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Graeme TV
Kung Pao Tribute

Welcome To Compactable Dave's Homepage

What utter crap. Elementary school children spend their time more productively than you if you waste your time looking at this site.

There's not much here right now - a web page that is a tribute to a bad running joke with the people unfortunate enough to work with me, some video captures of the world's cutest boy, who is also known as my son (statistically impossible, but true nonetheless), and a tribute to a movie you will never watch, because you think you are too good and posses some sort of class (you are wrong. Be told!).

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SCO roadshow noteshave been posted to slashdot
GraemeTv is on the air!
Terrorism has besmirched the face of this site!
New page added to the compactable section
Initial compactable section completed
Coworkers harass me once again to get this website up...
Version 1 of website demo looking dull.