Here are a few great links for Colchester County, Nova Scotia Genealogy
  • Colchester Historical Society Much great data- access to people, books, records(online vital stats, search cemetaries), and a list. Make sure you have the Macromedia Flash Player plugin for this one.
  • Genealogical Record of Colchester Co. A very nice way to look at the Miller Book data, now updated using primary and secondary sources.
  • Note the free downloadable copy of the whole Miller book:"Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County" by Thomas Miller available through the link(highlighted text) at the top of the page. Clayton S. Brown has done a great job on this, including some suggested corrections indicated by [square brackets] within the text.
  • This site is not always up. If you would like the 'Miller Book' NOW, write me(address on homepage), and I'll send you the same digital copy. It is great for searching, better than the hard copy.

  • Musquodoboit Pioneers -A Record of Seventy Families, Their Homesteads and Genealogies
    1780 - 1980 original text by Jennie Reid

    Important genealogy book now online. Musquodoboit is just over the county line in Halifax County. There are many family connections between Colchester County and the Musquodoboit area of Halifax County.


  • David Blaikie's new website features 'The Journals of Elmira Blaikie 1870-1945'

    Did you like William Creelman's Diary on this site? How about a much larger one, set in Upper Stewiacke?

    Elmira Ogilvie Webster was born on August 6, 1870, and died on January 9, 1945. She married David Morrison Blaikie and they had 10 children. She kept a diary for much of her life, from 1891 until Christmas Eve, 1944 - the day before she suffered a stroke that claimed her life.

    David is off to a great start with his new site. There is already much interesting data there, and promises of more to come.

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