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Dan Ciuriak has been providing customized Training, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Modules to various governments and government agencies since 1994.


“Analysis of Key Trade Data and Training in the Use of Economic Models”: A three-week training course developed for working-level Ethiopian Government officials in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, practitioners in trade associations and others working in trade-related policy fields or international trade negotiations. It was funded by the European Union as part of its development assistance program. The course was delivered March 2011 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“Applied Economic Analysis and Modeling for Trade Policy and Trade Litigation”: A two-week training course developed for senior researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It was part of the Canada-China WTO Capacity Building Project undertaken by the Centre for Trade Policy and Law, Carleton University and University of Ottawa and delivered 22 September to October 2008 in Ottawa, Canada.

“US-Canada Asymmetrical Relations (Economics & Trade)”: A course module for a delegation of Government of Ukraine officials. Delivered (with Bob Johnstone) at York University in June, 2001.

"Technical Assistance to develop research capacity in the Bank of Ukraine": Government of Canada Mission, representing the Department of Finance, together with Steve Poloz representing the Bank of Canada, to advise on the development of the research department of the Bank of Ukraine. The program was delivered in Winter 1996.

"Fiscal Policy, the Fiscal Framework and the Budget": Program of technical assistance for staff in the Ukrainian Finance and Economics Ministries under the auspices of the Canadian Bureau of International Education and the Institute for Public Administration and Local Government (IPALG) in Kiev, Ukraine (Spring 1994).

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