d. May 4, 1980—Greenbrae, CA.
 Gwen b. Dec. 14, 1917—Seattle, WA, m. Dec. 1, 1940, to  Ken Morgan, b. June 22, 1917, both living Greenbrae.
 Kim, b. Nov. 30, 1944—Alameda, CA, living in Sausalito CA.
 Tim, b. July 9, 1950—San Francisco, CA, m. Sharon Joslin  Feb. 12, 1972, living in Petaluma CA.
  Terry, b. Sept 11, 1977, living.
  Jocelyn, b. Oct. 30, 1979, living.
  Amanda, b. Nov. 15, 1983, living.
 Gordon, b. Dec. 21, 1921—Alameda, CA. d. April 12, 1945— Tokyo, Japan.

xiii-Walter Scott Rintoul.
b. March 3, 1891—Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada. d. 1974—Oakland, CA.
m. Mary Adams, d. 1971.

Notes on the Rintoul Family (as at July 1 1993)

Sons of David and Agnes Rintoul

Rollin (Rollie) b. 1877, Ontario, worked as a contractor doing both construction and painting in the San Francisco area. Often worked as ship's carpenter aboard the American President Lines. He travelled to Japan, the Orient, Egypt and around the world, always bringing home treasures for all members of the family. His skills extended to the fine art of cabinetry and he created many fine chests—large and small—of exotic woods that have delighted family members. In 1933, in Dutton, he married Mary (Millie) McCallum, bringing his bride to live in the family home in San Francisco. He was active in the Golden West Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and a member of St Andrew's Scottish Society. He won awards performing traditional Scottish dances wearing the kilt.
Following the death of his wife and the subsequent sale of the family home, Rollie lived in Berkeley, CA until his death in 1967 age 90.

Benjamin (Ben). b. 1878, Gladstone, Manitoba. Deeply devoted to his mother and intensely committed to his lifelong membership in Apollo Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Amity Rebekah Lodge and in the Masonic Order. At the end of the 19th century, Ben worked with his brothers (Rollie, DeWitt, and Walter) at the nearby Union Iron Works. He learned the trade of moulder, preparing sand-castings for the local shipyard in San Francisco.
He lived as a very private person, never marrying, always very giving and generous to his family and associates. His visits to Gwen's family were occasions of great joy and he always arrived bearing the most wonderful—and special—treats from a favourite bakery. He died in Berkley in 1963 at the age of 84 years.

De Witt (De). b. 1883 Gladstone, Manitoba. In 1902 he started work with the Southern Pacific Railroad as a B&B carpenter and worked his way up through various posts to become a B&B foreman. During the first World War he was a Sergeant in the 25th Engineers Corps, serving with the railroad unit in France from March 1918 to May 1919. In 1920 he was promoted to Assistant General Bridge Inspector and in 1929 to Engineer of Bridges for the Southern Pacific. He was General Bridge Inspector until his retirement in 1953 after 51 years with the railroad.
De married Belle and adopted her daughter, Donna Belle. They made their home in Southern California. He died April 23, 1971, Apple Valley, CA age 77 years.

Henry Ward Beecher (Beecher). b.1887,Gladstone, Canada. Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1911, with a degree in Civil Engineering. Worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad and for the Kern County Lands Company in Bakersfield, CA before coming to Taft, CA in 1917 as an engineer for the Western Water Company. In 1919, he became Superintendent of the Company and held this position until he became Vice President and General Manager in 1940. He was active in many community organisations, serving for 15 years on the school board during the 1920's and 30's. He was President of the Taft Rotary Club, a Director of the Westside Hospital District and a 50–year member of the Masonic Lodge in Bakersfield. Beecher married Dean O'Connor. Three sons, Beecher, David, William.

Daughters of David and Agnes Rintoul.

All six daughters married and were excellent housewives, superb cooks and loving mothers; Agnes and Vida made their homes in Vallejo and Napa, CA; Aidyl and Eva lived in Alameda, CA as homemakers; Nina's homes were in Alameda, Los Angeles and then San Francisco and Sausalito; Annot Lyle (Nettie) as a widow established a boarding house near the campus of the University of California at Berkeley and was a successful business woman. Annot married William Logie in Alameda, CA in 1895. Their only child, Grace, was born on December 15, 1896. William Logie died on October 3, 1899 at the age of 29. Annot raised Grace on her own and never remarried. She died in Sunnyvale, California in April 1975 at the age of 101.

Grandchildren of David and Agnes Rintoul.

Granddaughter Grace Logie Mathews. b. 1896 a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and attended graduate school at Radcliffe University in Massachusetts. Taught in a Southern California private school. Reached the age of 103 on December 15, 1896, living in her home on Balboa Island in Southern California.

Grandson Norman Arter. b. 1909. attended Junior College in Los Angeles. Served as a Sergeant in the army during World War II in a Military Police unit. Following the War, worked in the furniture field as a sales specialist.

Grandson Gordon Arter. b. 1912, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with an AB degree in Journalism. Following graduation, he began a lifelong career with the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, S.F. During World War II he was commissioned in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard the USS Sandova—a
Personnel–Attack vessel—in the Pacific Arena. During a landing in the Japanese Archipelago, his ship was attacked by a Japanese Kamikaze. He sustained injuries as a result and was later awarded a Purple Heart. He resumed his career in the insurance business working as an executive in the Personnel and Claims departments and retired from the Fireman's Fund Co. He was interested in Japanese culture and in particular was a collector of Netsuke.
In 1975 Mary and I met Gordon in San Francisco and were immediately taken by him and became very fond of him—meeting again in California and in Edinburgh. He was a fine man with a modest manner and a delightful sense of fun. He died October 11, 1986.

Granddaughter Gwen Christoe Morgan. b. 1917, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with an AB degree in English. Additional studies at the College of Marin in Ceramics, and Fiber Arts (Handweaving). An active member of a local Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild.
In 1975 we also met Gwen and Ken and again on a subsequent visit when they entertained us. Greatly admired their talents and skills with ceramics and graphic arts. Still keep in touch with them.I greatly enjoyed a stay with them in 1995.

Grandson Beecher Rintoul. b.1917,a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Worked and retired from the Southern Pacific Railroad, active in Railroad Union relations.

Grandson John David "Dave" Rintoul. b.1919, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Worked as an engineer for the Standard Oil Company.

Grandson William (Bill) Rintoul. b.1922. a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and of Stanford University, with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Journalism. An author, professional writer and newspaper columnist, specialising in the discovery and production of oil and gas from the Southern States to Alaska.

Grandson Gordon Christoe. b.1921 attended City College of San Francisco. Joined the US Air Force during World War II and commissioned Lieutenant. As a pilot in a fighter squadron he was based on Iwo Jima. After a number of sorties, he was reported missing in action over Tokyo, Japan, April 12, 1945 and was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

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