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I am a Manager at McDonald's in the lovely town of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

I am also a huge Nascar fan. Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, and Kevin Harvick are my favourite drivers. Visit my Tribute Page to Nascar

I am a Group Commissioner for 6th Cobourg Scout Group. Visit Scouting to see what we are all about.

I have coached and been on the executive for 11 years with the Cobourg Legion Minor Softball Organization.

I am also on the Terry Fox and the CDCI East School Councils. I chair the Northumberland Regional School Council. My children attend Terry Fox Public School and CDCI East. Both schools are part of the Kawartha Pine Ridge School Board.


The Canadian election. A far cry from the US elections. Our leaders and our system are much less dramatic. Our system also make more sense. The most votes win, makes more sense then scoring the states. I predict another Harper government. Will I go on the line and say majority? Last week I would have, but all the financial crap in the States has changed things. Yes Harper should win a majority it would be best for Canada, will he? Likely not. But who else is there to vote for? Dion? He can't decide what to have for lunch, besides the Liberals did nothing for 12 years under Chretien. The NDP are the only party promoting their platforms. Liberals and the Green (hippy) parties are just attacking the Conservatives, besides adding more taxes, in an economy about to turn for the worse (their own words) is amazingly stupid. Our only choice is Harper, lets give him a majority October 14. Get out there.

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I can be reached at ocanman@sympatico.ca


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