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Welcome to my web pages.

First, I'll introduce myself.  My name is David Naylor.  I am retired from designing computer systems for the telecommunications industry.  Currently I'm spending lots of time doing those things for which I previously never had enough time (and still don't!)  My interests are cactus and other succulent plants, genealogy, genealogical DNA, photography, astronomy, metaphysics and, of course, computers; and I teach some of these subjects at local Seniors' Centres.  I also give talks on these subjects to interested groups.  I'm one of the founding members of the Toronto Cactus & Succulent Club.  I'm also a Project Administrator for various genealogical DNA research projects worldwide and a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.

Now I realize that doesn't tell you much about me, but what were you expecting...  a complete biography!?

Please visit:

Toronto Cactus & Succulent Club page  –  If these plants interest you then visit us.

Naylor DNA Project  –  A study of various Naylor families and the use of DNA to prove or disprove the various relationships.  If you are a Naylor or have interest in this study please encourage a male Naylor to participate by joining this project and taking a Y-DNA test.

HOTRUM/HARTRUM “One-Name Study” genealogy pages  –  Read about this global study of these interrelated families in Canada and the USA.

Genealogy My family tree.  See the listing of individuals in my family tree.  Perhaps some of them relate to your lines.  Start off at this Surnames page and then click through to pages listing each individual.

GeDStrip download page for my program which generated my above family tree web pages from a standard GeDCom.

Get a really good, free, genealogy program (actually, I believe it's the best).  This program generated the above Hotrum/Hartrum "One-Name Study" webpages.  The Standard Edition is completely free.
      Download Legacy Download Legacy Here

Useful Genealogy Links which are especially helpful for beginning-genealogists.

If you find something in my pages that doesn't look right, have (polite) suggestions, or wish to contact me, please send me an eMail
Last updated: 13 May 2021