My equipment package is chosen to produce high quality images with efficiency and reliability.

I also have rental access to other HD cameras and support equipment.

  1. 2/3” CMOS sensors

  2. full 1920x1080 HD

  3. Broadcast Fujinon 15x8 lens

  4. NTSC 60i, 30p, 24p

  5. PAL 50i, 25p

  6. slow and fast motion, time-lapse

  7. flash card tapeless acquisition

  8. excellent broadcast specs

  9. files integrate quickly and easily into any editing workflow

Flanders Scientific 7" Monitor

  1. Hi res 800x480 display

  2. HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite inputs

  3. Timecode display, playback with audio

  4. Waveform scope for accurate exposure

  5. AC or battery powered


Macbook Pro laptop

  1. Field review of HD footage

  2. high speed transfer of footage from cards to client's hard drive


Lighting Package

"My lighting package is organized to handle everything from "run and gun" to full production work. For larger productions, a lighting crew with additional equipment and cube van is available.

Sony PMW350 with Chrosziel Matte Box

available add-on: Convergent Designs Nanoflash recorder.

For productions requiring 4:2:2  50-100 mb/s recording.

Convergent Designs Nanoflash recorder

  1. shallow depth-of-field “film look”

  2. 1920x1080 30p, 24p HD

  3. 1280x720 60p

  4. wide, telephoto and macro lenses

  5. handheld and Glidecam rigs

GoPro Hero 2 HD

  1. Fully waterproof

  2. 1080i and 720p

  3. 170° field of view

  4. slow motion, time lapse

  5. mounts for cars, bikes, tripods, windows...

GoPro Hero2 on suction mount
Canon 7D, Zacuto EVF Flip
Canon 7D, Glidecam 1000

Sony PMW-350 XDCAM EX HD camera

A true “cameraman's camera” - this full size ENG style camera is the most flexible and efficient all around production tool. Equally at home in the studio or on the shoulder. Beautiful imagery combined with speed of production.

  1. 1 20'x10' backdrop (chromakey green)

  2. 1 20‘x10’ backdrop (black)

  3. 1 20'x10' backdrop (mottled grey/blue)

  4. 1 6'x6' backdrop (black)

  5. 2  9’ seamless paper (white, grey)

  1. 2 1’x1’ LED lights - variable colour temp.

  2. 1 Kino Flo 4 bank Diva Lite dimmable florescent

  3. 1 Starlight 2 bank dimmable fluorescent

  4. 2 Arri 150 watt fresnels

  5. 2 Disisti Magis fresnels 650/300 watt

  6. 4 Lowel Pro lights 125/250 watt

  7. 2 Lowel Omni lights 600 watt

  8. 2 Lowel Tota lights 1000 watt

  9. 4 Ianaro Red Heads 1000/650 watt

  10. 1 Altman ellipsoidal pattern projector 750 watt

  11. 1 12 volt camera light 25 watt

  12. 3 Chimera soft boxes, 2 umbrellas

  13. 1 4'x4' silk frame

  14. 2 Flexfills

  15. flags, gels, grip gear

Kinoflo Diva 4bank and 2bank



Canon 7D DSLR

Indie filmmakers love this camera for it’s shallow depth-of-focus film look. I like to use it for intimate style interviews with a very soft background. Also, fitted with a super-wide lens, you can get some unique b-roll perspectives - either handheld or on the Glidecam rig. It also makes a good second angle “B” camera.

Sony PMW350 in handheld config.

studio and handheld configurations