the Pakora Liberation Organization - ban the bhuna. void the vindaloo.

Charter of Acts

Article 1: We, the Richmond Hill militant branch of the PLO, hereby do solemnly swear that the best way to avoid confrontation via butter chicken wars is to, for an indeterminate period, refrain from going to Bombay Bhel.

Article 2: The option of Sushi with non raw-fish alternates is in agreement with our beliefs.

Article 3: We would like to bring to the attention of all involved that the "sum of all dims" option was glossed over all too quickly by Mr. G. Jones. This we feel is an act of aggression on his part. We would like to bring this back to the table as an alternate.

Article 4: Fetid dung straight from the source is a more palatable option that Orientalis / ex-Orientalis.

Article 5: Article 4 used sarcasm, low brow though it was. Please do not consider poop as a culinary option.

Article 6: Members from France will comply to our decision without altercation. I have a copy of "Defeating France Without Effort for Dummies", and am not afraid to enlist its wisdom.

Let the 'Butter Chicken Lover' of Syndesis know your concerns! Show your support of the PLO through a letter-writing campaign. Or, for the more base in our audience spam the hell out of him.

Vivre la poulet de beurre libre!