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The Diary
Written by William Creelman (1847-1917)

The following is a faithful copy of a Diary, written by William Creelman in the years of 1898 and 1899, before he moved to live in the village of South Branch.

I tried to produce an accurate copy, with spellings used by William; his handwriting was by and large extremely easy to read, so hopefully, what you will read here will give you the flavour of the life and times of 1898 in the Stewiacke Valley.

My thanks go to Beth Creelman Fisher for preserving this book, William Alexander Fisher for providing the suggestion, Blanche Curtis Creelman and Myra Crouse Creelman for their able proofreading, and Gordon Fraser Creelman for his knowledge of and enthusiasm for our family history. This book is for you, Dad.

Lucy Ann Creelman LeBlanc, a great granddaughter
December, 1988


Web Editor's Notes:

The farm was located in Newton Mills, Colchester County, NS. They later moved to South Branch-about 5.75 miles away.

At the end of the diary is a Supplementary Info table. Quite a few people mentioned in the diary are found on the Photos page. An asterisk on the Supplementary Info chart means there is a photo of that person. Find 3 pictures of William and his wife Libby on the page of Photos. If you think you know more about who some of the people mentioned in the diary were, please contact me. That info table is a bit sparse! Thanks.

David Creelman (another great grandchild). Nov 22, 2001
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At the request of our much loved daughter Alice, I will try to keep a brief record of event of this year of our Lord 1898 particularly those which concern our family.

Another year has gone with its pleasures and its sorrows, its opportunities improved or neglected never to return.

And now at the beginning of a new year, the season for happy greetings, and for making good resolutions, we as a family have much reason for thankfulness to the Bountiful Giver of all good.

And "because Thou hast been our help" may we still trust Thee, and "go forward" to the duties of another year.

Saturday, January 1st, 1898
Went to Truro this P.M. with Jotham and Edgar Hamilton. On their way back to Business College in Halifax.

They have been home for 10 days vacation. Wheeling good, weather very mild, roads smooth and very icy. Found Alice Bert and Bessie all well and enjoying the New Year holiday at home.

Sabbath, January 2nd
Spent the day in Truro. Had a very pleasant and I trust profitable day. We went to hear Mr. Cumming in the morning, he preached from Ps 63-7 and to hear Mr. Gizzie in the evening. His text was the last clause of 15 verse 14 chapter Exodus.

Monday, Jany 3rd
Cold morning. Jotham went from Truro to Hax. on the early train. I did some business in Truro, paid bill $5.28 at Black & Co. bought $2.75 worth of Groceries arid came home in the afternoon. found all well. Fred Lester working with Will Creelman for a few days.

Tuesday Jany 4th
Very cold. No snow yet for sleighing. Fred Lester with Will. David & I just tending stock. Went to prayer meeting this evening.

Wednesday Jany 5th
Weather fine and cold with a little snow; at home all day.

Thursday Jany 6th
Fine morning. a year today since Bert was married. He is going to travel for Black & Co. this year hope he will do well. Mr. Samuel Johnson died this morning about 1 oclock. Funeral tomorrow in the church. David recd. his watch from "Farm & Home" by today's mail.

Friday Jany 7th
This has been a wet day. Went to the funeral this P.M. and down to the cemetary. F.Lester came home last night.

Saturday Jany 8th
This has been a fine mild day. Nothing special F.Lester cutting wood. I was doing chores about house and barn.

Sunday Jany 9th
Was to church Mr. Fraser preached from Matthew

Monday Jany 10th
Went to the corner to send Wm. Bentley a card about hearse money. paid A.A. Grant for new shoes $1.25

Tuesday Jany 11th
William Bentley came over today and we gave him what money we had on hand for hearse $30.00 leaving a Balance of $8.00 due him. Meeting in the Church. Views of Trinidad mission premises. Missionaries, Teachers, Bible women; shown by Mr. Fraser.

Wednesday Jany 12th
At home all day. Shod Girl in fore noon. Went to the woods with Lester to cut logs in the afternoon. snowing some.

Thursday Jany 13th
Wet morning been raining all night looks like a big thaw out invited up to Jas Creelman's this evening. A cold evening went up to Mr. Creelman's. Ashmore Brown and his wife were there too.

Friday Jany 14th
A very fine day. Grandpa went over to Musquodoboit this P.M. just in time for the funeral of Aunt Susan Hamilton. She died yesterday morning. We had not heard anything about it. Fred Lester cutting poles today. Wm. Runalds was here today wanting to buy a gobbler. Sent him up to Jas Creelman's for one.

Mrs. William Rutherford and Mrs. Cox were in this P.M. First time Mrs. Cox has been in since she came home from the hospital.

Saturday Jany 15th
We killed 4 pigs for market they weighed 463#. kept 2 to feed a while longer for home use. we had no help and was done by noon. Had letters from Joe and Uncle Eddy today.

Sunday 16th Jany.
Went to church. Mr. Fraser preached. his subject was Christ healing the woman which had the "spirit of infirmity" Luke 13:11-16 Very few at church, preaching in the Hall at Newton Mills this P.M. Lester, David & Gertie at Christian Endeavour this evening.

Monday 17 Jany
Churning this morning had 13# Butter cows doing well. 3 new calved giving about 6 buckets per day. feeding bran and sprouts. We went out to Duncan Creelman's this p.m. for a call found them about as usual. Jess & her mother both in their room. ordered a set of Britching today from William Johnson.

Tuesday 18th Jany
A very cold morning. Jas Crockett got calf this morning to keep for Bull, to pay $1.00 for it.

Wednesday 19 Jany
A fair day, was at home until evening then went up to Eddie Hamiltons to tea. Jas Creelman and wife were there. Spent a very pleasant evening.

Thursday 20th Jany
a very mild day. D.F. went to Glengarrie to meet Mr. Fraser got back about 8 oclock. I went up to see Ashmore Brown about Lizzie Barrett going to some cheaper boarding place. we did nothing definite. Snowing this evening.

Friday Jany 21st
A very stormy day blowing and drifting all day but there is not much snow, so the drifts will be light. Went to the woods in the afternoon and hauled two small loads of wood.

Saturday Jany 22nd
A fine day hauled 5 loads of wood road very rough not enough snow yet.

Sunday 23 Jany
Mr. Fraser preached this morning from Isaiah 58 ch. 8 verse to the end of the chapter. Subject, some conditions of Divine Blessing. Snowing when coming home, looks like a storm, weather cold. Evening blowing hard from the East and drifting.

Monday Jany 24th
Churned this morning had 11# of butter. went for a load of wood before dinner. Snowing in the afternoon hauled two loads turned out a very rough day blowing, snowing & drifting. Bonny calved.

Tuesday Jany 25th
A fine morning, went down to the Bridge. not drifted bad, went. up to Crossroad. Very bad but snow light, got through it without shovelling. No one else turned out. went for one load of wood before dinner, got two in the afternoon, got a card from Alice and a short note from Bert written in Pugwash. should have got it Saturday. William Johnson sent Britching to use till he gets stock to make a proper one.

Wednesday 26th
A fine day. was churning this morning. l2# Butter. fixing sled only got two loads of wood today. Ashmore Brown called this p.m. very sick at John Crockett's. One of the lumbermen cut off his thumb. Sam Henley & Ida called this p.m. on their way home.

Thursday 27th
A fine day hauled 5 loads of wood. Went to meeting of Agrl. Society Directors at Jas. Hamilton's. Emptied out the molasses Brl. there was about 6 gal. in it.

Friday 28th
A very cold day. E. Hamilton called this morning to see about sending some butter to Halifax with me next week. Hauled 2 loads of wood this a.m. Went to the Creamery with 5 bushels grain and down to the village with the britching B. Johnson sent me this p.m. Billy not at home his boy made some alterations in the harness and coming home saw Billy at the Corner and paid him for the harness and fixing, $2.00. Had card from Bert this evening, he is in Cape Breton this week.

Saturday 29th Jany
A very fine but cold day. getting ready for Halifax. J.Hamilton and Maggie, C.Cox & Mrs. Cox, E. Hamilton & Clara were home for tea.

Sunday Jany 30th
Cold morning, went to Church. Mr. Fraser preached. Subject "choosing". Mr. Fraser went to lumber camps in the afternoon.

Monday 31st Jany
The coldest day for 23 years from 35 to 40 below zero in the morning. Moderated before noon. I started to Halifax 11 o'clock a.m. went to Brookfield station, took the 5 o'clock train and went to Halifax and spent the night with Jotham and Eddie. sold butter to Walker for another year. 20 cents/lb. until the first of June then 18 cents/lb for three months and 20 cents the balance of the year. Pork and butter came in on the "local" in the morning but late on account of very heavy snow storm in the night which blocked the roads badly. Sold to Walker but didnt have time to get my money. Got $32.45 for 30 turkeys sent him at Christmas. Came up on the C.P.R. about noon. Tuesday telephoned to B. & Co. to send 3 barrels flour and 5 barrels corn meal to Brookfield so I would have a load to take home in the morning. Met Bert in Brookfield Monday p.m. when I was going down, on his way to Up. Stewiacke travelling for B. & Co. I went in to Truro in the evening and spent the night with Alice and Bessie. Came out on the first train in the morning and home same day Wednesday. roads badly drifted, six teams all loaded arrived home about dark, found Bert still here. Couldn't travel on account of snow.

Thursday 3rd February
At home all day. Snowing some but not very cold. Ma went to circle but came right back no one there but her. think I will try and answer Uncle Eddy's letter which I recd some time ago.

Friday 4th Feby
Churning in the morning. l5# of butter, hauled one load of wood, broke the pole out of sled. Managers meeting in the afternoon met here. by taking Jany's collection we made out to pay all arrears for 1897. went to Mr. Cox's for tea. Jim & Maggie were there.

Saturday 5th Feby
Sacrament Saturday. Mr. McLean preached text "Let a man examine himself". We hauled two loads of wood in the morning. Hay in the mow about the girt. got card from Bert & Alice all well.

Sunday 6th Feb.
A wet day very few at church. Mr. Fraser preached from First John 1-3 Subject "Fellowship". Eben Johnson addressed the congregation and offered the closing prayer. Mr. Thompson is expected to preach this evening. Will stopped for dinner and will likely go up to the meeting this evening, rain has stopped. Went up to meeting. Mr. Thompson did not get over on account of the roads. had a very good meeting subject "love" E. Johnson spoke and offered prayer in the morning.

Monday 7 February
A soft mild day - was hauling wood all day got 5 loads. Jas. Creelman & wife, Chas. Cox and Aunt Janet were here for tea, had a very pleasant evening.

Tuesday 8 Feb.
A fine day good hauling finished our wood got 34 loads, expect to go to Truro in the morning to the "Farmers Association" Will and Nell and the Teacher called for a few minutes this evening.

Wednesday 9th
Went to Truro to the Farmers meeting. got there in time for the afternoon meeting. Stayed in Truro Wednesday night. attended three meetings Thursday and went over with R.P. Fulton for the night, came to Truro for dinner and home in the afternoon Friday. Alice and Erskine Davidson came with me. Made arrangements with Mr. Chipman Secy for Agriculture to come to Springside and give us a lecture.

Saturday 12th Feby
At home all day not feeling very well. Mr. Coxes younger folk and Will, Annie & Nell came in the evening.

Sunday 13th Feby
Went to church Mr. Thompson preached from Psalm 1 a very good sermon so I thought. The life of the Godly and the Ungodly contrasted.

Monday 14th Feby
A fine day. Lester went to Brookfield for molasses and corn meal. Came home same day. Alice went back to Truro with Erskine and Will in the afternoon.

Tuesday 15th
Went after ice saw, but did not get one. Ma went over to Uncle Wms. Lester cutting poles. Wm Rutherford very sick since last Friday.

Wednesday 16th
A fine morning, but a very wet afternoon a number of the neighbours over to Glengarrie for bone meal.

Thursday 17th
Was to the village for cheque. got it all right $110.75 gave my passbook. Mr. Gandier of Fort Massey, Halifax spoke on missions in the church in the evening.

Friday 18th
Was down to see Mr. Rutherford. think he will come round again. David Johnson borrowed $150.00 today. E.A. Logan called this evening for a few minutes.

Saturday 19th Feby
A fine day a crowd went out to Hattie's camp today. Lester & David was with them. Grandpa was over to Musquodoboit for the day. I went to meeting of Agrl. Society Directors at S.A. Logans in the evening. Was not enough present to do business.

Sabbath 20th Feb.
Went to church. Mr. Fraser preached on giving to the schemes of the Church. Text "Bear ye one another's burden and so fulfill the law of Christ". "Let every man bear his own burden".

Monday 21st Feby 1898
A fine morning we got to work cutting ice this morning. Went out to D.W. Archibald's in the evening to tea. Mr. & Mrs. Fraser Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Logan and Mr. & Mrs. Leander Hill were also there. We spent a very pleasant evening, sent a Bbl. of Butter to I.M. Walker today.

Tuesday 22nd Feby
Was up to mill for a load of sawdust this a.m. churned the churn, had 15# of butter, was hauling ice in the afternoon. Lester went to a party at Uncle James Hamilton's in the evening.

Wednesday 23
Blowing like a storm this morning. Cutting & hauling ice today. Storming this evening, snowing and raining, mostly rain.

Thursday 24th Feb.
Cutting ice today. Was up to Jas. Hamilton's for tea. No one else there. Was out to see Nessie Cox.

Friday 25th
Finished putting in ice today, getting very soft. Was to a meeting of Overseers of Poor at A. Brown's in the evening. Jas. Pace agreed to pay for Lizzie Barret's keep from this date.

Saturday 26th
Killed pigs for our own use this morning. Lester & David cutting & starting poles in the afternoon. Lyman and wife, Jimmy Dunbar & Nancy were up for tea, spent a pleasant evening.

Sabbath 27th Feby.
Was at church, Mr. Fraser preached. Subject Christ's answer to the question "are there few that be saved". Luke 13-23 "Strive to enter in at the straight gate". John S. Brown to be buried this p.m. Funeral at the School house. It is snowing very fast now, 1:30 p.m. Was up to the funeral. Mr. Fraser conducted the service. Subject "The wondrous love of God as manifested in our Salvation". 1st John 3, 1-2.

Monday 28th Feb. '98
Went over to Musquodoboit and sent Wm. Bentley $8.00, the balance we owed him on the hearse by John Miller, mail driver. Lester went to Creamery with 5 bush. grain to get smashed for the steers. Was to meeting of Directors of Agrl. Society in the evening.

Tuesday March 1st.
A very fine day, Nessie Gammell was here last night. I took her out to school this morning. She is teaching a few days for Libbie. Geo. Dean was helping Lester cut poles today. Got letter from Bert and one from Mr. Newcombe today. Bert will be in Truro most of this week. Got an order for Grant to Agrl. Society today $102.90. Lent Will Creelman $25.00 for a few days.

Wednesday 2nd March
Sent order for Society Grant to Hfx. today. Wrote to Joe. Was hauling poles in the afternoon. Sow pigged, had 10, all dormant (sic).

Thursday 3rd
Will came in for Lester to help him a few days. Went down to John's for tubs, got 5 1/2 bush. oats from Lyman for $2.40 interest. Got receipt from Wm. Bentley. Friday 4th for Bal of hearse money $8.00.

Uncle Jimmy came down and we counted the money this morning. Lester at Will's. E.A. Logan called to have me sign his bill of expenses to Farmer's Association. Lent Geo. Dickie $20.00 yesterday. He only wants it for 10 days.

Friday 4th March, 1898
Saturday 5th March, 1898
A very dirty day, raining in the morning. Snowing & sleeting in the afternoon. Mr. Alex Hattie called with Jas. Creelman in the evening. He is going out of the woods this week.

Sunday 6th March.
At church, heard that Uncle Jim Dunlap is very sick. Mr. Fraser not able to conduct the service today. S.J. Logan opened the meeting & Eben Johnson read a sermon and closed the exercises. Subject the Lawyer's question "What shall I do to inherit eternal life" and Christ's answer, Luke 10-25.

Monday 7th March
We went out to see Uncle Jim Dunlap, found him better that we expected. Was at Uncle Wm's for dinner, and came home. Same evening, saw Geo. Creelman on our way home. He thinks he is improving.

Tuesday 8th March
Very fine weather, snow going fast. Hauling a few logs to mill. Leander Hill & wife here for tea.

Wednesday 9th
Was up to A. Brown's in the morning. Went out to Pembroke to a meeting of the Overseers of the Poor in the afternoon. Sent L. Dean to Truro. Was down to Ed Logan's for tea. Wm. & Martha were there too.

Thursday 10th
Hauling logs to mill, weather very fine, snow going fast with sun. A. Brown & wife here for tea.

Friday 11th
Down to village and out to Higgin's Mill looking after cow feed. Got none. Got a small grist ground at creamery.

Saturday 12th March
Lester away to mill with loads of logs. S.A. Logan's sale of stock this p.m. D.W. Archibald called in the evening to get papers signed for the release of Lorne Dean from Truro jail.

Sabbath 13th, '98
Went to Church this a.m. Mr. Fraser preached from Luke 17th chap. 12 - 19. The miracle of cleansing of the ten lepers. A very soft day. R.P. Fulton at church. Margaret not so well.

Monday 14th March
A fine day, starting out poles & logs. Was to meeting of Directors of Agrl. Society in the evening.

Tuesday 15th March
Hauling out poles all day. D.W. Archibald & wife were in for tea. A cold night.

Wednesday 16th
Went for the horse power and saw frame. Had a meeting here in the evening of the owners of the thrasher and sawing machine. Sold shares in the saw to Wm. Hamilton $6.00 , Jas. Creelman $1.00, and Wm. Deyarmond $1.00 to be paid in April, 1898. Agreed to keep the saw for use of owners only.

Thursday 17th, 1898
Shoeing horses for sawing, and killing late turkeys in the morning. Snowed & rained in the afternoon so we could not saw any.

Friday 18 March
Fine morning. Got to work, sawing machine worked well. Geo. Dean helping for Uncle Wm, and Lyman Fulton a spell in the afternoon.

Saturday 19th March.
Sawing wood all day. Lyman and Geo. Dean helping, but did not get done.

Sabbath 20th
Went to church, raining some, very few there. Mr. Fraser preached on Missions "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to any creature and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen"

Monday 21st
Finished sawing wood in the morning. Lester went to Wm. Cox's auction in the afternoon.

Tuesday 22nd
Was out to mill with small grist to get mashed for cows in the morning. Got letters from Bert & Alice and Joe, all are well. Will sent the $25.00 he had lend of this evening.

Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th
Was down to Village yesterday, bought a bbl. of rolled oats from E. Dickie, paid cash $4.30, Brookfield price.

Sunday 27th
Mr. Fraser preached from 15th Mat. "The Syphrocerian Women". (Spelled wrong).

Monday 28th
Sold steers to F. E. Stewart for $65.00 on 3 months. We gave $32.00 for them last fall.

Tuesday 29th
Took steers as far as Sprot Stewart's. Roads very bad. Was up to Jim's counting the minister's money this evening.

Wednesday 30th
Was splitting wood today. Intend to go to Truro tomorrow if fine.

Thursday 31st March
Went to Truro this p.m. It rained nearly all the way. The roads were very bad. Went by Harmony.

Friday 1st April
Was in Truro all day. Bought a load of corn meal & oats. Paid $1.00 per bag for meal and 45 cents for oats. Paid for all I bought and paid a bill about $30.00 at Black's besides.

Saturday 2nd April
Came home from Truro this p.m. The roads much better than when I went in.

Sunday 3rd April
Went to church. Mr. Fraser preached on the observance of the Sabbath. Text "The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath".

Monday 4th
Was to Landsdowne for meal & oats. Roads very heavy, a good deal of snow and ice through the woods. Got a message from Bert this evening to meet him at Mid. Stewiacke at noon tomorrow.

Tuesday 5th April
Mr. Chas Creelman here for a visit most of the day. Lester went to meet Bert. Got home about dark. Expect to drive him down Musquodoboit today or next day.

Wednesday 6th April
Bert at home today. It is stormy, snowing & raining.

Thursday 7th April
Started with Bert this morning. Roads very bad. Went to Geddie Reid's first day. Bert made some very good sales.

Friday 8th April
Started from Geddie Reid's this morning, drove to Little River for dinner. In the afternoon, drove to Shubenacadie, then up to Lower Stewiacke, put up at Willard Ellis's. Went to Truro on train in the evening. Found Joe & Bessie at home. Alice away to
Amherst. She came home in the evening.

Saturday 9th Ap.
Drove Bert to Dickie's Mill and back to Lower Stewiacke, then started for home, got to M. Flake's for dinner, and home for tea. Roads very bad. Bert gave me

Sabbath 10th Ap.
Went to church. Easter Sunday. Mr. Fraser preached on the Resurrection 15 Ch. l Cor.

Monday 11th
Sent Bbl. of butter to Walker. Got word from Ryan and weight of butter - 87 lbs. $16.53. He was very much pleased with it.

Tuesday 12 Apr.
R.P. Fulton was here for tea last evening. He is talking about starting for Vancouver. Was tending about the place.

Wednesday 13th, '98
Went to meeting of the Stockholders of the S.G. & Lansdowne R.Way Co. Agreed to pay one half of Stock subscribed on conditions that we get a full clearance from all judgements forever.

Thursday 14th Ap.
Hauling poles and splitting, preparing for fencing. Weather fine. Feed plenty.

Friday 15th Ap.
I went out to Blackie's Mill to get lumber for a hen house.

Saturday 16th April (lambs commenced to come) Went out to Mill. Lester & I to start in logs and get them sawed. Rained last night. Very muggy and warm, frogs singing tonight. Will in a few minutes. Lester went out to sleep with him.

Sabbath 17th April
I did not go to church today, did not feel very well. Mr. Fraser preached from 9th verse of 119th Psalm "Where with all shall a young man cleanse his way, by taking heed thereto according to thy ____________"

Monday 18th Ap.
Went down to Saml Creelman's and settled with him for my railroad stock by giving him my note on 3 months for $42.00 - went on to the village and got 2 bags middlings for the ewes'.

Tuesday 19
Managers met here this p.m. We found on counting the money on hand to be short of the quarter's salary by $17.00, which was borrowed without interest until it comes in.

Wednesday 20
Went out to Blackie's Mill with some grain to get ground for the cows; got a load of hulls for bedding, also got wet.

Thursday 21
One of the lumbermen was here all night. Engaged me to take 3 of them to Lower Stewiacke for $5.00, but it rained all night and is still raining this morning. Don't know when we will start. P.M. did not go to L. Stewiacke as the men got their due bills cashed here and went to the Harbour, so they say.

Friday 22 April, 1898
Lester at the Hall working today. I was tending around the farm.

Saturday 23
Working about the place this a.m. Went to meeting of S.S. Workers and others in the Church in the afternoon. Mr. Thompson & Mr. MacLean were there and gave good addresses. Mr. T. spoke to the children, took for a text "It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth". Mr. MacLean spoke to teachers and Mr. Fraser to parents.

Sabbath 24th
Mr. Fraser preached today, text "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it". Sabbath School is beginning next Sabbath.

Monday 25th
War declared between U.S. & Spain. Grandpa 86 years old yesterday. Sent Brl of butter to Brookfield with John Rutherford's team today. Set out 3 plum trees bought of C. Dunlap.

Tuesday 26th
Very cold and dirty weather, wind from the east. Snowing this p.m. Ground covered with snow.

Wednesday 27
Lester up to mill for sawdust. Cold & dirty, snowing some. Was over to Uncle Wm's for tea (Libbie & I).

Thursday 28th
Went to work at the chamber, putting up sheathing.

Friday 29th
Finished all the lumber I had, but had not enough to finish the chamber. Weather wet and dirty all the week.

Saturday 30th April
Went to the corner to a meeting about the Midland Railway terminus. Was appointed to go to Truro to interview Mr. Lawrence.

Sabbath 1st May
Mr. MacLean preached today from John 7-17 "If any man will do the Will of My Father, he shall know of the doctrine wheather it be of God or wheather I speak of Myself". Subject, the promise of knowledge and the way to obtain it. Our S. School opened today.

Monday 2nd May
At home all day. Grace's brother & sister were over for a visit.

Tuesday 3rd
Went to Truro to interview Mr. Lawrence on the terminus of the Midland Railway, think we have a fair chance of getting it to come by Brookfield. Home same evening, brought Mr. Fraser up from Manse, Mid. Stewiacke. was at __________________for tea.

Wednesday 4th
Lester began hauling manure. Grandpa over to D. Hamilton's. Went up for the mill. The war is not progressing very fast.

Thursday 5th May
Lester & I were hauling manure for oats all day. ground drying very fast. Expect Wm. Tays tomorrow to help frame hen house.

Friday 6th May
A wet morning. Mr. Tays did not come. Lester & I were cleaning grain for seed this a.m. Still raining at noon. Sold the small pig for $2.30.

Saturday 7th
Mr. Tays came this morning and we put up the frame of hen house and he made door & window frames and put them in by 2 o'clock. Paid him .75 cents and he went home. Mr. Tays was up this p.m., stayed for tea.

Sabbath 8th of May
Mr. Fraser preached today from the 17th chap. of John - Christ's prayer before entering the Garden. Went to S. School this p.m.

Monday 9th of May
The ground was frozen this morning. Lifted the board out of the hay mow today. 10 loads in the mow. Jas. Johnson and son bought 6 bush. potatoes at 50 cents per bush. paid for them. Sam Creelman & Agent here for dinner today.

Tuesday 10th
Commenced plowing and harrowing today. have not sowed any yet. Was to Dickies this p.m. brought up 4 bush oats 45 cents per bush. and 3 lbs. mangle seed @15 cents, paid for it. Bought 10 lb. nails from A.A. Grant. He couldn't make change so did not pay for them.

Tuesday 17th
Have been very busy seeding. The weather somewhat backward. Lester to Brookfield today for Bran and oats, brought 15 hundred weight at $17.50/ton, 12 bush. oats at 45 cents. Bert has been sick, came home from Pictou Thursday. Last week not well, think it is Grippe.

Tuesday 24th
Bert was home all last week but we expect he is to work this week. Finished sowing yesterday. Put in some mangles about a week ago. They are coming up now. Finished the last today. Have no potatoes planted on interval yet.

Friday 27th May
Smith Fulton came today and we planted potatoes on interval. Gave him an order to go to Dickies and get 3 bush oats for seed. Grandpa has been bad with Rheumatism for a few days. Dr. MacKay was to see him a week ago, was back again today.

Wednesday June 1st
Dr. MacKay was here again to see Grandpa, he has been very bad.

Friday 3 of June
Dr. MacKay called on his way to Pictou, thinks Grandpa will soon be better, has been wet & cold for a week. no farming done.

Saturday 4 June
Grandpa worse, went for Dr. Cox in the a.m. and for Dr. Deckman in the p.m. and they stayed until midnight, but failed to give much relief.

Sabbath 5th
Grandpa no better. Dr. Cox came and he said there was no chance. Bert, Alice & Joe drove out from Truro this a.m. and stayed all day.

Monday 6th June
Dr. Cox here. Grandpa suffering very much with his kidneys. Dr. got him relieved and he appears better. Thinks if we could get his bowels moved, he would have a little hope. Bert & Alice went back to Truro this a.m. at 5 o'clock. Dr. was back again at midnight.

Tuesday 7th
David Byers & Lydia came at midnight. 4 p.m. Dr. MacKay has called on his way home from Pictou. He is not so hopeful as Dr. Cox. Both Drs. came at 10 o'clock tonight. They think he is doing well.

Wednesday 8th June
I have been up most all night. Grandpa rested very well. Both Drs. were here today and think Grandpa is doing well.

Thursday 9th June
John MacGill Johnson and Geddie Reid was with Grandpa last night. He rested pretty well. Geddie & Libbie came last evening. This is a wet morning. Lester went out to help Will in the shop today. Cleared off in the afternoon.

Friday 10th
Got letters from Bert & Alice and flask of Brandy from Alice. Grandpa about the same. George sat up with him last night, he rested pretty well. The boys are hauling manure for the turnips today. The Dr. was here this p.m. MacKay.

Saturday June 11, 1898
Grandpa about the same. Lyman was with him last night. He rested pretty well. This is Sacrament Saturday. The boys are at church, but Libbie & I had to stay home with Grandpa. My stomach is very bad, expect some medecine from the Dr. today.

Sabbath June 12
Sacrament Sabbath. Mr. Gizzie preached. All the family at church except Libbie & I. Grandpa about the same. I went to hear Mr. Gizzie in the evening. His subject was "Follow me" from Luke 9th from verse 50 to the end of the chapter. Four classes of men Jesus deals with.

Monday 13
Was with Grandpa myself all night. He had no rest until 3 o'clock, after that he slept better. He dont appear quite so well today. Was down to the village with Brl of Butter this morning & I got a bag of bone meal from Sam Creelman, paid $1.57 for it.

Tuesday 14th June
A fine day, finished sowing buckwheat this morning, used one bag of bonemeal. Grandpa rested very well, is sleeping most of the time. Was up to the Church last evening to District Lodge meeting. S.E. Gourley, Esq. was there and made an excellent speech. Mr. Adams, Baptist minister read a paper. A wet evening.

Wednesday 15th
Was with Grandpa last night, he was very restless until about 3 a.m. then he went to sleep and rested better. Is very comfortable this morning. The boys are working at brush fence.

Thursday 16th
A very cold morning, very hard frost. The potatoes are killed, but not all up yet. Grandpa rested pretty well. I was with him after midnight. Congregational meeting this p.m.

Friday 17th June
The boys are on the roads. I can't leave Grandpa, he is much the same. Don't think he is improving much.

Saturday 18
Frost again this morning. The weather is windy & cold. Was down to the village this evening. Was in to see the Dr.

Sabbath 19th June
A very windy cold day. Ma has gone to church. Grandpa did not want me to leave him. He is about the same. Will was with him most all night.

Monday 20th
A wet morning, rained most all night. Was with Grandpa all night. He rested pretty well, but don't appear to be improving much. Dr. MacKay called this evening. Don't think there is any improvement.

Tuesday 21st
A very fine morning. Lester away with the horses helping Henry Johnson haul a barn. Grandpa about the same. Looking dark again as tho it would rain.

Wednesday 22
Uncle Jimmy was with Grandpa last night, he had a very bad night. Vomited a good deal. Is better today. IS quite easy, not much pain, and sleeps a good deal.

Thursday 23, 1898
Noble was with us last night. Grandpa rested very well. W.B. Chipman gave a lecture in the church this p.m. Very few present. The Dr. (Cox) was here this evening, says there is a great change for the worse since he saw Grandpa. Said about all he could do was to give something to keep him easy.

Friday 24th June
A fine day. John MacGill was here last night. Grandpa rested pretty well. Lester was down last night and got some medecine to ease the pain, and G. has been easier since. Mrs. Geo. Hamilton and Uncle William Dunlap and Aunt Martha came today, and have just left for home 5 p.m.

Saturday 25
Wet most all the morning. Harvey Archibald came in the p.m. to see Grandpa, he was very poorly. I went down to see the Dr. but he don't think he can do anything for him.

Sabbath 26th
Bert, Bessie & Alice came in the night and was with us all day. Bert stayed with Grandpa, he is very poorly.

Monday morning 27
Bert & B. & Alice started this morning about 4:30. It is a fine morning. Lester working at the church furnaces. Grandpa about the same. Am sending Walker another Butter by Dickie's team.

Tuesday 28th June
We were all alone with G. last night. He rested very well and seems better today. The Dr. (MacKay) came last evening & washed out his bladder. Geo. Hamilton is here now. W. Logan called for a half hour this evening.

Wednesday 29th
Grandpa did not rest so well last night. Don't seem so bright this morning. I was with him all night.

Thursday 30th June
David Johnson came to stay with Grandpa tonight. Lydia came again. Lewis was to Truro and brought her out.

Friday 1st July, 1898
Grandpa rested fairly well last night. Is sleeping a good deal today. Ma is away driving David & Gertie out to the picknick. Agrl. Meeting in the village tonight. I want to go very much. Went down but did not stay for the meeting.

Saturday 2nd July
Grandpa failing. The Dr. MacKay came today & says he can do nothing more for him. Uncle Wm. Dunlap came up and hired Lester 3 months on condition that Joe don't get a place. Wages $25.00 for haying month and $35.00 for the other two.

Sabbath 3rd
Grandpa is pretty easy today. Will was with him last night. We are giving him morphine tablets to ease the pain, expect Noble tonight. This is a very warm day. Rev. Isaac Reid preached today. Jim stayed with us last night. This is Monday morning.

Monday 4th
Grandpa is very low, we don't think he will live through the day. He takes very little notice now. Lester went to Brookfield for a load and David went with him. He is going to the exam in Truro this week.

4:30 p.m. Monday 4th July, 1898 Grandpa died.

Tuesday 5th
Funeral this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Mr. Fraser spoke from Job 5"26 "Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in in his season" and sang the last Hymn,which were among the last words of him whom we now mourn. There was a very large gathering of friends and relatives.

Wednesday 6th
Jotham took Lester out to Uncle Wm. Dunlap's to work for 2 or 3 months. Don't know how he will get along.

Thursday 7th July
Ma went to Sewing Circle. Joe & I were hoeing mangles.

Friday 8th
Lydia went home today. I was to the village in the morning and paid J. Hindy for digging grave $1.50. Painted the buggie in the p.m.

Saturday 9th
Picked over the wool and put it in Bags ready for market. Joe was bunching turnips in the forenoon and cultivating potatoes in p.m. David came home from the board this evening. Brought the money from Walker $138.00

Sabbath 10th July
Mr. Fraser preached subject "Stability amid changes"

Monday 11th
Was down to Dickie's with 6 lambs, got $2.00 apiece. Paid C. Cox $5.00 on rates for 1898. Paid Geo. H. $9.00 for Linens for coffin.

Tuesday 12th
Went to the Tea meeting Springside. Joe sprained
his wrist.

Thursday 14th, 1898
Was to the village this morning & paid Dr. Cox $16.50 and Dr. MacKay $18.00 in full of all accts. to date.

Friday 15
Was out to D.R. Creelman's last evening. This is a wet day.

Saturday 16th
Went to the factory with some wool and exchanged for yarn and batts.

Sunday 17
Mr. MacKinnon preached. Subject "Faith".

Monday 18th
Was to the Village with Butter. A. Brown's 2 boxes and Bbl. for self, brought Margaret Fulton up for a visit. Geddie Reid came over this evening.

Tuesday 19th July
Went over to Big Hugh the Marsh's with Geddie today, but lost our trip so I think.

Wednesday 20th
Wet day. Intended to commence haying, but the weather is bad. Mowed part of the Garden.

Thursday 21st
Still wet. Did nothing at the hay. Ma went to the Women's meeting.

Friday 22nd
Mowed the rest of the garden. Went to Pictou in the evening with the mare. Came home Saturday morning and put in the hay in the garden.

Saturday 23rd
Came from Pictou this a.m. Mowed the hill and raked it. Got a letter from Electa that Uncle Eddy is very poorly. Don't think he will live many days.

Sabbath 24th
Started at 5 o'clock this morning for Londonderry to see Eddy. Went to Truro in 4 hours, had Will Creelman's horse. Stayed in Truro until 4 o'clock, then went to Portaupique in 3 1/2 hours. Stopped at Tupper's, he is in Windsor. Amelia & I went down to Sam's in the evening. Was at Tupper's all night.

Monday 25th
Went out to Castle Reigh to see Eddy this morning. He is stopping at Sam Gambel's.

Monday 25th
Found Eddy very weak but comfortable. He has a good place to stop, they are very kind to him. Stayed with him all day. He felt better than he had done for some time. came in to Sam' s in the evening.

Tuesday 26th
Left Sam's at 7 o'clock for home. Came to Truro in 4 hours. Found Bessie sick. Left Truro for home at 4 o'clock and got home about 9 o'clock.

Wednesday 27th
The Boys had cut 2 loads in the upper field and we put that in and mowed some more.

Thursday 28
Finished mowing in the upper field except the rough and put some in.

Friday 29
Finished the upper field had 5 loads and about another to cut. Commenced mowing below the barn put one load in.

Saturday 30th
Finished mowing this side of the Gully except the little point, put in 6 loads and left 89 cocks of clover out. 15 loads in now.

Wednesday 3rd August
Alice came home for her vacation today. Miss Newcombe came with her. Bert telephoned yesterday morning and David went through last night and brought Black's old mare home.

Saturday 6th Aug.
Alice & Miss Newcome went out for Lester today.

Sabbath 7th Aug.
No preaching today. Mr. Fraser was in Truro preaching for Mr. Gezzie. David took Lester back to Uncle William's. He thinks he has a good place.

Saturday 13th Aug.
Have had very wet for 3 days now. Have 39 loads of hay in. Was over to Pictou with the mare for the 3rd and last time this season. Alice & Miss Newcombe are out to Mr. Wm. Johnson's this p.m. Uncle Eddy died Thursday 11th at 5 o'clock a.m. Was buried Friday 12th. Had a message from Bert. Had a long letter from Electa tonight telling the particulars of his death.

Sabbath Xmas 1898
Jotham came from Halifax where he has been since Exhibition week. Alice, Bert, Bessie & Will came about 5 o'clock this am. We are all at home today, a happy family. Mr. McRae has been here for a week, making clothes for Lester & I.

Monday Dec. 26th
All at home Today!. Alice, Bert & Bessie are going back to Truro this evening. Jotham will stay home for a while to see how his health is. Evening They are gone & Gertie went with them for a week or two. Andy Cox came home from Chicago Saturday evening. Came with Joe from Brookfield.

Thursday 29th
Was up to Jas. Creelman's for the evening. Mr. & Mrs. Fraser & D.W. Archibald & wife were there.

Friday 30th
Lester & Jotham went to Mid. Musquodoboit to Rising Sun Division Jubilee. Had a good time. Got home
Saturday evening in a snow storm. Sat. 31st Congregational meeting $61.67 behind with Minister's salary.

Sabbath Jany 1st, 1899
A very stormy day. Very few at church. Mr. Fraser preached from Psalm 90 12 "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom". An Excellent sermon may we learn the lessons this text is calculated to teach.

Monday 2nd Jany
Went to Village, sent P.O. order for $8.40 for Cooperative Farmer, 14 copies.

Tuesday 3rd Jany
Heard today that Aunt Jenny Archibald is dead, is to be
buried tomorrow. Aunt Sally Campbell died Nov. 7th at Geddie Reid's. They buried her in our lot in the Upr. Stewiacke cemetry. She was 83. Aunt Jenny was 88 years old.

Thursday 5th Jany.
A very soft day, the sleighing is all gone. Andy & Nellie Cox were here for tea. Duncan Creelman went to Hospital today to have his mouth treated.

Sabbath 8th Jany
Sabbath School reviewed in church today. Mr. Fraser took as a centre of thought ll Chron. 34 chap.

Monday 9th, 1899
Will Creelman brought Gertie home from Truro. Paid J.Rutherford $1.25 for a pair of Larrigans for Joe. J.Crockett paid $20.00 borrowed.

Tuesday 10th Jany
A very cold day. Wm. Hamilton & Martha and C. Cox & Mary were here for tea this evening. Will called late in the evening and told us that they had word from his father. They had successfully performed the operation and he stood it well. It is a very bad case of cancer in his mouth.

Wednesday 11th Jany
Very cold. No snow. Not doing much. Boys are cutting wood at the door. Some they snaked off the hill.

Thursday 12th Jan
Boys commenced to cut some ice today.

Friday 13th Jan.
Boys went for sawdust for ice house. Got load of plainer shavings at Davy Dean's. Uncle Wm. Dunlap came up today and offered to sell his farm. Gave us a month to make up our mind. As he was short of money, I gave him $50.00 If we buy the farm, it will go as the first payment. If not, he will give it back. G.N. Robinson sent $2.25 for taking care of his pig and service of Boar.

Saturday 14th Jany
Boys, Lester & Joe commenced to put in the ice.

Sabbath 15th
Mr. Fraser preached on the healing of the blind man at the pool of Bethesda Mark 8: 22-26

Monday 16th
Working at the ice. Went down to Dickie's with a bbl. of butter for him to take to Brookfield. David started to school after Holidays.

Tuesday 17th
Very stormy. Worked at the ice in the forenoon. Lester was to go to Uncle William Dunlap's to help him, but did not get off.

Wednesday 18
F. Lester went to the Branch this morning to work for Uncle Williams to work.

Thursday & Friday 19th & 20th
Sledding good. Joe & I hauling wood. A meeting of the Managers appointed for this evening. After the meeting- by borrowing $21.00 we had enough to pay Mr. Fraser off for 1898.

Saturday 21st
Went to Truro today. Called round by Uncle Wm. Dunlap's and talked over matters in connection with buying his farm. Got to Truro about dark, found them all well.

Sabbath 22nd, 1899
In Truro. Went to hear Mr. Faulconer (Proff.) preach in St. Andrews Church. Subject "Jesus in the house of Simon the Pharisee"

Monday 23 Jany
Came home from Truro today. Paid Black & Co. $22.90 for C. meal. Paid Bert $6.00 borrowed. Paid Alice $2.07 Bought a number of articles. Ordered a stone for Grandpa's grave from "Walker". Got home about 4 o'clock.

Tuesday 24, 1899
Hauling wood, got 5 loads. Gave A. Brown $29.49 for Walkers.

Wednesday 25th Jany
Great rain storm, the sledding spoiled. Ice gouged and a freshet in the river. Some of the lumber teams coming out of the woods.

Thursday 26 Jany
We went out to the Branch. A lot of ice & water on the intervale in the village. Concluded the Bargain with Uncle Wm. about the farm. Got Dickie's bill and gave him $5.00 on my way home in the evening.

Friday 27th Jany, 1899
Was cutting poles in the forenoon with Joe. In the afternoon, went over to D. Hamilton's but he was away in Halifax. Went down to the Corner on my way back. Gave A.A. Grant $15.93 balance on Turkeys bought for Walker.

Saturday 28th
Helping Joe & David cut poles.

Sabbath 29th, 1899
Mr. Fraser sick with Grippe. Mr. McKinnon preached for us today. Text, 13th verse of the 13th chap. of 1st Corin. "And now abideth faith, hope & charity, these three but the greatest of these is Charity".

Monday 30th Jany
A very fine day. Joe sick with cold or Grippe. Mrs. Crockett called and I gave her money for Butter sent to Walker 42 1/2# @ 16 cents $6.80 She paid me $2.00 which they had borrowed to pay Agrl. Society.

Tuesday 31st Jany
Lodge held a pie social. Lester came from the Branch. They cleared $48.50 Joe not able to be there.

Wednesday Feby 1st
William & Martha Hamilton were over this evening. Weather cold & clear, no snow for sledding.

Thursday Feb 2nd
Cold & fine. Went out to Pembroke to see Mr. Deyarmond about doing some writing.

Friday Feby 3rd
Still cold and no snow. Cutting poles.

Saturday 4th
Mr. Deyarmond came & commenced the writings between Uncle Wm. D. & ourselves.

Sabbath Feby 5th
Mr. Fraser not able to preach. Been down sick with Grippe. Elders conducted service. Subject "Christ's healing the nobleman's son".

Monday 6th
Joe & I were hauling poles but very little snow. Ma & I were up to Jim's to tea. Bill & Martha, Jas. Creelman & Jessie were there too.

Tuesday 7th
Went out this morning to see David Johnson about paying me some borrowed money.

Wednesday 8th Feby
Took Joe out to the Branch to help Lester get wood for a few days. Agreed to have the writings done first of March. Read the agreement to Uncle Wm. & he seemed well satisfied.

Thursday 9th
Ma very sick today. Went for medecine for her. The Dr. was up to the lumber woods and called as he came down. She was better in the evening.

Friday 10 Feby
Ma rested pretty well, but her head is bad this morning again. Bad all day.

Saturday 11th Feby
Ma is very bad with her head all day. Telephoned for Alice to come Monday.

Sabbath 12th
Ma very bad this morning. Dr. came in the afternoon. Wm. & Martha came over & Martha stayed all night.

Monday 13th Feby, 1899
Went to Brookfield for Alice. Took a bbl. of Butter. Very bad road, began to snow about noon. Stormed hard on us all the way home. The Dr. came early in the morning, and when we came home, Ma was so bad that we telephoned for him. He came & stayed all night. Tremendous hail storm.

Tuesday 14th
Ma some easier. Dr. went home, and I took Aunt Martha home. Lester & Joe came home in the evening. Ma very sick all night.

Wednesday 15th
Ma some better this morning. Lester went back to the Branch. Dr. came and said she was better.

Thursday 16th Feby
Ma very sick all day, and all night.

Friday 17th
Ma very bad with her head. Send the Dr. a card, he came in the afternoon. Mr. Fulton telephoned Alice to stay till first of week.

Saturday 18th
Ma some better and has been better every day since until

Saturday 25th
Last Tuesday the 21st was to Lansdowne for Bone Meal. Brought 13 bags. Erskine Davison & Bessie came Wednesday 22nd. Stayed until Friday 24th. Joe & David have been hauling wood two days, all most done. Went down for Medecine this evening. Ma is feeling pretty well this evening.

Sabbath 26th
Ma is comfortable this morning. I went to church. Mr. Fraser preached from Mat. 6-33 "Seek first the kingdom of God & his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you". This is a very fine day. The sleighing is excellent.

Monday 27th Feby, 1899
Very fine morning, roads good. Went over to Lansdowne for 8 bags bone meal for M.S. Cox.

Tuesday 28
Ma improving slowly. Very fine day. Tim Robinson Ellis died this morning suddenly. Local Union of C.E. met South Branch.

Wednesday March 1st
Bert came home this evening. Brought Lester with him. Ma was on her chair today for the first.

Thursday 2nd March
Bert took Lester back to the Branch and canvassed the shops. Ma not feeling very well this evening.

Friday 3rd
Bert left this morning for Musquodboit & Shubenacadie. Weather very fine. Went down to see the Dr. He sent some medecine for stomach. Commenced to take out manure.

Saturday 4
Boys hauling manure. Eddie came and got the gun and shot a fox this morning. Preaching this p.m. Mr. MacLean. The Dr. came in the evening, says Ma is doing fine.

Sabbath 5th March
Sacrament Sabbath Mr. Fraser preached from John 20th 24-25. Meeting this evening in the Hall. A wet night. Bert Creelman got his hand badly hurt yesterday. Ma keeping better.

Monday 6th
Soft day. Joe went to Blaikie's mill with 14 1/2 bush grain to get mashed.

Tuesday 7th
Stormy today, snowed and rained. Ma improving.

Wednesday 8th March
Went up to Jas Creelman's and got the horse power in the a.m. In the afternoon, went to J.R. McCoul for the saw.

Thursday 9th
Went over to Musquodoboit, got laces from Sid Hamilton for belt. Got tin dishes and lantern fixed at I. Dunlap's.

Saturday 11th
Boys went to the lumber woods with a crowd. Lester came home from the Branch.

Sabbath 12
Mr. McLean preached. My neck very sore with carbuncle. Did not go to Church.

Monday 13th March
Went to Truro this morning. Got there before Bert was out. Drew money out of Saving Bank $111.38. Bert drew $400.00 and gave it to me to pay on Uncle William's farm. Came home same day, was home before dark.

Tuesday 14th
Commenced sawing wood. Burchell came in the afternoon.

Wednesday 15th
Sawed all day, got a good days work done. Discovered a crack in the saw, went out to Will's and got a rivet in it.

Thursday 16th
Stormed so we could not saw much. Quite a heavy fall of snow.

Friday 17th
Finished sawing and Lester took the machine out to the Branch.

Saturday 18th
Snowed and stormed, killed 3 pigs for home use.

Sabbath 19th
Raining some. very soft at night.

Monday 20th March, 1899
Snow most all gone this morning, soft all day. Cut up and salted 3 pigs for home use. Weight 356 lbs. Lambs commenced to come last Wednesday.

Tuesday 21
Went to the Branch to help Lester saw wood. Had to come home because a wheel was lost off the horse power.

Wednesday 22
Went out again and commenced sawing.

Thursday 23rd
Finished sawing and brought the machine home. Bean supper at the Branch tonight.

Friday 24
Lester went back to the Branch today. Took 7 bags Bone Meal.

Saturday 25
A big fall of snow, good sledding. Went out to see Mr. Deyarmond, agreed to go to the Branch on Wednesday next.

Sabbath 26th
Mr. Fraser reviewed S.S. Lessons for the quarter.

Monday 27th
Went over to D. Hamilton's to get Gertie's foot measured for a pair of Boots.

Tuesday 28th
Working around splitting wood, etc. etc. E.A. Logan here for tea.

Wednesday 29
Went out to the Branch and got the writings done. Bert came from Truro. Rained hard and we stayed all night.

Thursday 30th March
We got all the writings signed, sealed & delivered yesterday. I paid Uncle William $650.00 with $50.00 which I lent him before makes $700.00 for which I took a receipt. He gave Bert $600.00 to put in the Bank for safe-keeping. Mr. Deyarmond & I came home this morning & Joe went to Blackie's mill this p.m.

Friday 31st
Bert came yesterday p.m. and stayed all night. Brought a crock to fill with Butter for Archibald's Truro. He started early this morning for Musquodoboit. Mr. & Mrs. Fraser and Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Creelman were here for tea this evening.

Saturday April 1st
Lester came home last night. Is staying until Monday. We shod the horses & I made pole for big waggon for him to take out to the Branch. A. Brown & wife were here for tea today.

Sunday April 2nd
Weather very cold. Mr. Fraser preached today on the resurrection of Christ.

Monday 3rd April
Lester & Joe went to the Branch, took 24 bush. potatoes, new pole for big waggon and 5 head of cattle.

Tuesday 4th Ap.
John Carr came with pig, stayed all night. Joe & I was splitting wood.

Wednesday 5th Ap.
Went to Ashmore Brown's and bought his cattle, his steers for $47.00, one year credit. Harvey Archibald was here for tea.

Thursday 6th Ap. 1899
Sold steers to Ronald MacDonald's son for $70.00 $20.00 cash and $50.00 in two months.

Friday 7th Ap.
Took steers to Gordon Farnell's (Parkers Corners) for McDonald. Paid D. Hamilton $2.50 for making boots for Joe.

Saturday 8th Ap.
Leander Hill & wife were here for tea and Mrs. M.A. Ellis.

Sabbath 9th
Was not at church. Mr. Fraser preached.

Monday 10th
Mr. Chas Creelman here all day. S.S. Convention. Mr. Sanford Field Secy here.

Tuesday 11th
Wm. Redmond here for potatoes yesterday and Mr. C. Creelman here visiting today instead of yesterday.

Wednesday 12th April
Ma up to Jim' s visiting. Joe went to Truro with Will.

Thursday 13th
Splitting wood. Aunt Martha Johnson here.

Friday 14th
Joe got home this morning. Splitting wood, went to E.A. Logan's visiting in the afternoon.

Saturday 15th
Finished splitting wood. Ed. Hamilton got 4 bush potatoes.

Sabbath 16th April
Mr. Fraser preached from "Amos" 3rd ch. 2nd v. and 4th ch. 12th v. "You only have I known of all the families of the earth, therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities" "And because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God Oh Israel".

Monday 17th April
A very stormy day, ground all white with snow. Meeting of the Managers of the Congregation here, about $80.00 behind. Agreed to borrow if possible. Appointed Joe to help the Treasurer for the bal. of the year.

Tuesday 18th
Packing our stuff to move.

Wednesday 19th
Lester came with a load of straw and we took 2 loads out same day.

Thursday 20th
Came home after putting up the Beds and arranging our stuff.

Friday 21st
Commenced hauling manure.

Saturday 22
Boys hauling manure. Ma & I were out to Uncle Wm's for tea.

Sabbath 23rd
Mr. Fraser preached from Mat. 17th - 27.

End of Diary

Electronic Edition Editor's Notes:

I am sure most readers of this diary are fascinated by the amount of travel that my grandfather did in the run of a year when his only mode of transport was by horse and wagon, except for his jaunts to Halifax on the train. As you could see he often mentions taking butter to Brookfield or elsewhere, and because of this he was sometimes referred to as "Butter Bill". You may also wonder who all the characters in the story may be, especially if you suspect you are related to some of them. I have included some references below but most are missing. As time goes on perhaps we can fill in some of the missing information. I feel that different names were used for the same people sometimes.

After William and family moved to South Branch the former owner "Billy" Dunlap and his wife boarded with the family for a time. The original farm at Newton Mills was kept up to some extent and Jotham sometimes lived there before moving out west because of his Asthma condition. Later Lester took over the South Branch farm and William moved back to the old farm. Incidentally the old farm, on the Fulton Brook, may have been called "Ingleside"

My part of the story was in assembling the information so that it may be circulated.. Thanks to my son David for doing the actual scanning of the typed copy for computer use. Thanks also to those others mentioned earlier.

Ken Creelman, son of Jotham January 18, 2000



Supplementary Info to Diary

Name Information Age in 1898
William Creelman*(asterisk indicates photo(s) on the photo pages) Author of Diary 50
Ma* His wife Elizabeth(born Hamilton),or Libbie 47
Alice Oldest child, lived with Bert in Truro 27
Bert* Son, Wilbert Ashmore 25
Lester* Son, Frederick Lester 20
Joe* Son, Jotham 18
David* Son, David Fulton 14
Gertie Daughter, Annie Gertrude- later married Fred Creelman 10
Will James William, son of Duncan Ross Creelman of Pembroke; later to marry Alice and move to B.C.  
Uncle William Dunlap* and Aunt Martha* Libbie's mother's brother, who lived at South Branch, and whose farm William Creelman later bought. When Uncle William mentioned, most likely referring to this man. Martha was Martha Fisher before marriage.  
Grandpa* Libbie's father, Barry Hamilton 85
Uncle James Hamilton and Uncle Jimmy Perhaps Libbie's half-brother  
David Byers and Lydia Lydia was Libbie's sister  
Samuel Creelman There were a few men with this name in the area.  
Uncle Eddy    
Eddie Hamilton    
Mr. Cox    
Chas. Cox    
'the Village' Upper Stewiacke  
SG&L Railway A new line to go from Brookfield to join the Truro - New Glasgow line at Lansdowne, Pictou Co. Later abandoned.  
Midland R Terminus The choice of terminus of line from Windsor to join main line. Eventual choice was Truro.  

Approximate distances by road from original farm in Newton Mills on Fulton Brook, in miles:

Eastville 2.5
Springside Church 3
Newton Mills Corner 1
Woolen Mill 1.5
Cross Roads 2.6
Pembroke 6 ( what is sometimes referred to as Glenbervie??)
Upper Stewiacke 4.5 "the village"
Middle Stewiacke 13.5
Brookfield 19.5
Truro 29.5
South Branch 5.75 (where new farm was)
Castle Reigh 30 miles beyond Truro
Pictou 40



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