Supra Parts Weights

Listing of parts on Mk2 Supra and their weights.  
Weights shown are actual, unless marked as (est) which is estimated.
Note that the total in the"Weight" column includes both auto and 
 5-speed transmissions, stock exhaust manifold and headers, etc.
Therefore, the total shown may be more than the true total wt of a Mk2 Supra.
Or, it may be less since some small parts are still not included in this list.  
Part Name Weight
Under the Hood
A/C condenser with metal frame, fan and receiver/drier 14
A/C compressor with metal bracket 21
A/C system freon lines, under the hood (total) 5
Battery 40
Radiator (stock unit, empty, dry) 15
Rad fan with viscous clutch (est) 4
Headlight motors (total weight for 2) 4
Windshield wiper motor 5
Wiper blades, arms, and connector 3
Washer fluid reservoir (empty), pump, bracket, headlite washers, tubing 3
Charcoal canister and bracket 4
EGR system (valve, vac mod, cooler, hoses, lines, etc.) 3
Cruise control actuator and cable 2
Heater valve and hoses 2
Metal support to put battery on 1
Intake manifold, 2 pieces + throttle body, with fuel rail, inj, ISCV, TPS 18
Intake piping from air filter to throttle body, including AFM and airbox 9
Exhaust manifold (stock) 16
Pacesetter headers with downpipe to cat 16
Downpipe to cat (stock) 8
Catalytic convertor (stock) 7
Catback exhaust (stock system) 17
Alternator 12
Starter 10
Power steering pump with reservoir (empty) 9
Power steering cooler and lines 2
Coil and Igniter 3
Water pump 3
Clutch hydraulic system (master & slave cylinders, lines, fluid) 3
Engine wiring harness 2
Front end Body wiring harness (est) 8
Fuse box under the hood, with relays, fuses and attached wiring 6
Relays for A/C, EFI, headlight retract and washers, EFI resistor 2
Under hood light and bracket 0.5
Total for Under the Hood 277.5
Head, with cam boxes,cams,springs,valves,lash adj,rocker arms,plugs 74
Block, completely stripped, cast iron block only 125
Crank 52
Crank bearing caps and bolts 9
Pistons, wrist pins, conn rods and caps 13
Front lower timing belt case and rear oil seal retainer 2
Oil pump with pickup and oil pump driveshaft 5
Motor mounts (2) 8
Belts (timing belt, water pump, dist, fan, alt, A/C) 1.5
Hoses (rad hoses, heater hoses, vapour lines, vac lines) (est) 5
Distributer with cap and rotor 3
Thermostat housing and extension elbow (aluminum pieces) 2
Clutch pressure plate 12
W58 5 speed transmission (dry) 89
A430DE 4 speed auto transmission (with fluid) 120
Torque converter for auto trans 32
Stiffener plates (joining trans to engine) and rear trans xmember 5
Differential 65
Total for Drivetrain 622.5
Passenger Compartment
Spare tire, jack and tool kit 47
Homemade subwoofer box with attached amp 30
Stereo head unit 3
Stereo speakers (all 5) 7
Roll out cargo cover 5
Sunroof motor 2
Power doorlock and window mechanisms (total - both doors) 11
Door glass (total - both doors) 24
Door parts - hinges, wiring, latches, handles (total - both doors) 25
Driver's seat 45
Passenger seat 41
Front seatbelts (both sides) 7
Emergency brake handle assembly 2
Rear seat bottom 11
Rear seat backs (total for both) 18
Rear seatbelts (both sides) 3
Interior Carpet - front seat portion 7
Interior Carpet - back seat portion 6
Interior Carpet - trunk/cargo area portion 7
Vinyl mat and underpad against firewall, behind gas and brake pedals 7
Gas, brake and clutch pedals and brackets.  (est) 6
Headliner + surrounding trim + handles + sun visors + rearview mirror 10
Door skins (total for four pieces, two on each door) 15
Wooden subfloor in cargo area + insulation under it 9
Trim panels in cargo area: c-pillar panels, compartments, tail-lt covers 11
Trim in rear seat area (speaker covers,armrests,side panels,etc) (est) 12
Trim in front seat area (lower dash + undercovers, console, kick panels) (est) 15
Door weatherstripping (total for both sides) 2
Under dash HVAC system, ducting, blower motor, heater core, evap 31
Under dash and interior wiring harnesses 22
ECU and fuseblocks on both kickpanels (est) 8
Dash steel supports and cross brace 12
Padded Dash (with vents and defroster vent covers) 8
Instrument Cluster 2
Steering column and wheel and combination switches 22
Windshield 22
Rear quarter windows glass (total for both sides) 10
Rear quarter windows interior metal supports (both sides) 2
Rear hatch glass 25
Rear hatch weatherstripping 2
Sound deadening on floor (est) 10
Total for Passenger Compartment 564
Rear window wiper motor, linkage, arm, blade, fluid bag and pump 5
Mudflaps (set of 4) 3
Plastic engine undercover and wheelwell plastic splash guards (est) 10
Side Power Mirrors (both) 4
Power Antenna 2
Rear hatch wing/sunshade (82-84 style) 13
Rear hatch spoiler/surround (85-86 style) 15
Bodyside moldings and rocker moldings 10
Cowl trim plate under windshield wipers 2
Front bumper cover, foam insert & metal header panel (foam is 4 lbs) 24
Pop-up headlight assemblies, including cover panels & lights (both sides) 19
Grille, turn signals, foglights with buckets (both sides) 6
Rear bumper cover and foam insert (foam alone is 6 lbs) 16
Taillights and licence plate holder 9
Gas tank and filler neck (empty) 31
Fuel pump and bracket (outside tank) 3
Nuts and bolts for various pieces all over the car (est) 40
Total for Miscellaneous 212
Structural Items that could be lightened
Front bumper steel reinforcement 30
Rear bumper steel reinforcement 22
Front cross member 16
Rear cross member (lower) 32
Rear cross member (upper) 7
Doors - with side beam reinforcement (total for 2) 76
Rear seat and hatch area mounting plate 4
Rear hatch without glass or any other accessories 28
Hood with felt insulation liner 45
Total for Structural Items 260
Suspension, Steering and Brakes
Front spring and strut assemblies (total for both sides) 70
Rear springs and shocks (total for both sides) 22
Front sway bar 10
Rear sway bar 3
Front control arms with ball joints & steering knuckles attached (both) 11
Rear control arms with hubs (total for both sides) 76
Steering rack and pinion w lines, brackets and ends attached 28
Front radius rods with brackets (both sides) 11
Front calipers and brackets (total for both sides) 18
Rear calipers and brackets and drum shoes (total for both sides) 16
Brake booster with master cylinder attached 12
Brake pads at all 4 corners 6
Total for Suspension, Steering and Brakes 283
Rotating Masses
P-type 14x7 rims (total for all 4) 60
225/60R14 tires (total for all 4) (215/60R14 weigh 21 lbs each) 100
Front brake rotors with hubs attached (total for 2) (est) 20
Rear brake rotors (total for 2)  17
Flywheel 17
Clutch disc 3
Driveshaft 21
Rear axle half shafts (total for 2) 25
L-type 14x5.5 rim with 185/70R14 tire (each weighs 32 lbs)
Total for Rotating Masses 263
Body shell
Firewall and engine compartment unibody (est) 120
Floorpan under doors (est) 50
Rear seat floor pan and hatch area unibody (est) 140
Roof with sunroof underpanel, A and B pillars and rear pillars (est) 70
Front fenders (total for both sides) 22
Sunroof panel with rubber surround seal 12
Total for Body shell 414
Grand Total 2896