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Graeme TV
Kung Pao Tribute

Graeme TV

One year after I set this page up it actually has some content. And what content! 4 programs today, 3 more once I develop my next spool of film.

This week's programs:

  • Wok with Graeme - The King of Carpenetos takes on a tour of the Forbidden City.
  • Wild in Richmond Hill - The Crocodile Hunter has nothing on this 30 pound ball of terror!
  • A Bairn in King Arthur's Court - The Wee Wizard makes a cameo in this tale from ages past.
  • Captain Blackbeard, sans Beard - The stinkiest diaper ever to sail the high seas weighs anchor to bury his treasure of buttons and num nums.

    Coming soon:

  • Graembo the Barbarian - The warrior lord rushes to the rescue of his comrades, Otto and Orange.
  • Towering Inferno - The pride of fire hall 3 comes to the rescue when Daddy burns the supper again.
  • Fistful of Nappies - Pecos Graeme rides into town